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Top 10 Curved Glass Window Manufacturers in the World

Custom curved glass application

What populates the world more? Wheels or windows? Many argue that windows win this long-ever battle, but is it actually true? In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 curved glass window manufacturing companies in the world this 2023.

By the end of this article, you will know who the best curved glass window companies are globally. You’ll not only be able to identify them, but we’ll also give you a quick run-through of why they’re the best, what made them they are, and how you can work with a company as good as them!

So, sit back, relax, and stay tuned to learn everything you have to learn about curved glass windows!

Global Curved Glass Windows Market 2023 Overview

Curved glass windows have been one of the easiest and best types of windows ever since its inception. Its form, shape, and overall appeal have proved efficient for the use of both residential and commercial establishments, which is why it’s expecting a consistent and solid growth for the next decade.

Because of the demand, the projected growth for curved glass windows in the market is exponential. A record-breaking 7.4% CAGR across the board is what’s expected from 2023 to 2032. In terms of valuation, it is from 69.4 million to 160.91 million, respectively.

Growth Factors of the Curved Glass Window Market

What allows curved glass windows to see this projection or future are because of the following factors:

More Consumer Electronics

The surge in popularity of bent glass displays across consumer electronics, from TVs and monitors to smartphones, has ignited increased demands for curved glass panels, marking a significant trend in the electronics market since the previous years

This is also what will come in the next decade, so, stay tuned!

Expanding Construction Landscape

The global construction industry is experiencing substantial growth, particularly in emerging economies. It is what’s reshaping the curved glass window market. Many ambitious building and infrastructure projects multiply, signifying an uptick in the demand for innovative architectural solutions, with bent glass panels taking the bulk of the popularity.

Automotive Development and Evolution

In the world of automotives and cars, curved glass panels found a robust driver. Essential components like windshields, panoramic roofs, and side windows in vehicles incorporate curved glass panels, accentuating the market’s upward trajectory.

Glass Manufacturing Advancements

Technological strides in glass manufacturing have ushered in an era of producing larger, thinner, and intricately shaped curved glass panels, reshaping the industry landscape. This marks a pivotal advancement, reflecting the dynamic evolution of the curved glass panel market.

Top 10 Curved Glass Window Manufacturers in the World 2023

The following are the best curved glass window suppliers in the world that dominated 2023, and are looking to do so in 2024!

Curved Glass Creations

Curved glass creations

Curved Glass Creations has been one of the best and earliest companies that were able to improve and develop their bent glass to exterior components in the United States. From curved glass windows to tempered beach railings, they’ve mastered the art, and have continuously been doing so.

Armed with a team of glassmaking experts, engineers, and enthusiasts since the late 1930s, Curved Glass Creations have put the perfect mix of traditional antique units and modern-day advanced bent glass into action.

Coastal Curved Glass

Coastal curved glass

Ever since their inception in 1975, family-run business Coastal Curved Glass has become one of Canada’s most trusted curved glass manufacturing companies. Surfing through the industry with a rich experience of creating cabinet curved glass, antique interior decorative glass, shower glass, and even top-tier wooden glass windows, they made a shift and slowly focused on curved and bent glass applications.

With 28 years of experience, Coastal Curved Glass can get you top-tier quality curved glass windows, whatever you imagine them to be!

Shenzhen Dragon Glass

Shenzhen dragon glass

China has been the world’s manufacturing hub for the longest time, and that is also true when it comes to curved glass windows. Shenzhen Dragon Glass was founded back in 1994, during the most crucial times of glass transformative application in the world.

Having their focus in replacement and tempered glass, they slowly included world-class quality glass products for both commercial and residential application. Their manufacturing plant is packed with some of the world’s best machineries and equipment, such as cutting lines, laminating lines, tempering furnaces, grinding machines, and other relevant glass manufacturing equipment you can think of!

Wenna Glas

Wenna glas

Out of all the bent glass window manufacturers in this list, Wenna is probably the oldest! Wenna was founded and established back in 1864, when the main focus was antique glass interior décor, cabinet glass, vintage mirrors, and basic traditional architecture, they’ve developed and innovated with their manufacture and started offering modern bent glass solutions for their clients.

Wenna Glas is armed with a team of experts who have a combined experience of a century to bring you mastery, accuracy, and precision with all of their curved glass application. They offer a sure-fire guarantee that you’ll be getting the experience you’re going to be paying for.

Press Glass

Press glass

One of Europe’s finest, Press Glass has been in the industry of glass manufacturing for years now, and not once did they fail to meet their customers’ demands. Known for the constant modification and evolution of their glass manufacturing processes, Press Glass was able to adopt to the ever-changing industry standards.

They’re mostly known for their curved tempered glass windows, glazed units, safety and security glass for shower doors, mirrors, cabinet and drawer glasses, and even window dividers!

Press Glass sources all raw materials from the most trusted sources and manufacturers in and around Poland!

Glass World Industries, LLC

Glass World Industries, LLC, a manufacturing hub in Dubai, specializes in crafting an array of glass products, alongside metal doors and windows, catering to both commercial and non-commercial needs.

The company is known as one of the leading independent glass companies in the U.A.E., Glass World Industries sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive suite of services, including nationwide supply, design, management, and installation.

Their commitment extends to competitive pricing, bolstered by a high level and quality of service. Other than experienced staff and skilled workforce, Glass World Industries, LLC is also equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, including automatic glass cutting, edge polishing, shape glass polishing, edge beveling, and other similar machines.


Are you looking for specialty glass like curved cabinet glass, interior decorative glass, and even exterior windows and glass wall panels? If so, then Glasshape is the perfect bent glass window supplier for you!

Glasshape boasts of their 200+ years of combined experience and technical expertise, garnering from a heap of clientele internationally. Their product line spans from the traditional architectural glass, marine glass, and security glass to storm glass, machinery glass, and many more!

Armed with proven work and a happy line of clients, you’re always going to get the best and highest level of glass manufacturing and processing with them!

Carey Glass

Carey Glass was established in 1965 when the Carey brothers decided to start a glass processing company in Ireland. From then on, they’ve always provided exceptional-quality curved glass products to consumers and businesses alike.

The company boasts of their full-service capabilities that include the selection of glass types, complying against industry’s standards, and undergoing extensive and rigorous tests and standard certifications. Carey Glass has worked with businesses in different sectors, such as architectural and engineering industries, metalwork contractors, window manufacturers, and internal glazing contractors, too.

Tecno Glass

Tecno glass

As a leading force in the global commercial and residential construction sectors, Tecnoglass has been a strong present force in the glass industry since 1984. They’ve consistently elevated the standards of architectural glass in the likes of bent glass windows, cabinet and interior decorative glass, and associated aluminum products, alike.

Techno Glass takes pride in their expansive 3.6 million-square-foot facility, bringing together the prowess of brands, such as—Tecnoglass, ESWindows, and Alutions. Tecnoglass stands as a one-stop-manufacturer, offering single-source responsibility for each product.


Chiefway glass

One of Asia’s finest, Chiefway is a well-renowned Malaysian glass processing and manufacturing company. The company is known for their lineup of curved laminated smart glass, double-glazed laminated window glass, skylight awning smart glass, and many more!

Chiefway has been taking advantage of the high-tech and advanced trait of smart glass units, having them for multi-purpose applications, as well. Some of the company’s most common projects and applications include building façades, hotel and residential shower glass mirrors, commercial curved glass windows, control centers, and healthcare bent glass offices, too!

How to Choose the Best Curved Glass Window Manufacturer For Your Project

Knowing the top 10 curved glass window manufacturers in the world is one thing but knowing how to choose the best is another. Before, you decide on the curved glass window manufacturer for your project, it’s important to know all the different factors that contribute to the overall quality that you can get.

Here we list the different questions you need to ask before deciding on the curved glass window manufacturer you’ll be working with:

What Certifications Do They Have?

Industry standard certifications play an important role in the eyes of consumers. For them, the more certifications a manufacturer has, the better they are. In the business-to-business setting, we know that it’s just strong evidence for mastery and skill; it doesn’t really imply expertise.

However, working with a manufacturer with a strong background in what they do is of importance because one, you are sure of their manufacturing processes, and two–you know that they are legitimate.

What Products Do They Offer?

Many companies and businesses offer multiple items, but did you know that only a few of them meet or live up to what their clients expect? This goes to show, that just because a manufacturer is able to offer many items and products, doesn’t mean that they’re good.

But, based on experience, in the glassmaking and manufacturing industry, the more, the better. It is important, however, to ensure that the curved glass window supplier you’ll be working with is equipped with the right knowledge, skillset, and experience, before moving on with them.

How Fast is Their Lead Time?

Lead time is the main determiner of your timing in the market. The faster the lead time of the manufacturer, the better it is for businesses to be in front of their audience fast.

Many curved glass window manufacturers have different lead times for construction and replacement, with replacement consuming less time. So, it’s important to ask and be clear about how their lead times are.

What Do Their Previous Clients Say About Them?

Feedback is the strongest and most effective way of knowing and understanding a supplier’s overall feel. You’ll often find case studies and testimonials on manufacturer websites, but, if you don’t, you can try asking them a list of their past clients and asking them directly.

How Good is Their Customer Service?

A good customer service department encompasses all aspects of the business – and that’s a fact. There’s nothing more frustrating than being lost in the process and to not be guided about it.

Check and see if the curved glass window manufacturer’s customer service department is up to your expectations. Believe us when we tell you, that you would be using them as much as you can, especially with after-sales services.

What Does Their Experience Look Like?

How would you know if a manufacturer is experienced? Not by looking at the date they were established, but by taking a look at their previous projects and their accomplishments as a manufacturer.

A lot of times, people look at the length of business and use that to determine experience, but that’s actually inaccurate. To be sure that the manufacturer of your choice has the experience you’re looking for, take a look at their past projects and see if they’re able to commit quality work with the projects you have on your table.

GLASHern as Your Curved Glass Window Supplier

For 14+ years, we’ve been hailed as China’s best curved glass window manufacturer. We’ve moved to the higher echelons of the glass manufacturing industry and moved to research & development (R&D) and overall product innovation.

Most of our clients are from the Western hemisphere, and our quality is just what they’ve been looking for. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, so long as your industry needs curved glass windows and other residential, commercial, or industrial applications, we got it all for you!


The vast curved glass window market has shaped and bore us as the best and most reliable curved glass window manufacturer in the whole Chinese market. So, if you’re trying to look for the best, the most reliable, the cheapest, and the most

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