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Dragontrail Glass vs. Gorilla Glass

One of the oldest and trendiest battles in the line of manufacturing and production is the Dragontrail glass vs. Gorilla glass. This ever-continuing debate sparked a new generation of smartphones, from having menial impact and drop resistance to a full-on force and stress resistance, and even excellent optical clarity, too.

Both products are exceptional, and even though they’re manufactured by different brands, they have the same goal – to make sure that customer experience is at the top of the priorities by securing, strengthening, and ensuring that their devices are properly secured and cared for.

In this article, we will be discussing the similarities and differences of each so you can pinpoint the exact product you can embed and install on your devices.

What is Dragontrail Glass?

Figure 1: An image of three Dragontrail glass units that are square-shaped

Dragontrail glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate glass product first developed by AGC Inc., or Asahi Glass Company. It is a glass product that’s specifically targeted to be lightweight and resistant to stubborn damages like cracks.

Many label Dragontrail glass as the number one competitor of Gorilla glass, because it follows the same goal and it’s produced in almost similar ways.

Like Gorilla glass, Dragontrail glass is also lightweight, optically clear, and is capable of resisting stress, force, and pressure better than standard soda-lime glass.

Here’s a video from TECHTalk demonstrating Dragontrail glass:

What is Gorilla Glass?

Figure 2: An image of a Gorilla glass product that’s made for displays

For the benefit of everyone, Gorilla glass is the globally-known best glass product for consumer electronic devices and gadgets. It’s the epitome of the technology we know of today because it’s engineered to withstand drops, falls, stress, pressure, even temperature, so that it can perform at its best.

Gorilla glass has been a prime product in the electronics and devices industry as it is the strongest our earth has welcomed, proving its strength and resilience over and over again through constant improvement and development. d

Corning Incorporated is the initial manufacturer of Gorilla glass products, but many glass processing and fabrication experts were able to figure out the formula, making it part of their own arsenal.

Dragontrail Gass vs. Gorilla Glass: Which One is Better For You?

The question still stands, which is a better glass product? Dragontrail glass or Gorilla glass? Which one should you patronize and choose? What fits better on your application?

Both Dragontrail and Gorilla glass offer excellent levels of strength and resilience. And although they’re not from the same brand, they have a similar purpose – the same goal. Both glass products’ goals would be to stand strong and be resistant against impact, drops, and falls.

Check this video out here and discover the strength of Gorilla Glass!

Nevertheless, there are differences in terms of their overall physical attributes and how they perform and to help you with it, we prepared a table that outlines that!

Attribute or Characteristic

Dragontrail Glass

Gorilla Glass


Asahi Glass Company (AGC Co.)

Corning Inc.


Cheaper and more affordable

Expensive and costlier

Optical Clarity

Good-levels of optical clarity

Excellent optical clarity levels

Impact Resistance

Fair or moderate impact-resistance levels

Excellent impact-resistance levels

Scratch Resistance

Excellent scratch-resistance

Excellent scratch-resistance

Flexibility and Malleability

Flexible and subtly stretchier than Gorilla glass

Less flexible but a lot more durable and longer-lasting

Process Done

Chemical float process

Ion-exchange process

In conclusion, Dragontrail glass might be the better choice for you if you’re looking for a cheap and inexpensive strong glass product. Moreover, it’s also flexible, making it an excellent option for enclosures and curved glass units.

On the other hand, Gorilla glass is a better option if you want to prioritize impact and drop-resistance, as well as overall durability.

Both Gorilla and Dragontrail glass products exhibit good levels of optical clarity and resistance.

Is Dragontrail Glass Good?

Figure 3: An image of a square Dragontrail glass on top of a circular Dragontrail glass

Dragontrail glass, per se, is a good material. It wouldn’t be labeled and known as one of the best glass products if it hadn’t been good. What’s even more astounding is that, it would never be put side-by-side with Gorilla glass if it didn’t perform like how it should.

Which is Better Between Sapphire Glass or Gorilla Glass?

Figure 4: A sapphire glass unit that’s mostly used for watches

After finding out the indifferences between Gorilla glass and Dragontrail glass, let’s now go to the next popular discussion in the world of glass: is Gorilla glass better than sapphire glass, or vice versa?

Sapphire glass is also among the most famous glass products in the glass industry. Moreover, it also exhibits excellent strength, resilience, and optical clarity. However, unlike Dragontrail glass and Gorilla glass, it’s not made from alkali-aluminosilicate glass, and it usually serves a different purpose.

Sapphire glass is visually scratchproof, seeing that it is the 2nd hardest natural substance next to diamond, meaning, only diamond can put a dent and scratch to it.

Sapphire Glass Major Properties

Here’s a list of the major advantages and properties of sapphire glass:

  • After diamond, it is the second-next hardest material
  • It has a modulus of rupture that runs to about 65,000, making it among the strongest optical materials
  • It is extremely scratch-resistant and a virtually hard material
  • Long range of optical transmission (UV to mid IR)

If we were to question whether it’s better than Gorilla glass, the answer is yes and no – let me explain. Sapphire glass would be better than Gorilla glass in terms of watch application. Since it’s optically clear and pristine, it will be easy and functional to be put on a watch.

Furthermore, it’s virtually scratchproof, meaning, it’s not going to be scratched by keys and coins. However, the main downsides of sapphire glass is that it is extremely brittle, it cracks and shatters, and it is not cheap.

Gorilla glass wins at the smartphone market because it possesses excellent flexibility, shatterproof functionality, and overall resistance to drops.

So, to say that sapphire glass or Gorilla glass is better is just misaligned.

Dragontrail Glass Phones: What Phones Use Dragontrail Glass?

Ever since Gorilla glass started further developing their technology, brands and manufacturers shifted from their use of Dragontrail glass to Gorilla glass in almost all aspects of their mobile phones. However, based on records, there are quite a few phones and brands that used Dragontrail glass units for their devices, these are:

  • Samsung Galaxy (J3 2016)
  • Sony Xperia phones
  • Swipe Elite Note
  • XiaoMi M12, RedMi 1S and 2
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Aquaris Phones
  • XOLO phones
  • Intex Phones
  • Lenovo A700 and Lenovo K3 Note
  • Lava Pixel, Fuel, and Iris phones
  • Lyf phones
  • Panasonic Eluga phones
  • OnePlus phones

Which Glass is the Strongest Glass?

Figure 5: An image of two sapphire glass products

As of today, sapphire glass is known to be the strongest glass product, thanks to its intrinsic strength and overall resilience. This comes from the presence of corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, which is a tough material.

The atomic arrangement of sapphire results in an extraordinarily robust and reinforced structure that is extremely resistant to scratches and stubborn damages.

How Effective is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla glass has been rated to be an effective glass product, especially against accidental and initial drops and falls of devices. As a matter of fact, it’s a component that’s been passed around from one industry to another because of its characteristics and properties.

If we were to have it on a scale of 1 through 10, 10 being effective, we would rate it as 10 because it’s strong, resilient, extremely optically clear, and highly-resistant to dropping and impact.

Does Dragontrail Glass Crack Easily?

No, Dragontrail glass will not crack or break easily, especially since it is rated highly on the Mohs scale. However, if the right amount of pressure is put and if there’s stress, then it would most likely break.

NOTE: Just because it breaks doesn’t mean that it will shatter. Dragontrail glass is engineered and designed to be extremely shatterproof.

Where to Get High-Quality Dragontrail Glass and Gorilla Glass?

China has been, and still is the best location when it comes to getting any type of glass product, and that includes Gorilla and Dragontrail glass products, too. Known as the world’s manufacturing hub, you have the chance to get excellent and world-class-quality products from them without burning a hole in your pocket.

Out of the many options on where you can get Dragontrail glass and Gorilla Glass, we here at GLASHern remain as one of the best partners because of our overall experience, skill, and knowledge when it comes to glass processing.

We’re versatile and dependable – we’ve proven and tested our stature and overall position in the market as the manufacturer that’s been trusted and sought-after by a lot of businesses, distributors, and even other secondary suppliers globally.

Why You Should Trust GLASHern

We’ve established our position as China’s leading glass processing manufacturer, capable of providing superior glass products and units to our clientele.

  • We have a complex set of processes designed to produce excellent-quality Dragontrail glass and other glass types
  • Our capabilities are vast and wide, and they include custom cutting, hole drilling, color-printing, surface finishing and surface treatment, adhesive bonding, and many more
  • We’re employed by engineers and glassmaking experts that have decades of experience
  • We’ve heavily-invested in over 200 state-of-the-art machines and equipment that makes the entire process faster and easier
  • GLASHern was able to export glass products in 50+ countries, and we’ve produced tens of thousands of glass products per year


If you’re not sure which one to get between Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail glass, and if you’re stuck not knowing what product is better for you, you can absolutely bank and count on us here at GLASHern to capture and exceed your needs and expectations.

We are one call or message away – so, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message if you need further assistance. Whether you’re looking for 3D curved glass, borosilicate glass, toughened glass, or even anti-reflective glass, we can help you out!

Our customer service department has been fully trained to assist you from start to finish! Get a free estimate of the orders you want and need today!

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