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Top 10 Float Glass Suppliers in the World

Top Aluminosilicate Glass Manufacturers

In the world of construction and interior design, float glass plays a major role. It is a type of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal. This process gives the sheet uniform thickness and a very flat surface, making it perfect for windows, doors, and interior decoration.

Across the globe, several manufacturers have mastered this technique and are leading the way in both production and innovation. In this article, we present to you the top 10 float glass suppliers that dominate the global market, setting the standards in quality, innovation, and distribution.

1) GLASHern

GLASHern, a recognized name in the glass fabrication industry, has made a significant mark since its inception in 2009. Known for their custom, high-precision custom glass products, they tailor their offerings to meet the specific demands of their clients. With a seamless blend of state-of-the-art technology and innovative methods, GLASHern continues to pioneer changes within the glass industry.

GLASHern’s commitment to providing intricate and sustainable glass solutions is commendable. These solutions not only add elegance to any project but also highlight GLASHern’s unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Their operations demonstrate a strong belief in the power of sustainable solutions, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

Here are some of their float glass products that can be customized:

  • Their Clear Float Glass is known for its precision, clarity, distortion-free nature, and perfectly flat surface. The production involves the flow of molten glass through a towel into a tin bath, finally leading to a lehr.
  • Their Ultra Clear Float Glass is a low-iron glass with over 91% light transmission. It stands out as a high-quality material with excellent physical, mechanical, and optical performance.
  • They also provide Low Iron Float Glass, a highly transparent glass type made from silicon dioxide with a minimal iron content. This low iron concentration eliminates the traditional bluish tint found in thicker glass.
  • The Reflective Float Glass from GLASHern is produced using vacuum magnetron sputter coating equipment, forming a metal or ceramic composite film on the glass surface. Available in various attractive colors, this glass type is primarily used for energy consumption control.
  • GLASHern’s Patterned Float Glass refers to a decorative, translucent glass with textures or patterns on one face. This feature helps to disperse light and maintain privacy by obscuring visibility.
  • Lastly, their Tinted Float Glass is a type of float glass with added coloring agents, offering solar radiation-absorbing functions. This glass is characterized by its distinctive tint and is primarily used for aesthetic and energy-saving applications.

GLASHern homepage:

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2) Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass is a prominent player in the field of float glass manufacturing. They specialize in a wide range of high-quality float glass products known for their excellent light transmission, optical clarity, and adaptability. The production method involves floating molten glass on molten metal, enabling the creation of various sizes and thicknesses. This versatility allows for numerous architectural and interior applications.

Guardian Industries offers a wide range of transparent and color-neutral glass products to meet diverse customer needs. Through continuous innovation, they push the boundaries of glass technologies, delivering superior solutions globally. From iconic architectural projects to intricate home interiors and retail spaces, their portfolio showcases their commitment to quality and innovation.

By collaborating closely with partners and customers, Guardian Industries ensures the highest standards of satisfaction. In float glass manufacturing, they demonstrate a strong dedication to quality and innovation, opening up endless possibilities.

Guardian Glass:

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3) Pilkington Glass

Pilkington Glass sits at the epicenter of the global glass industry, a testament to the innovative float process invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1952. This process, the backbone of their production, creates clear, tinted, and coated glass, perfect for both building and automotive applications. Over the years, Pilkington has advanced this process, which initially could only accommodate 6mm thick glass, to now handle glass as thin as 0.4mm and as thick as 25mm.

  • Float plants can operate continuously for 10-15 years, creating around 6000 kilometers of glass each year.
  • These plants are capable of manufacturing glass with varying thickness and widths, reaching up to 3 meters.
  • The Pilkington float process is globally recognized, with licensing given to over 40 manufacturers in 30 countries.
  • Currently, there are about 370 float lines either in operation or planned worldwide. These lines produce an impressive 970,000 tonnes of glass per week.
  • The NSG Group, which includes Pilkington, operates or holds interests in 51 float lines across the globe.

Pilkington Glass is indeed a giant in the float glass manufacturing industry, innovating and setting the benchmark for quality and versatility in float glass products.

Pilkington Glass homepage:

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4) Vitro Glass

Vitro Architectural Glass is a titan in the world of commercial glass manufacturing, a title well-deserved, considering its dual heritage rooted in the legacies of PPG Glass and Vitro. The inception of these two monumental glass enterprises dates back to 1883, marking over a century of relentless evolution, adaptation, and growth. Today, each stands as an enviable leader in the glass industry, with Vitro Architectural Glass recognized as a prominent float glass manufacturer globally.

Vitro Architectural Glass offers a wide range of float glass options to meet diverse customer needs. Their clear float glass ensures excellent light transmission and optical clarity. The tinted float glass enhances aesthetics and provides energy-saving benefits by absorbing solar radiation. Additionally, their low-iron float glass stands out with high transparency and minimal iron content, eliminating the usual greenish tint.

Vitro Architectural Glass is committed to quality and innovation in float glass manufacturing. They explore the potential of glass, push boundaries, and deliver cutting-edge solutions worldwide. Overall, Vitro Architectural Glass sets industry benchmarks and prioritizes innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Vitro Glass:

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5) Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain is a key influencer in the float glass manufacturing industry with its extensive experience and commitment to quality. Known globally for its innovative glass products, the company maintains a focus on sustainability, enhancing building efficiency and comfort while reducing environmental impact. Their diverse range of glass solutions caters to various architectural and automotive applications.

The manufacturing of float glass, typified by PLANICLEAR, is a hallmark of Saint Gobain’s operations, characterized by five principal stages – Batch Mixing, Melting, and Refining, The Float Bath, Annealing, and Cutting. The facilities might be mixed or specialized, equipped with specific production resources to generate laminated glass, decorative glass, or mirrors.

Saint Gobain showcases extraordinary craftsmanship in the production of printed glass with relief on one of its surfaces. For this, narrower glass is first poured, after which one of its surfaces is patterned by a metal roller as soon as it exits the furnace. This results in unique, patterned glass products such as SGG DECORGLASS and SGG MASTERGLASS ranges.

Saint-Gobain homepage:

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6) Asahi Glass Co.

Asahi Glass Co., part of the AGC Group, has established itself as a trusted solution provider within the float glass manufacturing industry.

They prioritize building lasting relationships with their customers by offering unique materials and solutions crafted using their extensive range of material and production technologies. Committed to serving the needs of customers and society, they strive to improve people’s lives globally daily.

The primary product from Asahi Glass Co. is their standard transparent glass, commonly used in various applications. With their expertise, they can manufacture extra-large flat glass measuring approximately 3 meters in width and 10 meters in length, enabling the design of large openings. This product is known as Float Glass within the industry.

Asahi Glass Co., homepage:

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7) Cardinal Glass Industries

Cardinal Glass Industries, a management-owned S-Corporation, emerges at the forefront of the residential glass industry, specializing in the development of glass for windows and doors. It boasts a strong workforce of nearly 10,000 employees spread across 49 locations within the United States.

Cardinal Glass Industries has a clear and unwavering vision: to design and fabricate state-of-the-art residential glass products. With a focus on innovation, Cardinal uses advanced technologies to meet future market demands. Their commitment to growth raises the bar for glass manufacturing.

Cardinal’s advanced furnace design enables the production of float glass in an efficient, round-the-clock environment. Research and development play a pivotal role in Cardinal’s operations, with heavy investments channeled into its three R&D centers located in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida. These centers provide the foundation for breakthroughs in glazing fenestration.

Cardinal’s homepage:

Cardinal’s products:

8) AIS Glass

AIS Glass holds its position as India’s premier integrated glass and window solutions provider. Offering comprehensive solutions encompassing manufacturing, processing, fabrication, and installation, the company caters to both industrial and end-user customers across domestic and international markets.

Adherence to stringent global and domestic OEM quality norms is a hallmark of AIS’s operations, ensuring compliance with all Indian and international quality standards.

Manufacturing of float glass — a process involving the floating of molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin — is a key strength of AIS. This technique imparts uniform thickness and an extremely flat surface to the glass product.

Float glass, which guarantees 100% distortion-free vision, is the primary product upon which all other value-additions are performed, enhancing the functional capabilities of glass.

AIS Glass homepage:

AIS Glass contact:

9) HHG

Founded in 1995 in Shahe City, Hebei province, HHG has emerged as a leading glass manufacturer and solution provider.

This enables them to deliver high-quality products tailored to clients’ specific needs. They continuously innovate to enhance their textured glass and glass processing capabilities to meet aesthetic demands.

HHG produces Float glass using the modern PPG technique. This involves melting high-quality quartz sand, soda ash, dolomite, and other minerals in a glass furnace at around 1800℃.

During melting, bubbles are removed, and impurities settle at the bottom of the furnace. The molten glass then floats on a tin surface, spreading out under gravity and tension to form flat glass.

  • HHG, a well-known float glass manufacturer, produces glass with consistent thickness and a polished surface, devoid of imperfections like bubbles, scratches, or waves.
  • Their product range includes clear float glass, ultra-clear float glass, and colored float glass.
  • These glass products are commonly used in the construction of doors, windows, furniture, and automotive parts.
  • In addition to standard float glass, they also manufacture tempered and laminated glass, as well as mirror formats.
  • Their products have extensive applications in the architectural and optical industries.

HHG homepage:

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10) Xinyi Glass

Xinyi Glass, a notable player in the float glass manufacturing industry, is well-known for its commitment to research and development, yielding high-quality float glass.

The company holds a commanding position in both China and Asia, with an impressive total melting capacity of 29,930 T/D. By leveraging advanced production technology and stringent quality management, Xinyi Glass has successfully established an integrated production and sales industrial chain.

From raw materials to high-quality float glass and further processed glass products, Xinyi Glass aims to reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Despite its large-scale production, the company remains committed to its principle of prioritizing market needs and quality. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Xinyi Glass manufactures high-quality glass with unique features to meet the diverse needs of customers in the automotive and architectural glass sectors.

Xinying Glass:

Xinying Glass products:


There you have it! You top 10 float glass manufacturers in the market today.

If you are a business owner or a homeowner looking for a reliable supplier that’s looking for a float glass products, be sure to check the list above.

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