Is Gorilla Glass Windshield Worth It?

Gorilla glass windshields have been around for a long time, ever since the glass was first made available over a decade ago. They provide for a thinner, clearer, and tougher material for this car part. But given its higher cost, is a gorilla glass windshield worth it? This is the dilemma of many motor vehicle owners. Below, we answered this and other questions about this type of windshield.

What is Gorilla Glass Windshield?

A gorilla glass windshield features gorilla glass as part of the laminate, the innermost ply to be specific. Basically, it’s commonly called a hybrid windshield and made up of these three layers:

  • An inner layer made of gorilla glass to provide the extra protection
  • A middle PVB plastic layer
  • An outer soda lime glass layer

A gorilla glass car windshield is thinner and lighter than conventional soda lime glass windshields, in addition to other benefits such as being resistant to damage and having better optical clarity. But what’s gorilla glass in the first place?

Ford gorilla glass windshield
Ford gorilla glass windshield

Gorilla Glass Definition

Gorilla glass is aluminosilicate glass that’s been passed through a hardening process by bathing it in molten potassium salt. This gorilla glass manufacturing process is known as the ion exchange process. That’s because it involves the movement of ions between the glass and molten salt.

Sodium ions leave the glass, while potassium ions move in to take their place. Because potassium ions are bigger, they end up packing tightly in the surface of the glass, creating compressive forces that result in the glass surface being hard enough to resist damage.

Gorilla Glass Car Windshield

Because of its hardness and other properties such as being thin and lightweight, gorilla glass, shortly after its debut in 2008, became a candidate for automotive application. By 2015, it was already being used on car windshields for the first time.

Today, gorilla glass windshields are common place, with manufacturers finding new ways to make the glass harder and more suited for automotive uses. With its superior characteristics, the cost of a gorilla glass windshield is slightly higher than that of a soda lime type. So is it advisable to use one? Let’s see.

Gorilla glass windshield test
Gorilla glass windshield test

Is Gorilla Glass Windshield Worth It?

Despite its higher cost, gorilla glass provides several benefits when used to make windshields. These include the thin design, reduced weight, and other properties such as hardness that ensure durability. The clarity of gorilla glass windshield is also higher than that of soda lime glass. So the answer is yes, the gorilla glass car windshield is worth the money. Here’s why in more detail:


Save for a few cases, most gorilla glass windshield reviews by customers have been positive. Experts, too, have reported positive attributes to the use of gorilla glass for car windshields, with a number of automakers taking up the materials and using it on their cars.

Some of the car types and models that feature gorilla glass windshields today include Ford GT, Jeep, Porsche, Mopar, and McLaren. So is gorilla glass windshield better than the regular type that only contains regular glass laminated between PVB plastic? Let’s compare.

Gorilla Glass Windshield vs. Regular Glass Windshield

Gorilla glass is 3 to 4 times stronger than regular glass, so it’s less likely that it will break from minor impacts. It’s also thinner and lightweight, which means reduced weight and better fuel economy, in addition to enhanced aesthetics when compared to regular glass.

The only downside when comparing a gorilla glass windshield vs. regular glass windshield is its cost, which is generally higher than that of conventional glass material; which brings us to the next section about the estimated cost for this type of windshield.

Gorilla glass windshield Jeep
Gorilla glass windshield Jeep

How Much Does a Gorilla Glass Windshield Cost?

When it comes to the benefits and downsides of gorilla glass windshield, cost is one of the factors that may influence its use on motor vehicles, especially when compared to the price of conventional windshields. Many people also wonder if the glass comes with a warranty when used on cars.


Being a premium product, you can expect this type of car windshield to cost more, given its durability and other features. Prices range from $400 to $900. The exact gorilla glass windshield cost, including that of installation, will vary based factors like supplier prices vehicle type or model.

Does It Have a Warranty?

Many gorilla glass windshield suppliers offer the product alongside generous 2-year warranty. This is to protect their customers against damage and, most importantly, against factory defects. Gorilla glass windshield warranty rules may differ across different suppliers of the product, ands users must take time to go through the specifics.

Gorilla glass windshield replacement for Jeep wrangler
Gorilla glass windshield replacement for Jeep wrangler

Gorilla Glass Windshield Replacement

Should you need to have your car installed with gorilla glass windshield, it’s important that you’re aware of few things. These include knowing where to buy it, the types of cars that can be installed with this type of windshield, and so on.

  • Look for a reliable auto parts shop that sells these windshields, or better still, find and contact an online seller or authorized supplier. Gorilla glass car windshields are not as readily available as the conventional types, so it helps to research and locate the available suppliers.
  • Gorilla glass windshields are not available for all car models. Know if yours can use one. The car types and models that can be installed with a gorilla glass windshield include the following: Ford GT, Porsche, Jeep SUV, Mopar, and McLaren.
  • Know what you’re likely to spend on your specific car’s windshield. Generally, these types of windshields cost more than the purely soda lime shields. The exact gorilla glass windshield price will depend on the specific supplier and type of car. In addition to the price, you want to ensure that your windshield comes with a guarantee.


The gorilla glass windshield is a worthy buy for car owners looking for a more durable windshield option, especially if your driving is mostly off road. Normally a hybrid shield consisting of gorilla glass inner layer and soda lime outer laminate, it offers a thinner and lightweight alternative, in addition to its better optical performance that ensures a clear view.

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