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10 Best Glass Rods Manufacturers of 2023


Were you looking for a glass rod supplier for your project or business? We got your back! We collected the best glass rod manufacturer just for you. Say goodbye to your long list of prospective glass manufacturers and get ready for your pen, notes, and phone, for we might get your ideal manufacturer here. Get quotes and assess all their capabilities!

Glass Rod Global Market Report

The “Glass Tubing & Rods Market” Global Market Overview offers a unique look at the major trends driving the industry internationally and in the most important markets. The glass tubes and rods market is projected to grow 7.8% yearly (CAGR 2023- 2030). From 2023 to 2030, the size of the global Glass Tubing & Rods market is projected to increase at an unexpected CAGR, reaching millions of dollars compared to 2021.

Leading Glass Rods Manufacturers

Below are the industry’s leading glass tube suppliers, brief descriptions, and website links. Feel free to browse them until you find your ideal glass manufacturer partner.

1.Pegasus Glass Rods

Pegasus Glass Rods

The top supplier of specialty glass in North America is Pegasus Glass. Glass tube and glass rod are used for unique glass needs in both manufacture and distribution. They work, play, and live in a culture of constant progress because to Pegasus’ combined abilities, systems, and technology. As a result, Pegasus works harder every day to advance their sector to untapped heights.

Pegasus Official Website:

About Pegasus:

Pegasus Glass Rods:

Pegasus Other Products:

2.GLAShern Glass Rods

GLASHern Glass Rods

As your go-to expert in glass fabrication, GLAShern specializes at creating bespoke, exact custom glass products that satisfy your unique needs. Since 2009, they have revolutionized the glass industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology, creative methods, and a team of qualified experts. They produce striking custom glass products that dazzle our customers and demonstrate our commitment to innovation and top-notch customer service.

GLASHern Official Website:

About GLASHern:

GLASHern Glass Rods:

GLASHern Borosillicate Glass:

3.SPG Glass Rods

SPG Glass Rods

Specialty Glass produces manufactured rods in both standard and special sizes made of glass, such as borosilicate, soda-lime, fused silica or quartz, and glass-ceramic and synthetic sapphire. They are offered in oval, round, square, and rectangular shapes. Specialty Rods are available with the ground and polished end finishes and can be precisely cut to length. There are options for prototype and low- to high-volume production. Serves the semiconductor, fiber optic, optical, medical, biomedical, electronics, and aerospace sectors.

Specialty Glass Products:

About Specialty Glass Products:

Specialty Glass Rods:

Specialty Glass Products Capabilities:

4.CGO Glass Rods

CGO Glass Rods

Low-expansion rods are distributed by Custom Glass & Optics for use in artistic and scientific purposes and produced from borosilicate glass. Available in dias ranging from 0.5 to 169.8 mm inside and 3 to 178 mm outside. Heat and chemical resistance are features of CGO Rods. Also available in custom choices and meets ASTM requirements.

Custom Glass & Optics Official Website:

About Custom Glass & Optics:

CGO Glass Rods:

Contact Custom Glass & Optics:

5.Swift Glass Rods

Swift Glass Rods

An expert maker of precisely machined glass rods is Swift Glass Company. made of glass, including Pyrex®, Vycor®, and Duran®. Prototyping, CNC machining, boring, drilling, waterjet cutting, slotting, pocketing, surface, grooving, and engraving are available. Swift Glass products are used in a wide range of commercial, industrial, optical, lighting, maritime, automotive, aerospace, energy, and architectural projects, as well as government, military, petrochemical, and semiconductor applications.

Swift Glass Company Inc. Official Website:

About Swift Glass Company Inc.:

Swift Glass Rods:

Swift Glass Company Inc. Materials:

6.Abrisa Glass Rods

Abrisa Glass Rods

The divisions of Abrisa Technologies will give you the highest-quality precision glass optics thanks to their combined over 80 years of design, distribution, and production experience. Abrisa divisions know how crucial timely deliveries, top-notch customer service, and affordable prices are for their business and its success. They offer premium glass products and components, including tubing, sheets, tempered glass, and more.

Abrisa Official Website:

About Abrisa:

Abrisa Glass Rods:

Abrisa Capabilities:

7.SCHOTT Glass Rods

SCHOTT Glass Rods

SCHOTT is a global technology company that specializes in high-tech materials linked to specialty glass, glass ceramics, and related materials. The company, which has over 130 years of expertise, is a cutting-edge partner to various industries, including the home appliance, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, life sciences, automotive, and aviation sectors. SCHOTT is present in 34 countries, including production facilities and sales offices.

SCHOTT Official Website:


SCHOTT Glass Rods:

SCHOTT Solutions:

8.JNS Glass Rods

JNS Glass Rods

In 1993, JNS Glass & Coatings was founded in Yorkville, Illinois, to provide precision-fabricated and tempered glass to industrial and commercial OEMs. JNS’s relentless focus on providing excellent customer service has always driven our commitment to delivering high-quality, precision-made glass components. Due to this dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, JNS still works with some of the same clients that put their trust in them back in 1993.

JNS Glass & Coatings Official Website:

About JNS Glass & Coatings:

JNS Glass Rods:

For inquiries contact JNS Glass & Coatings:

9.GLG Glass Rods

GLG Glass Rods

Great Lakes Glassworks has been a pioneer in the quartz sector since 1997. They deliver the precise shapes and dimensions necessary for every purpose using their vast experience, cutting-edge machinery, and exquisite craftsmanship. Regardless of the project’s scope, GLG takes pride in its ability to provide individualized service, industry knowledge, flexibility, and quick turnaround to guarantee that its quartz glass consistently satisfies the standards.

Great Lakes Glassworks Official Website:

About Great Lakes Glassworks:

Great Lakes Glassworks Glass Rods:

Great Lakes Glassworks Services :

10.Foxx Life Glass Rods

Foxx Life Glass Rods

North of Boston is the home of Foxx Life Sciences, a privately held global leader in specialized single-use systems (SUS) for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and research sectors. Its goods include glassware, bags, bottles, flasks, carboy assemblies, filtration, fluid management, tubing, gaskets, hoses, stainless steel, tubing, and 1 inch diameter glass rod for laboratory use. Foxx can offer competitively competitive products for projects with limited time and budget due to our many product patents.

Foxx Life Sciences Official Website:

About Foxx Life Sciences:

Foxx Life Sciences Glass Rods:

Foxx Life Sciences Catalog:

What Is Glass Rods?

A glass stirring rod, glass rod, stirring rod, or shift rod is a laboratory mixing device. Glass rods can also cause crystallization when used as a scratching tool within a test tube or beaker during a recrystallization procedure.

Glass rods are rigid and are used to mix substances. The physical properties of glass rods are identical to those of solid glass. It is entirely transparent and vitrified. Glass rods are effective electrical and thermal insulators. Glass rods also have a low coefficient of cubical expansion, suggesting that heating them will cause less volume change.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Right Glass Rods Manufacturer

When you search for “glass rod manufacturer,” Google will return almost a hundred thousand results. That should be enough to convince you that it can be challenging to identify the ideal glass business for your project. However, to help you get started, consider these suggestions:

blue glass rods

Experience and Expertise

Glass rod-making requires excellent knowledge, ability, and expertise developed over time. In addition to having a solid foundation of broad industry experience, the company you hire should also be knowledgeable about and experienced with your specific project.

Project Personnel Incharge

Speaking with the glass manufacturer, whether face-to-face or by video conferencing, will enable you to determine whether that individual and business appear credible, dependable, competent, and informed. Doing this lets you ask questions in the present and decide whether or not you and the manufacturer are on the same page.

Get Multiple Quotes

You want to be sure you’re receiving the best value when choosing one. Especially if you need more background knowledge or experience in this field, seek quotes from many manufacturers. Said one bid doesn’t give you enough details. Is that figure higher than the industry standard? Beneath it? There is no way to know with only one piece of data.

Ask about Lead Times

Finding the ideal business only to learn they cannot complete your project within the required time range is a good use of effort. One of your initial inquiries should be on their existing lead times for a project of your size and scale. Doing this will save your time and the glass manufacturer’s time if the agreement cannot be executed due to practical considerations.


Choosing a capable glass rod companies for your project application is complex. There are other significant factors besides the obvious ones, such as quality and diversity. These elements include a guarantee, recommendations, the company’s stability, the resolution of client complaints, a code of conduct, prices, certifications, a cancellation policy, and customization. You cannot be sure you have selected a reputable glass tube manufacturer unless you have looked into each.

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