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Top 9 Optical Glass Manufacturers in India (2023)

Optical Glass Manufacturers in India

Look no further than India’s best optical glass manufacturers for optical glass products that provide excellent clarity, accuracy, and durability. This article will offer you an idea about several optical glass manufacturers in India that have unrivaled knowledge and a dedication to quality, so you can be certain of enjoying clarity beyond your imagination.

Optical glass is specially made for optical applications such as lenses, prisms, and other optical components. It comprises various raw materials, including silica, boron oxide, lead oxide, and other chemical additives. The composition of optical glass depends on its intended use. For example, the glass used for camera and telescope lenses may have a different design than those used for fiber optic and laser components. Optical glass is made by melting the raw materials at high temperatures and cooling them to produce high-strength glass.

Market Research

The optical glass market is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2023 to 2026, owing to increasing demand from medical, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and other sectors. Optical glass is an excellent insulator that reduces surface reflections and improves display contrast. Reduce eye fatigue while increasing power consumption without increasing brightness. Flint and crown glasses are also commonly used in telescopes and medical devices. According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian medical device industry is expected to reach Rs 200 crore, growing he Rs 35.4. It will increase from INR 775.39 billion (USD 11 billion) in 2020 to INR 352.45 billion (USD 50 billion) in 2025. Therefore, the expanding medical device sector is expected to boost the demand for optical eyewear.

India Optical Glass Manufacturers List:

1.Corning Glass

Corning Glass Manufacturer

Corning is critical to development in the industries they influence and the planet it shares since it employs materials science to create life-changing innovations. The scientific and manufacturing expertise, boundless curiosity, and commitment to purposeful invention place us at the heart of how the world interacts, works, learns, and lives, and the ongoing investment in research, development, and innovation ensures that they are always ready to solve the most difficult challenges alongside our customers.

Corning Opticals Homepage:

About Corning:

Corning Optical Glass:

Corning Opticals Other Services:


Yash Optics and Lens Optical Glass Manufacturer

Yash Optics and Lens are the top producers of digital freeform progressives in India and also provide a comprehensive range of vision correction solutions to meet the demands of everyone. They enhance personalization options such as reading at a distance, driving at night, decreasing eyestrain caused by digital gadgets, and much more. They are India’s premier RX laboratory, with its headquarters in Mumbai. Over the last few decades, it has established itself as a forward-thinking partner for opticians in India and worldwide.

Yash Optics and Lens Homepage:

About Yash Optics and Lens:

Yash Optics and Lens Optical Glass:

Yash Optics and Lens Other Services:


Accurate Optical Glass Manufacturer

Accurate Optics, founded in 1984 by the late Braham Dutt Sharma, an ex-CSIO scientist specializing in optics design, is one of India’s most sophisticated state-of-the-art manufacturing hubs for all types of Optics and Optical Instruments. The business has a long history of inventing and producing optics for complex systems ranging from night vision binoculars to very advanced laser cutting optics, as well as contributions to several other high-end optical systems in the defense and medical fields.

Accurate Optical Homepage:

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Accurate Optical Glass:

Accurate Optical Facilities:


Optica Optical Glass Manufacturer

Optics & Allied Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. is a well-established Indian enterprise providing Medical, Aerospace, Astronomy, Automation, R&D Labs, and IR Optics since 1985. In the domains of Precision Optics and Polymer Optics, we have focused on Indian and global customers. Precision Optics, Diamond Turned Optics, IR Optics, Imaging Optics, Large Size Mirrors & Flats, Aspheric & Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors, Ultra Precision Optical Windows, Diffractive Optics, High Precision Opto Mechanical Mounts/Systems, Large Size Complete Schlieren Systems, Precision Polymer LED Lenses, Polymer Imaging Lenses, LED Backlights & Optical Instruments are some of the products they manufacture.

Optica Homepage:

About Optica:

Optica Optical Glass:

Optica Other Products:


Borosil Optical Glass Manufacturer

Dr. Lele created the ”Industrial & Engineering Apparatus Company Pvt Ltd” in 1962. Even then, the firm had the ambitious goal of becoming a globally known maker of scientific glass. Many things have changed since then, but the primary mission has remained: to empower their global clients with solutions that better their lives. They now operate via two publicly traded companies: Borosil Ltd, which houses the consumer products and life sciences division, and Borosil Renewables Ltd., which manufactures and distributes solar glass.

Borosil Homepage:

About Borosil:

Borosil Optical Glass:

Borosil Other Services:


Mangalsons Optical Glass Manufacturer

Mangalsons Optics Private Limited has been acknowledged for offering high-quality ophthalmic solutions with precision since 1983. Mangalsons has been empowering vision throughout India with premium quality and cutting-edge trends. Mangalsons, headquartered in Mumbai, has lens counters in Mumbai and other major cities and a nationwide sales network via efficient distribution methods. The cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Daman employs approximately 350 people, including technicians, engineers, and designers.

Mangalsons Homepage:

About Mangalsons:

Mangalsons Optical Glass:

Mangalsons Other Products:


Lensel Optical Glass Manufacturer

Lensel Optics, founded in 1979, has complete glass and plastic optics manufacturing facilities, glass grinding and polishing machines, precision injection molding machines, multi-layer BBAR anti-reflective coating chambers, and dust-free humidity-controlled assembly rooms – all in a single Pune, India manufacturing facility. The dedicated engineering team, optical design capabilities, skilled workforce, and unique mix of manufacturing capabilities enable the team to support their customers in India and around the world throughout the Product Realization process, from product design or reverse engineering to prototyping and bulk production.

Lensel Homepage:

About Lensel:

Lensel Optical Glass:

Lensel Other Applications:


Opticolite India Optical Glass Manufacturer

Opticolite India, founded in 2005, has distinguished itself as the leading producer of a good-quality range of telescopes and Microscopes. Magnifier Glass, Bug Viewer, and Glass Lens are among the goods available. They employ premium materials to make telescopes and microscopes. Aside from that, these telescope and microscope lines are recognized for their outstanding performance, sturdy construction, and extended service life.

Opticolite Homepage:

About Opticolite:

Opticolite Optical Glass:

Opticolite Other Products:


JML Optical Glass Manufacturer

JML Optical is a producer of precision-manufactured bespoke optical solutions. They provide optical and optomechanical design, quick prototypes, glass and metal fabrication, thin-film coating, metrology, environmental testing, and assembly for a one-stop solution. They are among the country’s top 10% of optical producers. They are located in Rochester, NY’s world’s optical and imaging hub. Since 1972, JML Optical has provided innovative custom optical systems. JML has a world-class design engineering department, a cutting-edge lean manufacturing facility, clean room assembly capable of complicated projects, and a friendly and knowledgeable project support team.

JML Optical Homepage:

About JML Optical:

JML Optical Glass:

JML Optical Other Market Served:

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Optical Glass Manufacturer in India

A fast search may lead you to believe that selecting one of India’s most reliable glass manufacturers is a tremendous effort! However, consider the following criteria for India’s top optical glass manufacturing firms. You’ll be able to find the perfect one very quickly.

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Optical Glass Manufacturer in India

Reach of the Brand

The company with a broad reach also has diverse services and goods to offer you. Look for the precise demands you have with the glass before deciding on a supplier. Before selecting a brand, you must extensively study its work and offerings. You might begin by learning about the optical lens company’s goods and services.

Product Range

It is always exciting to have a choice of possibilities since one should constantly strive for perfection in every aspect when selecting glass solutions for residential or commercial spaces because they prominently feature in our area of work/leisure and influence our mindsets. Make sure the glass maker provides a wide range of options at various prices, so you may choose the glass decor that complements your home’s interiors and makes it more aesthetically beautiful.

Services Provided

The glass might be required for either residential or commercial applications. Whatever your requirements, the procedure from selection to installation is lengthy. Choose a provider who can give you complete services from consultation to final structure. In this case, you should choose a manufacturer who provides excellent after-installation services and customer support.

Security Tests

It is always best to avoid falling victim to deceptive advertising. The most important traits to consider when choosing a glass are strong resilience and impact resistance. For example, ensure the manufacturer’s goods have been tested for impact resistance to BS 6206. If a brand fails such safety assessments, it is strongly advised not to invest in its products or services.

Quality of the Product

Safety glass serves as a barrier between the inside and outside worlds. Thus, the glass must be robust and not readily break down during accidents or by force. If the glass protects against damaging UV rays, it is frosting on the cake! To make an educated decision, thoroughly review the characteristics of the various goods the manufacturer gives in the brochure or website.

Efficiency of Energy

With the climate catastrophe posing a severe threat to the future, it must seek to live greener lifestyles. An excellent approach to doing this is to use energy-saving glass. Look for manufacturers who provide some fundamental required elements such as energy efficiency and better security in the form of durability and texturing (dark or reflecting glasses) while also improving the appearance of your room.


In addition, optical glass manufacturers in India contribute significantly to the country’s economy and technical achievements. They supply specialty glass materials for various scientific equipment, industrial applications, and overseas markets.

The optical glass production business in India also provides job opportunities for qualified employees. It helps the country’s economic growth and development. Furthermore, eyeglass manufacturers in India continually invent and produce new glass materials to fulfill the changing demands of many industries, contributing to technical products and the expansion of other sectors.

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