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Top 10 Biggest Float Glass Manufacturers in China

China is home to some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of float glass, an essential material in modern architecture and automotive industries.

This article will delve into the top 10 float glass manufacturers in China, offering insights into their history, manufacturing capabilities, and contributions to the global glass industry.

Each company featured has uniquely refined its production process to meet the increasingly complex demands of its domestic and international clientele.

Whether you’re a potential business partner or simply interested in the industry, understanding these key players can shed light on the robust and rapidly evolving float glass landscape in China.

Shenzhen GLASHern

Shenzhen GLASHern is a renowned specialist in the glass fabrication industry, committed to delivering custom, high-precision glass products designed to meet specific client needs. Established in 2009, it harnesses innovative techniques and state-of-the-art technology, backed by a team of accomplished professionals, to redefine the glass industry.

GLASHern’s core offering is its Clear Float Glass. This is a distortion-free, clear, flat, and precise glass product, created by flowing molten glass through a towel, into a tin bath, and then into a lehr.

Here are the float glass products they offer:

  • Ultra Clear Float Glass: A low-iron glass variant with over 91% light transmission. Known for excellent physical, mechanical, and optical performance. Versatile for various applications.
  • Low Iron Float Glass: Also known as optically transparent glass, made from silicon dioxide with minimal iron content. This feature removes the bluish tint found in traditional thick glass.
  • Reflective Float Glass: Manufactured by applying a metal or ceramic composite film on the glass surface. Available in various colours and is effective in controlling energy consumption.
  • Patterned Float Glass: A decorative, translucent glass with textures or patterns on one side. Helps disperse light and obscure visibility.
  • Tinted Float Glass: A type of float glass tinted with colouring agents for colouring and solar radiation absorption capabilities.

As a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction, Shenzhen GLASHern continues to deliver complex, sustainable glass solutions that significantly enhance client projects.


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Lens Technology

Lens Technology, based in China, has carved out a niche for itself in the global market of smart device windows and exterior protection. Known for its craftsmanship in diverse materials such as glass, sapphire, ceramics, and metals, the company has made significant contributions to various industries, including smartphones, smart wearables, tablets, laptops, and even smart medical care.

However, the company’s prowess in float glass manufacturing is of particular note. A pioneer in applying precision glass to mobile phone protective screens, Lens Technology has seamlessly integrated design, production, and service. Their vertically integrated platform spans everything from parts processing to complete machine assembly, a testament to their comprehensive approach.

In terms of recognition, the company has made great strides, ranking 78th among the top 500 private enterprises in China in 2022. They have also earned numerous accolades, such as “National Leading Enterprise in the Electronic Information Industry” and “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”.

In summary, Lens Technology is more than a float glass manufacturer. They are industry leaders, pushing the boundaries of design, production, and service in their commitment to excellence. Their dedication to R&D, coupled with their innovative approach to float glass manufacturing, sets them apart as a leading manufacturer in China.

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Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd.

Located in Boshan, Zibo, Shandong, the birthplace of China’s glass industry, Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd. carries on a legacy dating back to the founding of the nation’s first glass company in 1904.

Their product offering primarily includes clear float glass and tinted float glass. The clear float glass is made by melting high-quality silica sand, soda ash, and other raw materials together in a furnace at 1600℃. The molten glass then flows through a tin bath, spreading out under gravity and surface tension to create the finished glass sheet.

Due to its versatility, this clear float glass is widely used in various sectors such as construction, decor, automotive, and high-tech. It can be used directly or as the base glass for other glass products, including mirrors, back-painted glass, acid-etched glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, safety and security glass, solar-control glass, and insulating glass for double and triple glazing.

Jinjing’s advanced technology and equipment have enabled significant breakthroughs in high-quality float glass. They produce PDP glass, automobile glass, mirror glass, and coating glass, all widely acknowledged and used in various sectors. From float glass to tinted glass, their comprehensive approach to manufacturing provides distinctive solutions. Jinjing’s expertise and application of leading-edge technology push performance boundaries, keeping them at the forefront of float glass manufacturing in China.

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CSG Holding Co.,

CSG Holding Co., Ltd., a giant in the Chinese float glass industry, is renowned for its exceptional products and services. Established in 1984 and one of China’s earliest listed companies, CSG has made a name for itself through its steadfast dedication to realism, pragmatism, and practical work.

Based in Shenzhen’s Shekou National Free Trade Zone, the company embodies the pioneering spirit of its founder, the esteemed Mr. Yuan Geng, and as a result, has experienced impressive growth. With total assets nearing RMB 20.00 billion and annual business income surpassing RMB 10.00 billion, CSG’s success is undeniable.

Moreover, the company employs over 10,000 people, underlining its significant impact on the local economy. In the realm of float glass manufacturing, CSG stands out for its advanced technology and commitment to quality, making it a trusted supplier for numerous sectors. In essence, CSG Holding Co., Ltd. is a beacon of excellence in the float glass industry.

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Fuyao Group

The Fuyao Group, established in Fuzhou, China, in 1987, has evolved into a global powerhouse in the float glass manufacturing industry. Its core focus is on the production of automobile safety glass and industrial technical glass. What sets the Fuyao Group apart is its unrelenting commitment to self-reliance, a principle ingrained in its operations since its inception. The company has diligently worked to bring high-quality glass production to China, playing an instrumental role in bolstering the nation’s automotive industry.

The Fuyao Group’s operational philosophy is defined by four core values: diligence, simplicity, learning, and innovation. The company consistently adheres to this approach, investing in research and development to advance its manufacturing processes and uphold its position as a leading float glass manufacturer in China.

Over the span of three decades, the Fuyao Group has expanded significantly, boasting modern production bases across 16 provinces and cities within China, as well as in 11 foreign countries including the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Their global presence is bolstered by six dedicated R&D centres situated in China, the United States, and Germany. Worldwide, the Fuyao Group employs over 27,000 people, a testament to its size and influence within the float glass industry.

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Xinyi Glass

Xinyi Glass is a leading player in the float glass manufacturing sector. The company is known for its unwavering commitment to research, development, and production of high-quality float glass. With a melting capacity of 29,930 T/D, Xinyi Glass is a key player not only in China but across Asia. The company’s success is attributed to its advanced production technology and exceptional quality management system.

Xinyi Glass has established an integrated production and sales chain, covering raw materials, premium float glass, and deep-processed glass products.

This integration reduces costs and improves production efficiency, ensuring high-quality output. In addition to large-scale production, Xinyi Glass follows a “market-oriented, quality first” philosophy. It utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to meet diverse customer requirements in the automotive and architectural glass sectors.

By merging market demands with quality offerings, Xinyi Glass sets a benchmark in the float glass manufacturing industry.

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Migo Glass

Qingdao Migo Glass Co., Ltd, established in 2004, is a leader in the float glass industry in China. This integrated enterprise focuses on the manufacturing and sale of building glass, including its standout products, float glass, and solar glass.

Migo Glass, with its decade-long experience in producing and exporting glass and related items, has secured a reputation for delivering products of high quality at a reasonable price and ensuring efficient shipment. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of products, such as solar glass, greenhouse glass, patterned glass, and more. However, it’s their float glass that truly sets them apart. Known for its clarity and uniform thickness, Migo’s float glass is widely used in applications including windows, doors, and glass panelling.

In summary, Migo Glass stands as a reputable float glass manufacturer in China. Backed by their robust infrastructure, experienced workforce, and commitment to quality, they offer reliable solutions to meet various industrial requirements. Migo Glass’ diverse offerings and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a preferred choice for global clients.

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Beijing Northglass Technologies Co., Ltd.

Beijing North Tech Group Ltd, also known as Beijing Northglass Technologies Co.,Ltd, holds a prominent position in the glass industry with a strong focus on research, development, design, and process engineering. Their comprehensive product line includes laminated safety glass, tempered safety glass, low e insulated glass, reflective glass, silk screen printed glass, and numerous other high-quality offerings.

Their well-equipped automated setup, combined with a team of professional workers and strict quality control processes, allows them to deliver durable and reliable glass products to their clients. It is evident that their commitment extends beyond just manufacturing, as they are dedicated to saving future potential costs for their clients.

Their products are versatile, catering to a range of applications from curtain walls and shower doors to windows, facades, and furniture. Beijing North Tech Group Ltd proves its excellence not only through its array of high-quality products but also through its customer-oriented approach and commitment to quality and innovation.

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REXI Industries

REXI Industries, an established player in the glass manufacturing industry, is known for its high-quality float glass and comprehensive range of glass and aluminium solutions. With a focus on sophisticated design and engineering requirements, they deliver bespoke solutions for contemporary building envelopes.

Their impressive production facility spans 80,000 ㎡ and has an annual processing capacity of 1,500,000 m². REXI Industries sets itself apart with specialized CNC machinery and oversized glass manufacturing capabilities, allowing it to efficiently handle high-volume orders and speciality projects. Holding international certificates and a reputation for quality, they are a preferred choice for large-scale projects.

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In conclusion, the float glass manufacturing industry in China has a diverse set of players, each offering unique products and an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation. From Shenzhen GLASHern’s specialized solutions to Xinyi Glass’s large-scale production, these companies continue to set the standard in float glass manufacturing.

They not only cater to domestic needs but also have a significant presence in international markets, underscoring their competitive edge.

While this list is not exhaustive, it serves as a starting point for those seeking top-tier float glass manufacturers in China. No matter the scale or specifics of your project, these manufacturers have the capability and commitment to meet your needs.

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