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Top 10 Curved Glass Manufacturers in the UK of  2023

Curved glass table

If you’re looking for the best and top 10 curved glass manufacturers in the UK, you’re in the perfect spot! Our article will be focused in discussing the main players in the UK curved glass industry, bringing you nothing but the best of the best.

We’ll be enumerating some of UK’s best and finest curved glass manufacturing companies so you don’t have to worry about choosing which one’s the best for you! You will know about the manufacturers’ histories, their journey towards the market, and even a link to their products, too!

Before we dive into that, though, let’s rummage through the overview of the UK’s curved glass products, first!

Curved Glass Market Overview

Based on most recent statistics, the curved glass market is seen and projected to reach a CAGR of 7.4% from 2023 to 2032, which translates to 69.4 million in valuation. Following this trajectory, it would have reached 160.91 million in valuation by 2032.

As per Custom Market Insights, the United Kingdom (UK) is considered one of the key players in the manufacturing of curved glass panels, alongside other European countries, like:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy

NOTE: Saint-Gobain, a UK-based curved glass manufacturer is said to be one of the leading manufacturers of curved glass in the world. Since they’re a UK-based company, they’ll be leading the country to success.

Now that we know about the curved glass market in the UK, in terms of history and projections, it’s just right to know the country’s top and most-trusted curved glass suppliers!

Top 10 Curved Glass Manufacturers in the UK This 2023

And the moment everyone’s been waiting for, the best and top UK curved glass manufacturers is now here! We’ll take a look at some of the most important elements on why they became the best, what made them lead the course, and what offers they have that you can utterly take advantage of!

Lee Glass

Lee glass

Lee Glass is one of UK’s best and most-trusted family-run businesses that have become a premier glass merchant through decades of service and production. They’re offering a vast plane of products, from the residential and domestic sectors to commercial and industrial, too.

Specializing in glass glazing, you can encounter a lot of different curved glass units from their arsenal like bespoke products, high-quality glazed units, and many others more! Lee Glass boasts of its excellent aftercare services, topped with accuracy and precision when it comes to production and manufacturing.

Runcorn Glass & Bending Company

Runcorn glass

Runcorn Glass & Bending Company takes their experience from their humble beginnings of offering their products and services to their local community to people all over the UK, and even international. Armed with decades of experience and a relentless team of experts, Runcorn Glass & Bending can get you the best and most cost-effective glass solutions you need!

They specialize in custom-made curved glass, bespoke curved glass, and specialty glass. Whether you need glazing, decorating, fitting, processing, or sandblasting, Runcorn Glass & Bending Company can get you what you need right off the bat!

Intaglio Glass & Design

Intaglio glass

Formed in the year 2000, Intaglio Glass & Design is one of the best and major glass manufacturing company in the UK, engineered to provide bespoke curved glass to businesses, companies, and organizations in and around the UK.

The small-town company had to increase and develop their manufacturing plant to accommodate and cater to the demands of their clientele. Intaglio Glass & Design relocated to a 2,000-square foot facility, and added products and industries up their arsenal.

Today, they’re known as one of UK’s best and most reliable custom curved glass manufacturing companies for domestic, commercial, and even industrial projects and applications!

IQ Glass

IQ glass

If you’re familiar with extremely high-quality glazed glass, whether curved or flat, IQ Glass is the company for you. Known in the industry as the best residential glass manufacturer, you can count on them for almost everything from sliding doors, glazed roofing systems, structural glass, architectural glass accessories, and many more!

Curved or flat glass, whichever you need, IQ Glass will have a specific product for you! They’ve undergone multiple projects in various industries, niches, and areas in the UK, and all of them were astounded and amazed by it!

IQ Glass has slowly moved up the echelons of the glass manufacturing, and is continuing to do so. Working with them will definitely be a treat for you and your projects!

Specialist Glass

Specialist glass

From their name alone, you can already make out what they’re all about! SGP, short for Specialist Glass Products, has been in the world of flat and curved glass manufacturing for years now. Armed with a rich experience in glass manufacturing and production, you can always count on them for all the curved glass products you need!

Specialist Glass Products is an extremely friendly and heartwarming community. Here, everyone is treated as friends, not employees! Because of that closeness, they’re able to produce exceptional-quality curved glass for

Trent Glass UK

Trent glass

If you want a more professional approach for your toughened glass products, curved glass units, and even other types of raw glass unit, Trent Glass UK is always ready to help. For decades, they’ve been part of the best and most independent suppliers of superior-quality curved glass units.

Trent Glass UK is armed with some of the industry’s best and most crucial engineers and glassmaking experts who all have a combined experience of 60+ years. They have a vast plane of solutions, such as curtain walling, glazed roofs and canopies, glazed staircases, and many more!

Performance Glass Processing UK

Performance glass

Also known as PGP in the industry, Performance Glass Processing UK is known as one of the country’s best, most advanced, and most-trusted bent glass manufacturing companies that offer fire-rating for their products.

The company stands out from their competition through the use of versatile pieces of technology for their applications and processing. Employed by a team of highly-qualified individuals, Performance Glass Processing UK can get you from point 1 to point 2 without problems.

From their oversized bent glass units, custom-made decorative glass, curved acoustic glass, and even fire-rated glass products, PGP can get you the exact class, type, and functionality with the glass that you’re looking for.

British Glass & Glazing

British glass & glazing

Hailed as one of UK’s best double-glazing curved glass manufacturing companies, British Glass & Glazing is a sure-fire hit if you ever need help with bent glass, custom curved glass, or even bespoke glazed glass units and mirrors for your project.

The company takes pride in their experience of working with a multitude of businesses and companies worldwide, sufficing all their requirements in a timeframe they’ve promised. British Glass & Glazing has been rated Excellent by Safe Buy, and is accredited by various standards and certifying bodies and organizations.

Offering their products and services worldwide, there’s never a time when they did not meet–even exceed the expectations of their clients.

Arc Glass Bending

Arc glass bending

Established in 2006, Arc Glass & Bending has taken off in the glass manufacturing and glassmaking industry. They’ve been revered as one of the country’s most prolific curved glass supplier because of their overall experience and their dedication to their work.

Arc Glass & Bending is known to have enormous amounts of knowledge when it comes to flat glass manufacturing, curved glass manufacturing, and even toughened and laminated glass manufacturing to both domestic and commercial applications, too.

They have the ability and overall capacity to produce and provide glass units that are up to 3 meters long.

Roman Glass UK

Roman glass

41 years in and Roman Glass has been one of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies of Bespoke glazed glass products. Primarily offering their expertise in the Midlands, South West, and South Wales, their main offers include painted glass, bespoke glazing, curved traditional and modern glass, and even colored curved glass and windows, too.

The company currently has a total of 26 branches, and is in current partnership with one of the world’s most famous and prominent glass manufacturers, Pilkington Glass.

Choosing the Best Curved Glass Manufacturer

Choosing the best and highest-quality curved glass manufacturing company is a spiral staircase. While there are a ton of ways on how you can determine who the best curved glass manufacturer is, there are a few that have stuck and are considered the most effective by many.

Certifications and Licenses

Licenses and certifications are among the most important recipes you can find in a manufacturer for success. While they don’t really measure the success rate of a company, it is a good indicator that the manufacturer or supplier you’re working with is knowledgeable and is abiding by industry standards.

Certifications and licenses are commonly along the lines of ISO certifications, SGS certifications, CE certifications, and other glass-related certifications relevant to their business field or industry.

Comments and Feedback From Previous Clients

Another reliable source of information would be comments and feedback from their previous clientele. A lot of times, these manufacturers would publicly display what their previous clients had to say about them because it gives the idea that they’re real and that they’re true to their business.

Even if you can see feedback and testimonials from their website, it’s still better to ask previous clients directly so that you’re sure about the information you’re getting.

NOTE: Some testimonials posted on client websites are fake, so, be sure to check in on those.

Experience and Expertise

Experience is the best teacher, so they say – and that is also true with manufacturers. The longer a manufacturer’s been involved in the industry, the better and the more knowledgeable they are.

You want to choose a manufacturer that has the right experience with the specific curved glass you’re dealing with.

Product Versatility

Another indicator that you’re dealing with an extremely experienced and trustworthy curved glass manufacturing company would be their versatility.

If you had noticed most companies, they’re only specializing in a specific product, whether it’s curved glass, decorative curved glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, and so on. Highly-experienced manufacturers would be equipped with the knowledge and skillset to produce and manufacture multiple products in different forms.

Take note, though, because just because a manufacturer offers many products, doesn’t automatically mean they’re the best. You want to make sure you check out their quality too.

Product Quality

That brings us to the product quality. In most cases, product quality is determined by the measurement factors, such as optical clarity, durability, chemical resistance, mechanical resistance, temperature resistance, and many more. If you run tests for it, you’ll be able to figure all these out.

There are certain experts, however, that are skilled enough to determine quality just by simply looking at the glass product.

NOTE: Probably the best way to check a manufacturer’s product quality would be to ask previous clients about it. If they tell you that their products are worth it, then, most likely, they are.

Packaging and Distribution

Producing and manufacturing goods is one thing, but carefully delivering and shipping it to point B is another. It’s imperative to learn about the packaging and distribution tactics a supplier has because it paints a picture of how your goods will arrive at your doorstep.

Do they package it with care? Do they put labels on their cargo to let couriers and freight companies know that the goods are fragile?

Most, if not all glass manufacturers have certain procedures in making sure that deliveries are sent to their respective clients well. So, this is another point that you want to clarify first, especially if you’re ordering from a different country.

Customer Service

Last and most definitely not the least of the qualities you’re looking for in a curved glass manufacturing company is their customer service. The better the customer service, the easier time you’ll have when it comes to your experience dealing with them.

Be sure to ask:

  • Do you have after-sales services?
  • What is the warranty policy and procedure?
  • Are there returns, refunds, and exchanges?
  • What are their shipping/distribution processes?


With GLASHern, you wouldn’t worry much about the type and quality of curved glass you’re going to get. Our expertise ranges from the simplest of curved glass products to the most complex and most detailed decorative curved glass products, too.

We’re not tied up to any other type of business sector or industry, you can reach out to us and work with us, whatever business you’re in!

Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help you get the estimates of everything you’re looking for!

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