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Top 10 Anti-Reflective Glass Manufacturers in the World of 2024

Glass with AR coating

There will never be a shortage of anti-reflective glass manufacturers in the world, so long as the need for it increases. Decades back, anti-reflective glass units have only been effective products for windows, doors, and other display applications. Fast-forward to today, it’s also used in several applications, too including advertising and marketing, architectural and engineering, high-end displays, and many more!

In this article, we’ll be giving you the complete list of the world’s best anti-reflective glass suppliers and manufacturers, so you don’t have to guess which is which!

What is Anti-reflective Glass?

Anti-reflective glass, also known as AR glass, is designed to minimize reflections and reduce glare. It is coated with multiple layers of metal oxides or other coatings that interact with light, allowing more light to pass through and reducing the amount reflected. This results in improved clarity, visibility, and optical performance.

AR coating on glass

Features of Anti-reflective Glass

  • Reduced Reflection: The primary purpose of anti-reflective glass is to minimize reflections. This is especially beneficial in environments where glare or reflections could interfere with visibility, such as in museums, storefronts, or electronic displays.
  • Enhanced Transparency: The coating on anti-reflective glass allows more light to pass through, improving the overall transparency of the glass. This is advantageous for applications where a clear and unobstructed view is crucial.
  • Improved Optical Performance: Anti-reflective glass can enhance the optical performance of lenses and displays by reducing ghosting, halos, and other visual artifacts caused by reflections.
  • Easy Maintenance: The coating on anti-reflective glass can also have properties that make it easier to clean and maintain. It may resist smudges, fingerprints, and other contaminants, keeping the glass looking clear and clean.

Applications: Anti-reflective glass finds applications in various industries, including architecture (windows and facades), electronics (screens and displays), photography (camera lenses), and more.
It’s important to note that while anti-reflective glass offers many advantages, it may also have some limitations. For example, it may require more careful handling during cleaning to avoid scratching the coating. Additionally, the effectiveness of the coating can depend on factors such as the angle of incident light.
In summary, anti-reflective glass is a specialized type of glass with coatings designed to minimize reflections, enhance transparency, and improve optical performance in various applications.

2024 Anti-Reflective Glass Market Overview

The global anti-reflective glass market is overseeing intense and robust growth, all driven by technological advancements, increasing environmental care and awareness, and a steadily-increasing demand for streamlining operations.

According to the data, the Asia-Pacific region has been hailed the best and largest to have shares in the industry according to the data from 2021, sitting at a 45% share, mainly due to electronic manufacturing in the region.

In terms of the industry, the building, construction, and engineering took the industry by storm, having a minimal 30% in the global market. This is seen to grow at a consistent and steadied rate and have investment opportunities to be at a $24.7 trillion budget by the year 2030.

Overall, the future of anti-reflective glass looks brighter and bigger because of the ongoing plans and the trajectory of the products in the market. Some of the most influential and most notable developments are categorized in the architectural and engineering sectors, interior and exterior (residential and commercial), consumer electronics and appliances, automotive and aerospace, and many more!

Top 10 Anti-Reflective Glass Manufacturers in the World This 2024

We present to you the 10-best anti-reflective glass suppliers and manufacturers of 2023! This is great information if you’re looking to find out who the best of the best is and to help you narrow your options down!

Saint-Gobain Glass

Saint-Gobain has been one of the industry’s largest, biggest, and most trusted anti-reflective glass manufacturers. They’ve worked through countless generations, offering excellent-quality products applicable in various applications.

You can get premium-quality anti-reflective glass from them without burning your pockets. Saint-Gobain is one of the world’s actual go-to manufacturing companies for exceptional-quality anti-reflective glass, capable of servicing multiple business industries and sectors!

AGC Glass

In case you didn’t know, AGC Inc., or Asahi Glass Company, is Japan’s weapon when it comes to anti-reflective glass products. They are the largest glass manufacturer in the world, currently battling it out with Corning’s Gorilla glass products when it comes to consumer electronic devices.

Besides that, AGC Glass is also a contender in the anti-reflective (AR) glass industry offering a wide library of products for architectural and engineering industries, as well as the automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding, and other similar businesses as well.

JNS Glass Coatings

JNS Glass Coatings is a company that’s been around since the early 1990s with one goal and focus in mind – to be able to produce high-quality, premium glass and offer glass solutions to businesses and industries in different applications and industries. Today, their product line boasts hundreds of products, from anti-reflective glass units, chemically-strengthened glass, to Gorilla Glass and custom optics glass products, too.

JNS Glass Coatings is continually in the process of innovating and finding more products to offer or the progress and development of the glass fabrication and glassmaking industry.


Across China, our team here at GLASHern has been known as the industry’s top pick when it comes to custom anti-reflective (AR) glass. Our company specializes on the manufacturing and production of raw glass material and fabricated glass products that serve a specific purpose.

We have heavily invested on the tech, machines, and equipment we have as a company, further improving and developing our business offers to the set of distributors, manufacturers, brands that require them. In the event that you need help and assistance in securing top-quality anti-reflective glass products, we here at GLASHern are only a message or a call away!

Abrisa Technologies

Branding themselves as your best, holistic total solutions partner, Abrisa Technologies is skilled and fully capable of producing a wide library of glass products with anti-reflective glass being one of their flagships. From your usual glass unit to coatings, fabrication, graphics, protection, and film, you can count on them and their army of experts and engineers!

Abrrisa Technologies is armed with some of the industry’s best and most updated tools and technologies, helping them finish project sand produce quality glass products!

Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass is one of the world’s best glass fabrication company and manufacturer since 1932. They’re one of the leaders and pioneers in the glass industry and has been producing extra high-quality anti-reflective (AR) glass units for various regions. They were able to serve 160 countries with 24 float glass lines globally.

Guardian Glass wouldn’t be globally-recognized if they only met the requirements and needs of their clientele, that simply means that exceeded what the market wants and demands!


Part of the world-famous Swiss Glas Tosch Group, Euroglas is a company that’s been centered around the production and manufacturing of glass. Spanning a range of 100 years, Euroglas can actually get you your supposed glass products and units, particularly anti-reflective glass that stretches from the simplest to the most complex ones.

They are offering highly-customizable and specific anti-reflective glass units to suit your projects and business needs. And, just because their name is Euroglas, doesn’t mean that they service businesses and brands in the area of Europe only!

General Glass

One of the best manufacturers with the simplest names, General Gass is one of those American anti-reflective glass suppliers and manufacturing companies that have built their reputation through consistent and quality work with the least effort. For 120+ years, General Glass has been handled by five different generations, which is the perfect setup for innovation and future glass technologies.

General Glass International or GGI is big on custom design and product innovation, so, you can work with them if you need help in high-quality custom anti-reflective glass.

Hopson Glass

Hopson Glass Group or HGG, has been one of China’s leading anti-reflective, frosted, and tempered glass manufacturing companies for well over 2 decades now. They’re equipped with a premium-quality Research & Development (R&D) team and is employed with some of the industries top and most-trusted engineers and glassmaking experts and personnel.

Over time, they’ve improved and innovated, offering other glass products such as low-e glass, anti-glare glass, tinted glass, ultra-clear glass, and many more!

Kite Glass

Kite Glass is one of those anti-reflective glass manufacturers that have their focus on innovation and product development, rather than manufacturing in millions. ClearTec, their innovative glass product, is seen as one of the world’s best brands of advanced anti-reflective glass, offering best and max transparency and robust strength and resilience.

The company is known for projects in and around the United Kingdom. Kite Glass is also considered by many as their go-to for whatever raw glass unit they need.

How to Choose Your Anti-Reflective Glass Manufacturer

Choosing your anti-reflective glass supplier is like choosing your chef – you need to trust them with everything because they will dictate your future status. There are a few things to note when choosing your anti-reflective glass manufacturer.

It usually just goes down to answering these questions:

What Are Your Needs?

The best and most efficient options you have would solely depend on one thing–your needs. Your needs don’t always pertain to the type of glass you’re looking for, it can also be the service you need to be successful with your project, the partnership with a manufacturer or supplier, the overall quality of their products and services, etc.

Of course, the product type and category need to be thought about, but what matters more would be the overall things, the specifics of what you need as a business or a company.

So, try to define your needs and identify them. Be specific about them and make sure that you are being honest with your project and your business. Don’t just look at the price, it’s a big thing, but it’s not the only thing.

What’s Their Market Position Compared to Competitors?

Also try looking at their current position compared to their competitors, or other businesses you’re trying to work with. Do they have reputation in the current field or industry? What specific offers do they have that others don’t?

Realize and see the bigger picture to get a better sense of the current market situation. It’s nearly impossible to get high-quality anti-reflective glass products from manufacturers that don’t have a solid foundation in the market.

How Much Are Their Products?

Price, among other things, is part of the more important factors you want to consider and look at when choosing a manufacturer. As mentioned above, it’s not the most important thing, but it is still something you want to consider and look at when choosing a manufacturer.

The price of a supplier’s product line can greatly dictate your decision in choosing an anti-reflective glass supplier. Of course, most businesses and companies would prefer a supplier that offers cheap products, while some don’t really think about cheapness too much, instead, they want to get the most value out of their purchase.

So, when we say consider the pricing, we don’t mean to always go for the cheapest option, but to go to the manufacturer that can give you the best and highest quality for the most menial price.

What Projects Were They Able to Finish?

By understanding and knowing the projects and the services they’ve done and accomplished, you can get a better sense of how great and how trustworthy they are. Were they able to provide products for the biggest companies and brands in your country? Have they gone international or do they just service locally?

Asking these questions can give you a rough idea on the overall skills and capabilities that they have and to see if they are aligned with your goals and ideals.

Do They Have Customer Service?

We always say that great customer service always beats high-quality. If you work with a manufacturer that offers good-quality products but bad customer service, then you’re better off not working with a high-quality manufacturer, too.

You see, a lot of people might not see customer service as an integral part of any business, but it actually is. The assistance and guidance of your clients from start to finish is what makes their customer experience smoother and healthier, leading to a more fruitful recurring transaction.

Do They Have Certifications?

Last but most definitely not least is their certifications. Certifications don’t really mean that a manufacturer is great, but it tells a story of how they got from being an amateur and a manufacturer, like everyone else to being the best in the industry.

It’s important to have the necessary certifications against known standards, especially the ones that are more targeted to the manufacturing of glass. Although we don’t make it seem like it’s a requirement, it can greatly help in determining whether the anti-reflective glass supplier you’re working with is responsible and is accountable with the products they sell and the services they offer their clients.


GLASHern is key to getting you the best and highest quality of anti-reflective that you can use for your projects. They’ve been in the market for almost 2 decades now, and can be your go-to, all-in-one solution for whatever glass product you need!

You can source out whatever type or kind of anti-reflective glass from GLASHern and not worry about your expenses moving forward!

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