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Top 10 Borosilicate Glass Manufacturers in the World of 2023

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In this list, we will dictate the best and top borosilicate glass manufacturers in the world to give you an idea of who you can trust when it comes to borosilicate glass. Besides that, we’ll also run through a quick overview of the trends of borosilicate glass in the world, and what’s expected of them.

This article is perfect for you if you are looking to work with a borosilicate glass manufacturer. Not only are you going to see who the best is, but you will also have the chance to see their history, what made them one of the best, and many more!

From standard glass industries like your usual furniture, home improvement, design and architecture to automotive, aerospace, defense, industrial, and even technology, too!

Borosilicate Glass Manufacturing Market Overview

The Borosilicate Glass market is a skyrocketing industry, with a value of USD 1.1 billion in 2022, expected to surge to USD 1.3 billion by 2029, marking a notable CAGR of 2.2% throughout the forecast period of 2023-2029.

Overall, this upward trajectory denotes the sector’s promising growth potential, due to the vast range of applications, including laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, and specialty glassware.

The market’s expansion is propelled by increasing demand from multiple sectors, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics. These figures manifest the industry’s resilience and adaptability, making it an attractive domain for investors and stakeholders.

Key Attributes And Insights Of The Borosilicate Glass Market This 2023:


Key Insights

Expected Base-Year Value (2021)

$1.9 billion (USD)

Anticipated Forecast Value (2032)

$4 billion (USD)

Estimated Growth Rate (from 2022 to 2032)

7 percent

Note that these values and estimates are, in no way, 100% accurate. These are based off findings and market research done by necessary teams and experts.

Top 10 Borosilicate Glass Manufacturers

Without further ado, here’s a list of the globe’s top, best, and most-sought-after borosilicate glass suppliers of the year 2023!

Top #1: Schott Glass

Schott Glass is one of the world’s first and oldest glass manufacturing corporations. They started out in the production of high-quality specialty glasses, and then transformed to a world-renowned brand that produced whatever type of glass product you need. From their small in-house glass laboratory, they grew and transformed into a large industrial enterprise.

Taking pride in their achievements, Schott now has 17,200 employees across 33 countries. They are still on the hunt for countless innovation and trend in the current global market.

Top #2: Specialty Glass Products, Inc.

Also commonly referred to as SGP Inc., Specialty Glass Products is the company that you can trust with your projects. Having almost six decades of experience in the art of glassmaking, SGP has produced multiple types and kinds of glass products lie wafers and substrates, glass tubes and rods, and many more!

SGP Inc. is equipped with some of the industries best, most seasoned and most-experienced people in the art of glassmaking, and you’ll definitely get the quality you deserve!

Top #3: GLASHern

GLASHern’s capability is one of the leading high-quality borosilicate glass manufacturers in China. Armed with engineers and glassmaking experts, you can get premium borosilicate glass products for such a cheap and inexpensive price. With 200+ product lines, 50+ countries with 9 certifications, you can never go wrong in choosing GLASHern with the borosilicate glass products you need!

Top #4: Swift Glass

In the landscape of glassmaking, Swift Glass has been, and still is what’s considered “the best” by many companies and organizations. Like Schott, their journey is laid out on a long thick piece of history and since their founding in 1881, they’ve been on the path to improvement and development.

Today, their operations are taken to their 75,000-square-feet facility with thousands of employees that help out with their projects. You’ll never have any problems working with Swift Glass if you’re looking for different types and kinds of borosilicate glass units, as they’ve mastered the art of transforming and transfiguring borosilicate glass products to whatever shape, form, or size you need it for.

Top #5: Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies distinguishes itself in the technology sector as a leading manufacturer of borosilicate glass, a pivotal material with extensive applications. Their mission revolves around delivering top-notch, personalized optical solutions to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

Leveraging over 80 years of collective experience in design, distribution, and manufacturing, their specialized divisions are dedicated to providing precision borosilicate glass optics, aligning with the highest industry standards. They’re one of the few manufacturers in the list that houses hundreds of employees and experts, all ready for whatever need there is.

Top #6: Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass is one of the top and best borosilicate glass manufacturers in the industry. Operating within a 65,000-square-feet, using state-of-the-art machines, manned by the best-rated and most qualified engineers and experts, you can practically consider them as your go-to manufacturer.

A humble factory led by some of the industry’s leading engineers and glassmaking experts, Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass will take you to a journey you’ll never forget! With specializations ranging from steel mills, chemical plants to machine tool shops and automotive casas, Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass will be the perfect manufacturer for you!

Top #7: Ablaze Glass Works

Established in 1985, Ablaze Glass Works is an Indian, integrated enterprise specializing in the production and sale of building and high-quality scientific glass. With 30 long years of experience about glassmaking and glass development, Ablaze Glass Works can give you the exact blueprint you need for your project.

Ablaze Glass Works ensures top-notch quality, competitive pricing, and efficient customer service. Guided by the principles of strong scientific management, elevated comprehensive quality, the establishment of high-quality brands, and the assurance of customer satisfaction, the company advances towards the delivery of exceptional and world-class borosilicate glasses.

Top #8: International Crystal Laboratories

Also commonly referred to as ICL, International Crystal Laboratories is one of the top and best suppliers and manufacturers of crystal optics, borosilicate glass, and CO2 lasers since 1962. ICL is considered a world leader in the fabrication and creation of infrared spectroscopic optics, as well as crystal growth.

With these kinds of specializations, you can count on ICL to bring you premium and high-quality borosilicate glass products and units. Fast-forward to 2023, they are still what many consider as the best in advanced optics and spectroscopy, with an added flavor of FTIR, UV, and IR optical products.

Top #9: Pegasus Glass

Like many other manufacturers in this list, Pegasus Glass is one of the earliest glass manufacturers, spanning from the late 1960s up until today. Not having a lot of variety with their products, amplify their capabilities of manufacturing superior and premium-quality borosilicate products.

You can get almost everything you need from Pegasus glass, from the typical sight glass, lampworking elements, glass tubes and rods, and even custom glass! Pegasus glass is committed to providing top-tier borosilicate glass units without having highly-expensive rates and prices for it.

Top #10: Richland Glass

Richland Glass, founded in 1960, is a specialist in precision glass components. They prioritize customer collaboration, working as a team to meet the most demanding application requirements. Proficient in glass, they actively engage in manufacturing and product development, offering valuable enhancements to existing products. Richland Glass collaborates with customers to comprehend component functionality and performance.

Operating from a 100,000 square foot facility in Vineland, NJ, Richland Glass serves global clients, distinguishing itself as a premier OEM supplier of glass and quartz components for various high-tech industries. Committed to excellence, they strive to remain a top supplier of precision glass products in their markets.

Factors in Choosing Your Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer

Choosing which borosilicate glass supplier to work with is not an easy task. In fact, it’s the other way around! The fact that there are a lot of options to choose from, make it even harder for companies and organizations to decide.

Luckily, there are a few tricks and techniques you can apply and do to make sure that the borosilicate glass manufacturer you will be working with is going to be the best option.

Customer Care and Client Experience

When choosing a borosilicate glass manufacturer, prioritize customer care and positive client experiences. A responsive and attentive manufacturer can address your needs promptly, ensuring a smoother collaboration and lesser risks of bad-quality products and problems.

You might not be able to find the perfect customer service, but at least try to look for one that offers pre-sales services, sales services, and after-sales services.

Certifications and Licenses

Another primary factor would be with the licenses, certifications, and credentials that a manufacturer has. Verify the manufacturer’s certifications and licenses.

Although these are only papers, they are indicators of compliance with industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing the quality and safety of the borosilicate glass products. Certifications don’t have to include everything–just the most important ones will do.

Experience, Expertise, and Specializations

Would you be comfortable working with a manufacturer that is not experienced? Many companies and organizations fall into the trap of working with glass suppliers that have little-to-no experience, and that’s something that you need to avoid.

To the best of your ability, try to assess the manufacturer’s experience and expertise in producing borosilicate glass. Specializations in specific glass types or applications may result in higher product quality, faster lead time, and a better customer experience.

NOTE: You can do this by checking on the feedback, testimonials, and reviews people left for them. If you want to go the extra mile, you can contact businesses that already worked with them!

Warranty Offers

It may seem unimportant at first, but it’s actually a game-changer. Try comparing two companies; one with a 2-year warranty, the other with a 5-year warranty. You have a longer lifeline with a 5-year warranty.

So, what you want to do is to duly evaluate warranty offers. Manufacturers who are willing to stand by their products with robust warranties would most likely be the ones who would instill confidence in their borosilicate glass’s durability and performance.

Discounts, Pricing, and Promotions

Compare pricing and potential discounts. Affordable rates and promotional deals can make a significant impact on your budget while maintaining quality standards.

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it is already bad quality. Take it from Asian borosilicate glass manufacturing companies and suppliers. They are significantly cheaper and more affordable than Western or European suppliers, but they appear to be better and longer-lasting.

Ask For A Lot of Quotes

Don’t hesitate to request multiple quotes from different manufacturers. As a matter of fact, manufacturers love it when you ask for a quote. For them, it’s bringing you one step closer to the finish line.

Getting multiple quotes is what allows you to compare pricing, services, and product options, aiding in informed and strategized decision-making with which manufacturer or supplier to work with.

NOTE: Don’t rely on online tools that give you quotes. Make sure you get the estimate from them directly, like an email, an image of the package, or via call.

Check the Lead Times

Last but most definitely not least is the lead time. The faster the lead time, the better you will be than your competitors. You want to be first in offering new products and services to your clients; you want to be in front when you are introducing a new trend in the market.

Check the lead times of the manufacturer, because this is one of the most crucial aspects of outsourcing. Their lead time tells a story of how well they are as a manufacturer, what’s involved with their processes and methodologies, and whether you can offer timely delivery of your products to the market or not.

These are just some of the factors you’d want to consider when you select a borosilicate glass manufacturer. The price still stands as the most influential factor, but checking these out might just be what you need to find your next borosilicate glass manufacturer partner.


We believe that the market for borosilicate glass will continue until the end of time. Regardless of whether new types and classifications of glass arise, there will still be a need for borosilicate glass.

Here at GLASHern, we are focused on our mission–and that is to provide all our clients with top-tier, the best, and most high-quality borosilicate glass units without striking a hole in their pockets. We offer affordable, budget-friendly, and cheap borosilicate glass products to our clientele. Sourcing from China’s leading material suppliers, we’ll be able to get you what you need!

Reach out to us and get a free estimate of the borosilicate glass units you need!

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