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Top 10 Glass Panel Manufacturers in the World of 2023

Custom glass panel

Do you want to know the best and top glass panel manufacturers in the world this year? Stay tuned, because we will be enumerating the best of the best when it comes to glass panel manufacturing, so you don’t have to look for them yourselves!

We’ll not only look at the best glass final manufacturing companies in the world, but we will also give you all the different factors you need to consider in choosing your glass panel suppliers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best glass panel suppliers in the world!

Global Glass Panel Market Overview

The global glass panel market is seen to be one of the most prominent in the next decade. The expectations on this market would be a CAGR of 5.4% from this year up to 2032, foreseeing a valuation of $460.7 billion.

Among the significant factors that contribute to this large growth are attributed to:

  • Energy-efficiency in buildings and establishments
  • Construction and structural infrastructure development
  • Automotive, repair, and innovative industry
  • Technological advancements in glass production and manufacturing

Top 10 Glass Panel Manufacturers in the World This 2023

So, without further ado, we’ll go ahead and discuss the best and top 10 glass panel manufacturing companies in the world!

Saint-Gobain Glass

Saint-Gobain glass

Saint-Gobain’s rich and shocking history dates back to 1665. They’re one of the longest-running glass panel manufacturing companies in the world, providing every piece of glass panel to their audiences and market as accurate and precise as they can.

The company’s glass panels have developed from mere standard-quality panels to custom-made glass panels made specifically to meet – and sometimes, even exceed the clients’ expectations.

Skillset-wise, you can count and bank on them, like how thousands of businesses and companies in the world have!


Pilkington  glass

If you’ve been marinated in the industry for a while, then, you would know that Pilkington is one of the world’s largest-leading glass suppliers. Specializing in glazed systems, Pilkington has proven their worth in the art of glassmaking in various business sectors and industries.

Pilkington is known for a wide array of industries and operations, including automotive, aerospace, after market, float glass, construction, and other operations and business types, too. They’re famous and known for their products in many different countries and areas in the world!

Guardian Glass

Guardian glass

As a global powerhouse in glass production and groundbreaking innovation, Guardian Glass stands among the foremost industry leaders. Their journey with glass dates back to 1932, and yet, the boundless possibilities of this extraordinary material continue to captivate the hearts of their clients.

They combine experience with all factual information in order to make sure that they’re able to bring out the best in ever project they handle. Your options are never limited with Guardian Glass as they have the capacity to create almost all the types of glass, such as laminated glass, glass panels, mirror glass, solar glass, thermally-insulated glass, and many more!

AIS Glass

AIS glass

AIS Glass has been India’s leading glass panels and windows manufacturer for decades. Known in the industry as one of the best and most dominant glass panel manufacturing companies, AIS Glass can surely deliver to the best of their ability.

With a team of experts in all different fields such as building and construction, residential, commercial, and industrial, automotive, and even in interior and exterior construction, you won’t encounter any problem or headache with AIS Glass.

Having dominion over the country and other areas around it, you can bank on them and their expertise when it comes to all types of glass needed for projects. From tempered glass, laminated windows, insulated windows, and even toughened glass panels, AIS Glass can get you the perfect glass units fit for your project!

Vitro Glass

Vitro glass

With roots stretching over a century, the inception of Vitro Architectural Glass can be traced back to the founding of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company in 1883 and the initiation of operations by Vidriera Monterrey in Mexico in 1909. Today, more than 130 years later, these collective legacies harmonize into a single entity unwaveringly dedicated to glass innovation and sustainability.

The large-scale power of an entire company working towards achieving premium-quality glass products without the need to get expensive or costly raw materials for products is what Vitro Glazings can offer.

PFG Glass

PFG glass

One of the best and most-trusted family-owned glass manufacturers in the world, PFG Glass has strived to produce a wide library of glass units and panels for their clients all over the world. Since 1990, their expansion plan grew and became extensive than the expectations they’ve had.

PFG Glass has been one of those bespoke glass panel manufacturing companies that have pushed the boundaries of glassmaking and custom-made glass products to the outskirts of their capability.

Carrying certifications such as OSSE, Safety Alliance of BC, IGCC, SGCC, and ISO, and even IGMA, you can place your complete trust in them!

Beijing Northglass Technologies Co., Ltd.

Beijing Northglass

Beijing Northglass Technologies Co., Ltd stands at the forefront of the glass industry, specializing in comprehensive research, development, design, processing, supply, and international shipping of glass products.

The company makes use of cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology and talents of the best and most reliable engineers and experts in the glassmaking industry. Furthermore, their processes go through extensive and rigorous quality assessment processes that exceed the industry’s standards when it comes to glass manufacturing.

Certified by Australian CSI, US IGCC SGCC, European CE, and Chinese national safety glass standards, their products have globally been recognized.

Syracuse Glass Company

Syracuse glass

Hailing as one of New York’s most popular glass manufacturing companies, Syracuse Glass has been in the industry far longer than other manufacturers and suppliers have been. With over 100 years of unrelenting experience, Syracuse Glass Company can be your go-to for resources, knowledge, skillset, and extensive dedication in the art of glass manufacturing.

From fire-rated glass panels, tempered glass panels, enclosures, and even mirrors, you won’t have any other problem working with them!

One Day Glass

One day glass

Operating for over three decades, One Day Glass, under The Peninsula Glass Company, has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Based in Vancouver, Washington, USA, our commitment to excellence extends across the United States and globally.

One Day Glass is equipped with high-caliber machines and equipment that all help and assist with the precision and accuracy of the projects. While their cutting methods (both by hand or automated) have undergone comprehensive assessments, their extreme attention to detail wouldn’t fail you.

Their arsenal of tools and innovative techniques puts them in a position as the go-to for highly unique projects. When local glass companies fall short, follow their lead—turn to One Day Glass for solutions beyond the ordinary.

Emirates Glass

Emirates glass

A subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, Emirates Glass LLC stands as a major player in flat architectural glass processing in the Middle East. Central to Emirates Glass operations is the manufacturing of MSVD high-performance glass under the EmiCool® range.

This includes solar control, multi-functional Low-E, and Standard Low-E glass, specifically designed to minimize solar heat gain in Gulf-region air-conditioned buildings. Established in 1998 in Dubai’s Al Quoz Industrial Area, the company is a primary provider of energy-saving glass, with a global presence.

Originally equipped with a Leybold 6-cathode coating line, Emirates Glass has evolved to a 20-cathode line from Applied Materials GmbH, enabling an annual capacity of millions of square meters of MSVD sputter-coated glass.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Glass Panel Manufacturing Partner

There are certain things you want to consider before you choose the glass panel manufacturing company you’ll work with.

Company Experience

If you were to choose between a newcomer company in the glass industry versus an experienced one, we’re pretty sure you’ll choose the latter. You know what they say, experience is the best among teachers, and it’s true in every way possible.

Buying glass doesn’t heavily involve a lot of options, but the fewer the options, the more crucial they are in ensuring that you get the best and highest quality of glass panel you can get.

Look for signs of expertise and experience, and more often than not, these signs include:

  • Number of years they’ve been in the industry
  • How they progressed from where they were when they started to where they are now
  • Evolution of their products from simple raw goods to more specialized goods

NOTE: A manufacturer doesn’t necessarily have to be in business for decades, so long as their experience is straight with minimal problems, you can ultimately rely on them for your projects.

Product Range and Versatility

Another common misconception about glass panel manufacturing companies is their product flexibility. Many people think that if a manufacturer is solely focused on a single product, it means they’re better than others–it’s not.

In the glassmaking industry, the more, the merrier. A sign that a manufacturer is an expert at their craft is by the volume and quantity of the products they’re offering.

Check out a manufacturer’s website and look for the goods they’re offering. If they’re adjacent and connected to each other, that means they were able to maximize their resources and offer the greatest number of products they can to their clientele.

Of course, it would be wrong to base mastery and skill based off of that, too. We then go to…

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Glass panel manufacturing is a complex business, and keeping a client happy would most often need perfect execution. Which is why positive feedback left on a manufacturer’s website is a goldmine. This is the reason why a lot of manufacturers showcase a plethora of feedback and testimonials on their websites.

Look for case studies, websites, and customer testimonials that discuss their experience working with the manufacturer.

NOTE: Some of these might be fake, so, be sure that you’ll be gaining access to real feedback and comments.

Customer Service

Ask someone about their preference in choosing a manufacturing company, and they’ll always tell you that they will choose customer service over other factors – sometimes, even experience and expertise. A strong customer experience team is a game-changer.

Having a team of experts who are on the side of the manufacturer assisting you is like having an entire team behind your back.

Great customer service is more than just a team in front of telephones, all ready to answer your requests – they would often have solutions to problems that can help you overcome hurdles and obstacles.

Certifications and Licenses

One of the strongest pieces of evidence of expertise and compliance would be licenses and certifications. This is the reason why manufacturers work so hard to obtain industry-specific standards and certifications.

Like feedback and customer reviews, certifications are also often displayed on websites, to further prove a manufacturer’s skillset, experience, and capability. But, are they foolproof pieces of evidence of mastery? – They’re not. However, they tell a story that a manufacturer went through the correct procedure in making sure that their products and services are all high quality.


Last but most definitely not least is to ensure that the manufacturer you’re going to work with us able to produce and manufacture custom-made glass panel units. Most, if not all manufacturers are capable of supplying bespoke glass panels, dedicated to their customers and clients’ needs.

Always remember that a manufacturer that is not skilled in producing custom-made glass panels is at a risk of loss, because 95% of other suppliers provide it.

These are among the most critical factors you want to include in your decision-making rounds when choosing a glass panel manufacturing company to work with. They’re neither foolproof nor perfect, but they can help you decide which one to go with.

Why GLASHern?

For more than a decade, GLASHern has been China’s leading bespoke glass panel manufacturers that led the industry to success. From providing menial and mid-quality toughened panels to highly-concentrated and temperature resistant glass panel windows, we got what you need!

We have a maximum thickness of 30mm for our glass panels, all prepared for the application you need for them. So, whether you’re in the commercial or residential sphere, automotive or aerospace, or even in the industrial sector, we got just what you need!


It’s healthy to know who the global contenders are when it comes to glass panels, so you can have different options and choices to choose from. But, if you’re eager to get premium-quality glass panels without shouldering a hefty cost, we’re more than welcoming you here at GLASHern.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call, in case you need help with toughened glass panels, colored glass panels, or custom glass panels, for that matter!

Reach out to us and we’ll send a free quotation over!

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