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Alignment Cubes

Alignment cubes are essential in monitoring systems in critical optical alignments. The precision optics details of this cube can be very beneficial to instruments that need optics with extreme temperature resistance. An alignment cube has polished surfaces coated with durable and high-quality aluminum mirrors.

We Offer Custom Optical Alignment Cube


GLAShern offers excellent deals for customizing alignment cubes, and our experienced engineers can work closely to achieve your preferred outcomes. We have a wide range of basic to complex alignment cubes with the best quality in finishes, shapes, and sizes.

The products of optical alignment cubes have precise and detailed features with environmental resistance and tolerance. Our team can use UV Curing Optical Adhesives and other glass-to-metal bonding for your next alignment cubes.

We can provide custom fixtures using our CNC Methods and Techniques, and we can deliver in volume quantities with the highest optical and mechanical qualities.

Custom Optical Alignment Cube

Why Choose GLAShern's Optical Cubes

High precision and high quality

Here at GLAShern, optical cubes are guaranteed to have polished surfaces. Aside from the excellent finishes, our team’s mirror coating materials are durable and versatile to stand against environmental impacts. We have protective aluminum coatings for your next optical cubes, and the base of our prisms can be made with custom mounts and high-quality threaded bushings.

We can manufacture different custom prism geometries perfect for your following applications and assemblies. Choose the optical cubes from GLAShern and see how we can deliver our best performances.

Optical Cubes
For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Common Optical Alignment Cube Application


Robot Navigation

Alignment blocks are placed at different locations in the environment, and robots can use cameras or other sensors to detect and identify these alignment blocks to determine their position and orientation.

AR and VR

By identifying alignment squares, devices can accurately align virtual objects or information with scenes in the real environment, enabling a more realistic augmented reality experience.

3D Modeling and Measurement

Placing alignment cubes in the scene, and detecting and tracking them in images or videos, allows precise measurement of object size, position, and orientation, as well as generation of 3D models.

Camera Calibration

By placing alignment blocks of known size and geometry, and detecting and tracking the blocks in the camera image, the camera’s intrinsic parameters (such as focal length, distortion) and extrinsic parameters (camera position and orientation) can be calculated.

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GLAShern is your best option for optical alignment cubes, corner cube retroreflectors, and other products. Precision optics and corner cubes are also part of our manufacturing activities. We guarantee top-notch performance to every project and service you demand from us.

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