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Anti-glare Glass Service

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in processing anti-glare glass. We can customize various types of AG glass according to your requirements, which can be applied to various electronic display products.

Anti-Glare Etched One-stop Solution


Anti-glare glass, also known as AG glass, undergoes special chemical treatment to create a matte surface on the glass, reducing the effect of reflected light. The production principle of AG glass is divided into two types: physical AG and chemical etching AG. The physical AG process involves spraying or sandblasting the glass surface, while the chemical process involves etching the glass surface with a chemical solution to achieve a matte effect. Our company primarily utilizes the chemical etching method to produce various high-quality anti-glare glass, which also serves as a fingerprint-resistant surface, preventing fingerprints or stains from easily remaining on the glass surface.

Our AG glass technical parameters can be adjusted according to customer preferences.

Glass materials:Float glass, AGC glass, Gorilla glass, Panda glass, etc

Thickness:0.26 mm – 6 mm

Size:Customized size as per your request



Ra: 0.06 um-2.8 um

Gloss: 10-130

Why Choose GLAShern Anti-glare Coating Service

Anti-glare etching as your need

GLAShern is a professional glass manufacturer specializing in processing anti-glare glass, with over 14 years of production experience. In addition to providing anti-glare treatment on the glass surface, we can also apply anti-reflective coating to increase the glass’s transmittance.

Anti glare glass
We Specialize in Glass Surface Coating with 14+ Years of Experience.

More than 98% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Create Glass with Anti-glare Coating Applications


Car Display Screens

Business Display Screen Products

Industrial Display Screen Products

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