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Top 10 Chemically Strengthened Glass Suppliers in the World This 2024


By far, one of the biggest challenges brands and companies have, is to look for the best chemically strengthened glass suppliers to help them with their projects. As we all know, the strength that chemically-strengthened glass products have is more or greater than just tempering it because chemicals help alter the overall structure of the glass.

So, in this article, we will help you get a list of the ten-best chemically-strengthened glass manufacturers in the world.

2024 Chemically Strengthened Glass Market Overview

Over the years, the manufacturing of chemically-strengthened glass products saw an increase from the number of manufactured units, the number of fabrications, as well as applications in different business industries and sectors, too.

The increased demand for chemically-strengthened glass in the past decade is attributed to the following industries:

  • Automotive and Aerospace Industry
  • Railway and Train Industry
  • Smartphone and Consumer Electronic Devices
  • Wearables
  • Architectural and Engineering
  • And Many More!

Market Report Scope

Here’s a table that covers the metrics and details about the chemically-strengthened glass market in the world this 2023.



2023 Market Size

$45,210 million

Forecasted 2029 Market Size

$65,250 million



Years in Forecast

2023 to 2029

This is the specific table that outlines the forecast of chemical-strengthened glass market for 2023 to 2029.

Top 10 Chemically Strengthened Glass Manufacturers This 2024

In this list, we will be discussing who the best manufacturers are when it comes to chemically-strengthened glass.

Corning Inc.

Corning Inc

You might not know them by their brand name, but you definitely know their flagship offer – the Gorilla Glass. Corning Inc., the original founder and manufacturer of the famous Gorilla glass, is considered one of the best and most-trusted chemically-strengthened glass manufacturers in the world. Taking pride in their overall reliability and skillset, you’ll definitely be able to secure the chemically-strengthened glass products you need for your project or your business.

Since Gorilla glass is known as one of the best in the industry, you can definitely count on Corning Inc. if you need chemically-strengthened glass products!

AGC Inc.


AGC Inc., or Asahi Glass Company Incorporated is a prominent glass supplier, servicing a wide array of business industries and sectors. Popular for their Dragontrail glass, their expertise and overall experience tells us a lot about the quality of their products and services. Their manufacturing line and methodologies in producing chemically-strengthened glass products have been deemed as one of the best, most creative, and most effective.

So, don’t think twice in choosing AGC Inc. as your chemically-strengthened glass manufacturing company! Thousands of brands and companies have trusted them, and you can, too!



Under the NSG Group, Pilkington is one of North America’s top prides when it comes to chemically-strengthened glass products. Pilkington is a globally-recognized, world-renowned, and exceptionally-trusted glass manufacturing company, servicing all continents in whatever glass fabrication or product they need.

Having a worldwide influence in float glass operations, you can trust Pilkington if you ever find yourself in need of a glass fabrication specialist and chemically-strengthened glass manufacturer! You’ll never feel and be disappointed with the chemically-strengthened glass products they can give you!

Schott Glass

Schott Glass

Topping their overall performance in servicing over 30 countries and employing 17,200+ employees, Schott Glass’ is diverse and it ready to give it their all for you! Armed with decades of experience in glass manufacturing and fabrication, you can bank on and trust Schott Glass for all the chemically-strengthened glass products that you need!

The company’s tower of innovation and advancements led to the leadership and overall reliability they have today. From the experience and expertise of their overall business, the skillset of their experts and personnel, and the courage of investing in highly-qualified machines and equipment are the reasons why they’re one of the best in the world!


GLASHern glass

GLASHern is China’s top and leading chemically-strengthened glass manufacturers. Offering high-quality accuracy and precision, exercising immense innovation and development, GLASHern is more than capable of providing you with the chemically-strengthened glass units and products that you need.

Employed with an army of highly-qualified glassmaking experts, engineers, and dedicated personnel, you will never find a strand of error with GLASHern’s chemically-strengthened glass products. We’ve been operating for 14+ years and have invested in the newest, latest, and best glass fabrication technology – and we are ready to serve you!

Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies

Taking pride in their cutting-edge technologies, manufacturing facilities, and their highly-advanced network of machines and equipment, Abrisa Technologies really lives up to their name of being one of the best in the area of glass manufacturing in relation to technologies.

They capitalize in their high-quality optical products manufacturing service, even touching ground with some glass products that are not within their niche. Moreover, Abrisa Technologies has 80+ years of experience in the glassmaking and glass fabrication industry, you can treat Abrisa Technologies as your lifelong partner in creating, producing, fabricating, and manufacturing glass.

Bent Glass Design

Bent Glass Design

Bent Glass Design is a glass supplier founded in 1988 and is still standing tall even up to this day. Thriving in the world of architectural and engineering glass products, Bent Glass Design proved its point by expanding and further progressing their reach in the industry, even touching up sectors and industries they weren’t familiar with.

Thanks to their investment in high-quality machines and equipment, technologically advanced facilities, and upskilling training sessions for their engineers and experts, they’re deemed as one of the world’s most trusted and most banked on chemically-strengthened glass manufacturers.

Swift Glass

Swift Glass

Swift Glass is one of the world’s best and leading glass manufacturers out of the sea of suppliers in the market. The company has been crafting top-notch custom glass parts for nearly a decade. As a family-owned company, they take pride in their ISO 9001:2015 certification and ITAR registration.

Expertise-wise, their skillsets include CNC machining, bending, strengthening, cutting, and more. They closely work with some of the world’s best and most-trusted partners like Corning and Schott to ensure quality materials are made.

Swift Glass are able to serve different business sectors and industries, like Biomedical, Appliances, and Aerospace, offering tailored chemically-strengthened glass products and solutions. Our pure commitment to excellence and customer support makes us a reliable choice for original equipment manufacturers.



ProCurve Glass Design is part of the newer companies as they were established in 2008. Since then, they’ve been the face of marine glass products globally, standing as a testament to quality and innovation.

It was founded by Steve Lerner’s sister company, Bent Glass Design Inc., which dates back to 1988. They are operating from an advanced facility in Eastern Pennsylvania. The company ships its top-tier glass products to different parts of the globe.

Specializing in curved glass, chemically-strengthened glass fabrication with gas and electric kilns, ProCurve ensures adherence to customer and industry standards within its ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility.



Founded in 1999, Monocrystal, a subsidiary of the Energomera Group, emerged as one of the key players in the glass and electronic materials sector. The company puts their focus on sapphire production for solar applications, automotive, and aerospace applications. Monocrystal boasts a current capacity of 50 million 2-inch sapphire equivalents, which can produce and provide for hundreds of brands per month.

Operating globally, the company maintains three fabrication facilities in Russia and China, supported by an in-house R&D institute and multiple international offices. Monocrystal is headquartered in Stavropol, Russia and employs 1500+ workers, operators, and personnel, servicing 25+ countries worldwide.

How to Choose Your Chemically-Strengthened Glass Manufacturer

Now that you know who the best manufacturers of chemically-strengthened glass are, it’s also important to find and figure out the options in choosing the chemically-strengthened glass manufacturer to work with.

Just because they’re the best in the world, doesn’t mean they are compatible with what you need. So, here are some of the best and most helpful tips that can help you in choosing a chemically-strengthened glass supplier.

Tip #1: Check Out Reviews and Feedback

The best and probably the most common tip out there is to check out feedback and reviews of clients to the business in particular. There’s nothing better than getting direct reviews, reactions, and feedback from clients who had the chance to experience working with them.

You can check out reviews and testimonials, reach out to people or businesses that worked with them directly, or you can also do a bit of research and read case studies about other businesses’ experiences working or partnering with them.

Be strict in finding reviews and feedback because it’s the closest thing to knowing the history of a manufacturer firsthand. Do this and you’ll be able to work with the world’s best and most-trusted manufacturers.

Tip #2: Look For Expertise and Experience

Besides feedback and reviews, it’s also important to note and look for experience and overall expertise. Sometimes, the perspective of a client towards the experience and expertise of a manufacturer is not accurate. But how can you verify experience and expertise? – By looking at the product categories and the capabilities of a supplier.

Try looking at the product offers that a manufacturer has. Are they a lot? Do they tell you a story about the journey of the manufacturer? Sometimes, the products they’re offering have clear links to their overall skill and expertise because they learned it, they found out about it, or they went through it the hard way.

Tip #3: Partnerships and Reputation

One thing to ask is this: which businesses and companies have they partnered with? Were they able to make relationships in the industry? Have they explored the industry to the extent that they found out different ways and strategies?

Most experienced manufacturers have built their reputation up by producing specific partnerships and business relationships to different businesses and organizations in the same industry. Try to check and see which businesses they’ve linked or connected with.

NOTE: You can also ask their partners about their production processes, skill, experience, and expertise.

Tip #4: Do They Have Certifications?

Certifications give us this clear picture of whether a manufacturer follows the recommended processes, standards, and strategies that have been deemed safe and efficient. Although certifications aren’t that at all required, they can help us gain a better understanding of the skill and experience the manufacturer was able to pick up from the standards and certifications.

Just because we’re looking for certifications don’t mean that it covers ALL certifications. These certifications can only be specific to the production or manufacturing of glass.

Tip #5: Don’t Be Shy to Ask For Quotes

There’s no such thing as “too much quotations.” You want to get the best possible price for the money you’re going to pay, and one way to do that is by checking on all the options laid out for you by asking for quotes and estimates from multiple manufacturers and suppliers.

Most, if not all manufacturers offer free quotes for orders and products, so, it would be extremely helpful if you find out the rates are from the beginning. Try to maximize your resources, ask for quotes as much as you can to be able to compare rates and prices with one another.


If you’re on the hunt for some of the industry’s best chemically-strengthened glass products and units, and you’re not sure where to get them, we here at GLASHern can be of assistance! Our team is employed with China’s best and most trusted glass experts and glass fabrication virtuosos.

Get your chemically-strengthened glass products in the best, highest-quality, and most pristine conditions you can ever get them without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for it!

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