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Top 10 Float Glass Manufacturers in UAE of 2023

Top Aluminosilicate Glass Manufacturers

It’s not a common feat to look for the top 10 float glass manufacturers in UAE this 2023, especially since the kingdom is not known for it, but with tourism, instead. Nevertheless, there are quite a few float glass manufacturing options to go for in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which we will be detailing in this article.

Before we get to that, though, let us first dig deep into the abyss of the float glass market in UAE. Let us discuss how their float glass market is going now, as well as what they and we can expect from them in the future.

Float Glass Market in UAE Overview

As we all know, glass is not among the primary products that the United Arab Emirates is known for, and, therefore, it’s not common knowledge to ask and study about it. Nevertheless, we’ll go ahead and dive into the world of UAE float glass manufacturing to touch up on the market, how it currently looks like, and how it would in the future.

By 2026, the Kingdom’s glass imports and exports are expected to reach $670 million (imports) and $632 million (in exports), representing a 1% increase and 0.2% decrease, respectively, each year.

UAE Float Glass Market Trends and Attributes

Here’s a table, pulling from 2019 data about the attributes and trends of the United Arab Emirates’ float and flat glass market.

Attribute or Coverage

Details or Data

Base Market Year


Forecast Period

2020 to 2027

Currency In Place

American Dollar (USD — $)

Market Segments

  • Type (Product)
  • Technology
  • Application

Leading Players

  1. Emirates Glass, LLC
  2. Royal World Group
  3. Saint-Gobain S.A.
  4. Guardian Industries
  5. Burhani Glass Factory, LLC

Now that we are aware of those numbers, let us now go ahead and enumerate the top and best UAE float glass manufacturing companies!

NOTE: They’re not all part of the leading players in profit or revenue. However, they come out to be the best in terms of the industry’s other factors, including added services, customer support, and certifications.

Top 10 Float Glass Manufacturers in UAE

Without further ado, here is UAE’s pride in float glass manufacturing and production!

Emirates Float Glass LLC

EFG glass company

As grand and as sophisticated as they can be, Emirates Float Glass, LLC, or more commonly referred to as EFG is one of the UAE’s most-trusted companies. Being one of the companies that didn’t have a hand in the oil industry, they worked and organized a business that would help their country’s economy soar in the glass market.

EFG is known and popular for being able to manufacture up to 600 tons of glass units per day, and since the time of their establishment, they’ve shown no signs of stopping. You can count on them as they have a team of experts, an advanced research facility, and tons of high-tech equipment and technologies that help carry out their entire operations.

Emirates Glass

Emirates Glass

Emirates Glass, just a good-to-know, is one of the subsidiary companies of Dubai Investments PJSC. As of today, they’re one of the biggest and most influential flat glass manufacturing companies in the Middle East. The heart of their operations come from the manufacturing of high-performing solar glass, which is, of course, made from float glass.

As one of the leading pioneers in the glass manufacturing industry, Emirates Glass is continuously innovating and developing everything they can offer. From high-tech gadget additives to aerospace and military innovations, you can get whatever you need from them!

Burhani Glass Trading LLC

Burhani Glass Trading LLC

Are you looking for a glass manufacturer that specializes in aluminum and glass work, Burhani Glass Trading LLC is absolutely your best bet. The best part about their business is that they’re not just limited to glass manufacturing–they’re able to offer glass repair, replacement, improvement, and development, too.

Burhani Glass Trading LLC is an exceptional additive to whatever business you’re doing, especially if it involves a heap of glass products. Equipped with qualified engineers and professionals, high-tech equipment, and even competitive rates, Burhani Glass Trading LLC is the perfect match for you!

Sejal Glass

Sejal glass

Sejal Glass is one of the first-few companies that outsourced to the Unite Arab Emirates as a satellite office. They are adept and skilled in producing and manufacturing float glass for use in various industries, such as the automotive, construction and building, architecture, aerospace, military, and even in the technology and electronics industry.

As per the business, they’re made up of four core values, namely credibility, integrity, respect, and trusteeship. There are no exceptions to the rule and since their establishment in 1991, their market and their overall business drastically changed and improved.

So, if you are in need of a high-quality set of float glass products in the UAE region, Sejal Glass is here to stay!

Paima Glass

Paima Glass

Paima Glass is one of the UAE’s top glass manufacturing companies, and has been in the business for years. The company started out as merely passion for some people, then working on to offering sales and other typical glass manufacturing or production services in and outside the UAE.

Having a ton of glass products from bathroom mirrors, doors, windows, to office glass partitions, staircases, and even tabletops, there’s really boiling interest on the topic, or the particular industry, for that matter.

All across Dubai or even in the UAE, Paima Glass is contactable and is reliable to provide and produce the float glass that you’re looking for!

Al Ghussun Glass

Al Ghussun Glass

Why reinvent the wheel if another company has already been successful with it? Al Ghussin Trading and Installation Glass, LLC is one of UAE’s best and most-trusted glass manufacturers, capable of producing a wide variety of mirrors, shower doors, and high-quality glass units.

Ever since their establishment in the market, it has been their mission to provide the best and highest quality of glass units to all our clientele. They’ve been managing and providing superior-quality glass products for businesses in various niches across the globe.

Take advantage of Al Ghussun’s sophistication, style, and overall greatness in the act of producing high-quality float glass and other similar products!


Mirodec glass

Established in 1982, Mirodec stands as a distinguished family enterprise, boasting autonomous facilities in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon, and Dubai, UAE. Renowned for crafting masterpieces gracing 7-star hotels, Palaces, upscale residences, and chic retail spaces, Mirodec’s extensive portfolio spans Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, F&B, and Governmental projects, and is still going on!

Evolving in recent years, Mirodec strategically engages in projects across Lebanon, the Arab World, Africa, and Europe, solidifying its global footprint. Rooted in unwavering commitment to quality, inventive flair, and client-centricity, Mirodec continues to illuminate the realms of art glass innovation and design, cultivating an unparalleled legacy.

Select Glass

Select Glass

Select Glass Industries is an advanced structural glass products processing firm focused on excellence, customer service, and innovation. Mainly, the plant manufactures high performance insulating glass units, toughened safety glass, and manufactured glass goods.

The manufacturing company is adept in using cutting-edge and top-of-the-line machineries and equipment, all catered to the development and innovation that clients are looking for.

From production with computerized and automated technologies to ensuring that all goods satisfy the requirements of authorized quality systems such as ISO 9001:2008, EN & ASTM standards for process, attention to detail is widespread across the organization. Select Glass Industries’ driving force is innovation.

Khaiber Star Safety Glass Factory, LLC.

Khaiber Star Safety Glass Factory

With a mission to provide the highest value and best quality of glass and services to its clientele, Khaiber Star Safety Glass Factory, LLC is a force not to be reckoned with. The company is a fully recognized glass manufacturing company in the EMEA region, and is also a popular option for businesses in Asia.

They’re the company that had a hand in the building of some of the most popular establishments in the UAE, namely the Mall of Emirates, Al Ghurair Centre, Al Ramal, and many others more!

Dubai Glass Industry

Dubai Glass Industry

The Dubai Glass Industry or DGI has been in the industry since 1972, providing and producing a whole wide array of float glass products for various industry, but mainly in the architectural and engineering sectors, flowing down to interior and exterior glasswork.

Their specialization stems from their rich experience in standard glass processing in meticulous industries such as architectural, growing past the typical manufacturing processes of glass that only involved float.

Nevertheless, DGI has still been in the game when it comes to float glass, and you can count and bank on them!

What to Consider in Choosing a UAE Float Glass Factory

After the oil and gold rush, the tourism of the country is what they’ve been most proud of. And as a contributing factor to it, the quality of the materials used by builders and contractors are at play. So, whether you are building the new biggest infrastructure in the kingdom, or if you’re plainly looking for a reliable float glass supplier, you have to think about the following considerations.

Product Range

Product range is actually one of the most important factors and pieces of information you can get before working with a supplier. Knowing and understanding their capacities of supplication gives you more room to decide whether a supplier is good or not to work with.

In the industry, diversification is everything. If you’re unable to make float glass, but can manage to handle and produce specialized glass units, there’s something wrong.

Product Quality

Quality is also the name of the game when it comes to glass manufacturing. You want to make sure that the manufacturer you’re working with meets the standards set for the particular industry. Why? Because this is what will give you the data on whether you’ll be successful with your products or not.

QUICK TIP: You can’t determine product quality just by looking at one. So, be sure to dig deep with all information possible to check a manufacturer’s product range and see if they’re high quality or not.


Working with a manufacturer that isn’t capable of customizing your products is bad. You want to consider a float glass supplier that can meet your needs, as well as your wants. Manufacturers that provide customization services is not only good for the eyes, but can also help you reach how you vision your products.

The last thing you want is to have the same product as your competitor, right?

Reliability and Lead Time

Time is of the essence, the same goes when it comes with float glass manufacturing companies. You want to work with a supplier that is reliable and that can provide the goods you need and you’re looking for within the given timeframe.

Being punctual is not a difficult feat for manufacturers, so, it should be second-nature to them.

Customer Service

When working with a glass supplier, you must look for excellent customer support. There are manufacturers that who appreciates customer happiness and responds quickly to your questions, complaints, even pre and after-sales support requirements.

NOTE: A supplier with a dedicated customer care staff will be able to respond quickly to you, no matter what concern, inquiry, or message you have.

Experience and Expertise

Last but most definitely not least is to check and evaluate the manufacturer’s experience because that will dictate the level of expertise they have. The best float glass manufacturing companies would usually have deep knowledge, extensive methodologies and processes, as well as a train ride of feedback and testimonials.

GLASHern Can Be Your Float Glass Manufacturer

Besides the UAE, China is also a great place to look for float glass manufacturers. They’re considered the hub of whatever product you need–I mean, you can find even the iPhones here! And out of all the options you have for float glass manufacturing here in China, we here at GLASHern have been considered by many as their go-to option for different kinds and types of glass.

Whether it’s float glass, chemically-strengthened glass, tempered glass, you can bank on us for whatever needs you have with glass!


So, if you’re on the verge and can’t decide on which float glass manufacturer to work with, we here at GLASHern are all in for you. GLASHern is China’s best and top-tier float glass manufacturing company, catered to provide you with the float glass you need!

We do custom float glass production in whatever quantity you want and need! We serve 60+ countries and have produced 400+ different types and kinds of products within the atmosphere of glass. Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to give you a free estimate of the float glass products you need!

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