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Anti-Fingerprint Glass

With anti fingerprint glass, you have a form of glass that’s been coated or treated with a special formulation that helps to reduce the appearance of smudges and fingerprints on its surface.
In most cases, anti glare tempered glass is used to maintain a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance – especially for surfaces that get a lot of physical contact. However, with functional versatility, these glass options are really as flexible as you want them to be.

We Offer Custom Anti Glare Tempered Glass


Like many glass options, it’s easy to have different uses for anti-fingerprint laminate glass.This is why we have developed a custom service for this glass format that allows you to enjoy different sizes and variations in thickness.

We understand that different customers have different uses for their anti-fingerprint glass, and our job is to cater to them all. To that end, let us know what size and specification you’d like your glass to be, and we’ll take care of the rest.

With our custom anti-glare glass, you get to enjoy the benefit of having a product that works for whatever function you need it for.

Anti-finger print glass

Why Choose Our Anti Fingerprint Glass

anti fingerprint glass coating

Our anti fingerprint matte tempered glass adheres to the strictest specifications and international standards, ensuring that you can easily enjoy them for years without defects or damages.

Besides that, we provide glass options in a broad array of thickness variations. So, regardless of what you need, rest assured that we’ll be able to handle your requirements easily.

You should also note that our glass products are the most cost-effective on the market. So, our goal is to provide the best quality at highly affordable prices.

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For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Explore Our Anti Fingerprint Glass Application


Consumer Electronics

Anti-fingerprint glass is widely used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and other touchscreen devices.

Display Panels

Anti-fingerprint glass is also used in making display panels for televisions, computer monitors, digital signage, and other visual display systems.


With anti-fingerprint glass, we can make architectural projects for glass facades, windows, doors, and partitions.


Anti-fingerprint glass is utilized in automotive applications such as infotainment systems, navigation displays, and touch-sensitive control panels.

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