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7 Custom Automotive Glass Manufacturers of 2023

Custom Automotive Glass Manufacturer
Do you need top-notch unique automotive glass for your car? There is no need to look any further!
This article’s leading custom automotive glass manufacturers provide a broad range of products and services to match your demands, whether you need custom bent, custom curved auto glass, or custom-cut laminated glass.
These manufacturers have the skills and experience to create the right solution for your car. Today, visit their websites to learn more about what they provide.

Market Research

The worldwide automotive glass market was valued at USD 30.2 billion in 2019 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2023 and 2027.
The growing emphasis on lightweight vehicles due to increased hazardous emissions from cars that harm the environment pushes glass penetration in the automotive sector.
Automobile manufacturing has decreased in the last two years. Still, it is predicted to increase in the second half of 2023.

 Automotive Glass Brand Lists:


CGC Automotive Glass

Curved Glass Creations is your advanced glass industry partner, developing and customizing bent glass to match your architectural, transportation, fixture, or whatever design you have in mind that includes glass. CGC takes satisfaction in conquering project problems and creating aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly solutions for the structure. 
Curved Glass Creations Homepage:
About Curved Glass Creations:

2.Pro Curve

Pro Curve Automotive Glass

ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. was founded in 2008 to market marine glass products globally. Bent Glass Design Inc., a sibling firm created in 1988 by Steve Lerner, handles fabrication. Bent Glass Design Inc. provides its customers in the maritime, automotive, and rail sectors with the finest quality specialty curved glass fabrication, customized service, on-time delivery, and technical design support.
ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. Homepage:
About ProCurve Glass Design, Inc.:
Pro Curve Custom Automotive Glass:
ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. Capabilities:

3.American Automotive Glass

American Automotive Glass

American Auto Glass LLC began as a cooperative family business endeavor in 2010. American Auto Glass LLC’s mission is to provide a mobile auto glass company to cover north central Indiana’s vehicle glass needs. With a service radius of up to 100 miles from our base in Macy, Indiana, they effectively serve the whole northern and middle Indiana region ranging from South Bend to Indianapolis.
American Auto Glass LLC Homepage:

4.Cinema Vehicles 

Cinema Vehicles Automotive Glass

Cinema Vehicles has been the country’s leading provider of cars for films, television, and commercials for over 40 years, having the industry’s most complete owned and operated fleet. Since 1975, Cinema Vehicles has provided custom automobile rentals and specifically manufactured cars to companies such as Disney and Marvel. The family-run firm is still the go-to image car rental and custom vehicle building company today.
Cinema Vehicles Homepage:
Cinema Vehicles Custom Automotive Glass:
Cinema Vehicles Other Services:


Jr's Automotive Glass

Jr’s Glass and Windows, founded in 2011, is a family-owned and run business that provides superior window and glass services to clients in Lewiston, ME, and the surrounding areas. Window repair, custom showers, and commercial windows and doors are all areas in which they excel. Residential and commercial clients may rely on a competent and professional team to handle all their window and glass requirements.
Jr’s Glass Window Homepage:
Jr’s Glass Window Other Services:


Xtreme Automotive Glass

Xtreme Autoglass Pros is beyond simply a firm that replaces, repairs, and installs windshields and vehicle glass. They are Dallas’s greatest 5-star rated windshield repair and replacement car glass company! Xtreme Autoglass Pros provides the most skilled and dependable service in the market, with the knowledge and experience to handle your car glass need with integrity, precision, and convenience. The most crucial factor is client happiness. As a result, this team only has the most experienced, pleasant, competent, well-trained, and certified specialists who work with the most durable glass and materials.
Xtreme Autoglass Pros Homepage:

7. Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove Automotive Glass

Lemon Grove Glass & Supply serves the Lemon Grove, CA region with shower doors, windows, insulated glass, mirrors, tabletops, screens, bespoke vehicle glass, doors, storefronts, and glass railings. Lemon Grove Glass & Supply offers excellent quality specialty custom-cut laminated glass for your vehicle. Their expert crew can supply you with the glass repair you want, whether you have a hot rod or a custom-constructed car.
Lemon Grove Glass & Supply Homepage:
About Lemon Grove Glass & Supply:
Lemon Grove Custom Automotive Glass:
Lemon Grove Glass & Supply Other Products:

What is Automotive Glass

Automotive glass is a broad phrase for glass used in autos. It is a processed float glass that has been heated and chemically treated. The glass gets sturdier and more strenuous due to this toughening process, allowing it to withstand external force. Other valuable qualities of automotive glass include protection against dangerous infrared rays, avoidance of excessive heating in the automobile, and noise reduction. These characteristics may be included in the glass for maximum comfort while driving.
Automotive Glass

What to Look for in a Custom Automotive Glass Manufacturer

When it comes to custom vehicle glass, you shouldn’t put your confidence in anybody. Precision and experience are required for manufacturing car glass. Otherwise, it may pose safety hazards and cause other problems for your vehicle. 

Choosing the Right Team for Your Custom Auto Glass Needs

The first characteristic to look for is a commitment to excellence. Choose a team that values quality to guarantee you have the right car glass for your needs. Custom vehicle glass of high quality is made with accuracy and safety in mind. This ensures the glass is sturdy, durable, and meets your criteria.

Make Sure That They Work With High-Quality Materials

When deciding on an auto-glass firm to deal with, inquire about the materials they use. A reputable source will guarantee the authenticity of their items. The correct firm will utilize the manufacturer’s glue. A good-quality urethane with a PSI of 1,000 is designed to keep the glass in place in the event of a collision.

Check whether it is registered with the Auto Glass Safety Council.

These professionals are well-versed in all aspects of auto glass replacement, vehicle occupant safety, adhesive systems, custom-cut laminated glass pieces, and safety protocols. Membership in the Auto Glass Safety Council AGRSS includes third-party safety audits at random, continued education, and higher quality work.

Inquire About a Lifetime Guarantee

Check to see whether the vehicle glass supplier offers a warranty. A warranty indicates that the corporation believes in the quality of its work. You may return it to the store, and they will repair it. If a provider does not provide a warranty, you risk paying for an expensive repair if the installation is improper.


To summarize, each of the seven custom automotive glass manufacturers described above provides distinct goods and services adapted to their client’s demands. Each organization takes pride in offering high-quality products, excellent customer service, and industry knowledge.
Finally, consumers looking for custom automotive glass solutions have various respectable alternatives among these top manufacturers.
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