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Top 10 Float Glass Manufacturers in Turkey of 2023

Top Aluminosilicate Glass Manufacturers

Turkey is one of the countries that manufacture some of the best and most awesome float glass products in the world. From their reputation in the world for being artistic to their global scale glass art capabilities, Turkey is definitely an excellent option for float glass.

In this article, we will go over the country’s best and most-sought-after float glass suppliers.

Float Glass Market Overview

Just before jumping into it, let us first go through Turkey’s float glass market so we have a better idea on what to expect in the coming years.

A few words to take note of, Turkey’s float glass export value plateaued at $88.7 million, transforming the country in being the world’s 24th largest exporter of float glass. In case you were wondering where these exportations go to, a huge chunk of them go to the following countries:

  • Spain at $5.8 million
  • Lebanon at $5.89 million
  • Morocco at $7.58 million
  • Israel at $12 million
  • Bulgaria at $7.54 million

In the country, float glass was ranked 258th as the most-imported product, simply because there is also an overflow of manufacturers in the country, too.

Top 10 Float Glass Manufacturers in Turkey

So, we present the best of the best float glass manufacturing companies that you can consider working with in Turkey!


Over the years, Sisecam has been Turkey’s leading float glass manufacturing company, providing a whole wide array of float glass products to clients all over the country, and eventually, the world.

Established in 1935 under the visionary guidance of İsbank and Ataturk, Turkey’s inaugural President, Sisecam boasts an illustrious 85-year corporate legacy. Evolving from addressing Turkey’s initial glass needs, it has burgeoned into a global powerhouse, excelling in glass, soda, and chromium compounds.

Today, Sisecam manufactures float glass products to 14+ countries in various regions across the globe!

Temka Glass

Temka glass

If what you’re aiming for is prestige and glam, Temka Glass is the way to put it! Temka Glass has been in operations since 1991, and they’ve pushed through their boundaries and capabilities, producing and manufacturing a lot of different products from your regular float glass, tinted glass, laminated glass, and even solar glass to reflective building glass and decorative glass, too.

TEMKA GLASS has the expertise and power to provide continual added value to its clients. Today, the firm is one of the country’s main glass makers. Equipped with the best and most experienced engineers and experts, TEMKA Glass can answer all the needs and requirements you have for them!

Yildiz Cam

Yildiz cam glass

For over four decades, Yildiz Cam has stood as a pinnacle of glass processing efficiency in Turkey. Originating in 1978 with a focus on retail sales, the company transitioned to wholesale glass in 1985. Recognized as Sisecam Flat Glass’s “Authorized Dealer” more than 2 decades ago, Yildiz Cam continually evolved, earning the title of “Authorized Double-Glazing Producer” in 1992.

Responding to industry needs, the company expanded into edge and surface glass processing in 1994. Following and abiding by a solution-oriented approach in the 2000s, Yildiz Cam ventured into security glasses, screen printing, and laminated glass production, solidifying its status as an innovative leader in the global glass market.

Today, the company stands tall as one of Turkey’s prides in float glass manufacturing.

Duzce Float Glass

Duzce float glass

Duzce Float Glass stands as a beacon of sustained growth, seamlessly blending innovative management with a wealth of experience since its inception.

The company’s continuous success and innovation lies in its dynamic leadership applying cutting-edge trends, production technologies, and new manufactures across its production lines. Their name might be a little difficult to pronounce, but Duzce Float Glass is the company to work with if you’re aiming for anything along the royal lines.

Yavuz Cam

Yavuz cam glass

Yavuz Cam’s history traces back to 1970, when the company’s founders started offering high-quality float glass products to different businesses in and around Turkey. Fast-forward to today, Yavuz Cam is easily one of the best, easiest, and lightest to work with in terms of float glass manufacturing.

Equipped with an army of highly-skilled engineers, operators, and workers, the company is dedicated to providing unrelenting support from pre-sales up to after-sales. One of the best things about their work is their factor of utilizing only environmentally-friendly machines, equipment, and techniques.

Bonded by their overall skill and camaraderie of work, Yavuz Cam’s mission is to adjust and provide exceptional quality products along the lines of float glass units.

CAM Glass

CAM glass

CAM Glass is one of the newest players in the float glass machine industry. Starting out in the game at 1995, CAM Glass has since provided nothing but nurturing support, development, and innovation to its clientele across the globe.

CAM Glass was able to change and transform its path by pivoting from project-centric endeavors to industrially-driven practices, shaping its evolution based on robust working principles. Although its roots lie in Turkey, Camglass has transcended national confines, emerging as a premier European glass facility sought after by the market.

This change in plan or shift in positions gave them the title of being a world-class-quality exporter, showcasing its extensive production on a noteworthy scale.

CMS Glass Machinery

CMS glass machinery

Formed through the deepest depths of the wants of a company to offer Turkey nothing but the bet, CMS Glass Machineries has been in the game since 1995. They specialize in high-quality, specialized glass units such as cutting lines, frame processing, production lines, and many. Just a shy about 25 years of experience, CMS Glass Machinery is a manufacturer you would never want to be in an argument with.

Being Turkey’s leading glass machinery solutions, CMS Glass Machinery will never disappoint you, especially when it comes to the quality of work.

AYD Group Float Glass Industry Co.

AYD group float glass

Through the help of highly-experienced engineers and experts, AYD Group Float Glass Industry Co., climbed to the top of the float glass industry ladder with ease and precision. From their typical offers of flat glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, and even solar panel glass units, AYD Group Float Glass Industry Co. is one of the country’s most flexible and versatile.

AYD is also big on customization, as they are skilled and highly enthusiastic about the industry and the needs of their clients. From sheer determination, dedicated, to innovative development, AYD Group Float Glass Industry Co. has never been on the side of the negative.

Turan Cam

Turan cam glass

Mustafa Turan laid the bones and flesh of Turan CAM in 1968 inside his 35-square-meter space. Ever since, client satisfaction has been at the top of their main priorities. The company likes to position itself as a partner, not just a business supplier, instead of how its other competitors are doing.

The whole of Turan Cam breathes accuracy, precision, and transparency, all blending in on the project line that their clients have and are looking for. Today, Turan Cam is one of Turkey’s fastest-leading float glass manufacturing companies in the market.

Isik Cam

Isik cam glass

Last, but most definitely not least is Isik Cam. Out of all the options, Isik Cam is probably part of those manufacturing companies that offer a wide library of glass products. From securing the middle eastern area down to Africa, you really can’t go wrong with the simplicity of Isik Cam.

Isik Cam is an incorporation of Turkey’s commitment towards producing the best, highest-quality, and unrelenting force of glass manufacturing. Popular for their lineup of float glass, standard glass products, wire glass, frosted glass, painted glass, and many others more!

How Do You Choose a Float Glass Manufacturer in Turkey?

Being one of the best and most-sought-after countries when it comes to float or flat glass, you wouldn’t have any problems getting high-quality float glass in Turkey, and that’s a guarantee! Besides these top 10 float glass manufacturing companies, you may find other manufacturers that aren’t a part of this list, or any other – so, how do you manage to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off?

We’ll give you a few of the best and most important tips in choosing a Turkey float glass manufacturer.

Check Their Website

Since we’re dealing with an online manufacturer, the first best thing to do is to check their website. Manufacturers consider their websites as their bible for the products and services they provide, and that’s why they pour in all their efforts in producing a foolproof and excellent-quality website.

You want to look for a few different elements in a manufacturer’s website, these include:

  • The list of products and services they offer
  • Their about us page to find out what they’re capable of, as well as their history
  • Projects or clients they’ve worked with in the past
  • How they do their business

Review Other Clients’ Feedback

Following the checking of the website comes the assessing of what other businesses and people have to say about the manufacturer. You see, not all clients are within the same timber, but if they like or do not like something, they’ll voice it out. ­

Check and see the previous clients they’ve worked with. If you can, communicate, chat, or do a call with them so you firsthand find out the type of manufacturer you’re dealing with.

NOTE: Relying on testimonials and feedback typed into their website or any other forum might not be as reliable as how you think of them because it can easily be faked.

Nevertheless, look for ways on how you can find out their work history, how they handled challenges and problems, and what they did to overcome those.

Assess Their Expertise and Experience

In the world of float glass manufacturing, experience is everything. No matter how good you think your people are, or how advanced your technology is, without experience, they’re nothing but floating bodies and piles of stainless steel and metal.

You want to wok with a glass manufacturer who knows what they’re doing. Check their expertise and experience, find out what industry they’re capable of working on. Doing those will move you closer towards the decision if they’re the manufacturer for you or not.

Look For Certifications

Although not required, certifications paint a pretty clear picture of how well a manufacturer is able to release their products and/or services to the right audiences. We’re not talking about getting floods of certifications, a few ones that are relevant to the industry they’re in is already enough.

In this industry, some of the few-best certifications to look for, besides the ISO 9001, would be certifications from CE, IGCC, Vitro, and Guardian Glass.

NOTE: It’s not a requirement to have all these, one, depending on the types of glass they manufacture is usually enough proof that they’re following the right processes and that they’re doing the right things.

Mind Their Machines and Technologies

Last but most definitely not least would be to check the machines and types of technology they use. Most, if not all manufacturers invest heavily on their technology, simply because they know that it can shave a lot of extra work from their backs.

While machines are often complementary things, they can help out a lot in terms of productivity and efficiency. They don’t really have to be an all-in-one type of company with all the advanced and high-tech machines, it can be as simple as all machines working in conjunction with one another with zero-to-minimal efforts required from operators and workers.


While Turkey is a great place to start, Chinese float glass manufacturers have been one of the best and most-trusted manufacturers worldwide. With expertise and experiences ranging from the simplest of household items to military and space-applications, Chinese manufacturers of float glass will never disappoint.

GLASHern, China’s leading manufacturer of float glass, worked with 100+ companies and produced 400+ different products from our strings. We’ve accomplished hundreds of projects that have varying works and types, especially in the likes of commercial, residential, industrial, and military applications.

If you’re looking for a high-quality float glass supplier, working with GLASHern will definitely be an excellent option for you! Contact us today and get a free estimate of the float glass products you need!

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