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Top 10 Japanese Optical Glass Manufacturers

Custom optical glass

Are you curious and interested to know the best and top 10 Japanese optical glass manufacturers, so you have the chance to find out who to work with? Don’t worry, this guide is perfect for you! Studying the current flow of the market, you’ll not only be made aware of the best Japanese optical glass suppliers, but you’ll figure out why they’ve been labeled like that, too!

Japan Optical Glass Market Overview

Japan’s eyewear or optical glass market encompasses the sun and eyeglasses you know of. The optical glass market is comprised of everything from safety glasses, contact lenses, spectacles, frames, and many more!

The oversight is that by the year 2028, Japan’s eyewear market will exceed $3 billion (USD), where spectacles would take the highest and biggest market share.

As of today, the information about the forecast for Japanese optical glass is minimal. We’ll see, if, in the coming years, the projections for 2024 will be accurate.

Top 10 Japanese Optical Glass Manufacturers

There are many Japanese optical glass suppliers. However, not all of them share the same methods, offer the same rates and prices. What’s more important is the fact that they’re able to provide custom optical units for businesses and organizations that need them.

Here are Japan’s best 10 optical glass suppliers!

Sumita Optical Glass

Sumita Optical Glass

Pioneering the realm of glass science and optical design, SUMITA Optical Glass has steadfastly dedicated itself to illuminating the world of light and optical glass since its inception in 1953.

In the 1960s, Sumita’s focus on innovation led to the evolution of cutting-edge optical fiber technology, fostering an integrated production system that spans from raw glass materials to refined end products. Their optical fiber solutions find extensive applications in medical, communication, measurement, lighting, and optoelectronics.

Currently boasting a diverse portfolio of over 200 products, including molded aspheric lenses for cameras, microscopes, and endoscopes, optical fibers, and advanced glass materials, SUMITA thrives on thinking beyond conventional boundaries and cultivating a daring spirit.

Japan Glasses Factory

Japan glasses

Japan Glasses Factory has been one of Japan’s go-to companies when it comes to anything related to eyewear, sunglasses, optical lenses, camera lenses, and other similar product lines. They’ve been focused on this industry, as if it’s their bread and butter, and they can’t be any better!

The business started out as solely a platform for reading glasses and sunglasses, but then transformed and became a pure optical lenses company.

Now, they work with hundreds of companies, supplying a wide variety of products from metal and plastic frames, reading glasses, lenses, accessories, parts and components, repairs, machines and tools, and many more!

NTKJ Co., Ltd.

NTKJ optical glass

Established in 1978, NTKJ Co., Ltd. (Nihon Tokushu Kogaku Jushi Co., Ltd.) stands as a beacon in the world of optical innovation, epitomizing the Japanese philosophy of “making ‘the real thing.'”

Led by President Koichi Sato, NTKJ’s journey began with the founding of the Japan Optical Technology Research Institute. From here, the business evolved into a dynamic business operation that’s committed to continual improvement and cutting-edge technology.

Their facilities, including the Kumagaya Factory inaugurated in 1974, embody the pure dedication to accuracy and eco-friendliness. Harnessing the power and the dedication, they’ve been able to produce hundreds to thousands of products daily for the need of their clientele.

Moritex Corporation

Moritex corporation optical

Moritex Corporation, is, safe to say, one of Japan’s oldest and longest-running optical glass manufacturing companies. Established in the year 1973, they’ve been in the game longer than many other businesses and companies combined.

The company’s main goal and mission was to create value out of everything they have, from the smallest of microscopic glass units to big fiber optic lights and other instruments. Moritex Corporation has been a partner of many businesses and organizations within Japan and outside the country as well.

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd.

Tokai optical glass

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. is one of those Japanese optical lens manufacturing corporations that have had a hand in the development of neuroscience, biology, and progressive optics all in one picture. Their rich history is what allowed them to remain in the hearts of their clients, and even after generations of change, they’re still considered by many as the favorite.

Tokai Optical Co., Ltd. underwent many management changes, but that didn’t stop them from providing top-tier products and excellent-quality services to their people.

Overcoming challenges, the machine enabled mass production, producing 110 lenses in 4 hours and 220 lenses daily. Shizu’s dedication, beginning at 23, marked a pivotal achievement, which has been the company’s bullseye goal since the time of their conception.

Ohara Inc.

Ohara Inc glass

Since the 1930s, Ohara Inc. has been in the process of glass melting and glassmaking field, providing a ton of knowledge and skill to its clients locally. They’ve worked and started as glass smelters, then moved onto the production of lanthanum glass.

Fast-forward to today, Ohara Inc. is known and considered as one of Japan’s leading innovative company for optical lenses and other glass products in its vicinity. Offering a plethora of optical glass units, Ohara can be your go-to for traditional optical glass products to the more advanced manufactures like membranes, excellent optical transmittance glasses, and many more!

Talex Lenses

Talex lenses

Just like many of the manufacturers in this list, Talex lenses have been on the forefront of Japanese optical glass manufacturing in the early 1930s. From Tamura Lens Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Osaka, it then became Talex after 1966 o the innovation of polarized lenses have been found.

Talex’s lineup of products are known to be the best, providing excellent light transmission, durability, versatility, and overall superiority whether it’s for reading glasses, spectacles, sunglasses, and many more!

Today, Talex lenses have a wide array of products catered to various industries such as driving, golfing, fishing, outdoor, and other activities!

Japan Optical Co., Ltd.

Japan Optical Co., Ltd

Japan Optical Co., Ltd. is probably one of the easiest and most obvious Japanese brands out there, but they wouldn’t be so obvious if you didn’t know their overall workflow! From prototyping the design, carrying out the structure and make, to quality checking and assessing the overall functionality of the glass units, they’re your one-stop manufacturing company!

The company’s steady and proven growth has a known record for producing the best and highest quality of optical glass units. Japan Optical Co., Ltd. is dedicated to committing to the overall growth, development, and experience their clients are looking for.

OMG Co., Ltd.

OMG optical glass

Basing it on their website, OMG Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s oldest glass manufacturers. With a consistent number of employees, OMG Co., Ltd. is not at all focused on scaling to tens of thousands. The company is an OEM manufacturer of Japan optics glass units to businesses and organizations within the country, and even foreign countries, too.

With a steadily increasing capital, the business has seen consistent scaling with the type and quality of service and products they receive to the wide number of partnerships and alliances they’ve made.

Overall, OMG Co., Ltd. is more than open and willing to execute the best and perfect optical glass manufacturing you’ve always been looking to have!

Miruc Optical

Miruc optical glass

When it comes to labware glass optics, science-inclined items and goods, Miruc Optical is the perfect supplier. They’ve been on the verge of innovating hundreds of products, offering them to businesses and organizations that might find use for them.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality products, lucrative and expensive components for your devices and machineries, or if you’re looking for durable and long-lasting product lines, Miruc Optical is the best and the perfect manufacturer for you!

They’ve surfed through the optical glass industry for years, and they’re continuing to improve and innovate more!

That’s about it! Those are the top and most-trusted Japanese optical manufacturers. There have been a lot of businesses who wanted to be part of this list, but kept on failing due to their inability to adapt and to keep up with the trend.

Now, let’s go ahead and discuss the different ways on how you can work with the optical glass supplier that’s just right for you!

How to Choose the Best Optical Glass Manufacturer

Increasing your chances of finding success in looking for an optical glass manufacturer is high, if you follow these tips!

Prioritize Experience and Expertise

Glassmaking is an art that doesn’t only require skill, but also experience and a spoonful of creativity. The manufacturer you’ll be choosing should not only have broad industry knowledge, but should also be well versed and experienced with the specific glass type you’re looking for.

Whether it’s standard soda-lime glass, optical glass, chemically-strengthened glass or whatever glass type you need, the manufacturer should be the best at it in terms of the complexities, nuances, and challenges of the specific type.

As much as you can, avoid working with beginner suppliers as it can impose bad results, which may look negative on the side of production.

Gather as Much Quotes as You Can!

At the end of the day, there will always be a superior manufacturer even if their offers look, feel, and seem the same. You can beat this challenge up by getting a plethora of quotations and estimates from the suppliers you come across.

A single bid is enough to get you going, but by shopping around, you’ll open new possibilities and opportunities you never knew was possible.

It has been a rule of thumb to gather many quotations to see what will fit best for the application and the business you have.

The Cheapest Isn’t Always the Best

We know how important and crucial price is, but going for the lowest quotation or estimate is a recipe for disaster. This has been one of the most common mistakes businesses make because of their desire to spend less and get more.

Think about it, why would some manufacturers offer ridiculously low prices? – Because their product quality isn’t guaranteed. Moreover, some manufacturers also misdirect their bids and estimates, saying that there aren’t any added things, when, in reality, there is!

Be sure to take not of the following to avoid problems:

  • Ask about the shipping and the delivery of the orders
  • Inquire if their service already includes installation/consultation/after-sales services
  • Double-check what the quotation calculates up to, have it in writing
  • Inquire about possible price changes

Have Clear Communication

Communication is key, especially if you are going to work with an optical glass manufacturer. From the level of detail that’s needed to achieve the goals and designs you want to the inspection and control quality; you want everything to be as sharp and crisp from the moment you talk about the deal until the time it’s closed and finished.

Clear and constant communication are two key features of a successful transaction. You want to make sure that:

  • You’re able to communicate what you want and what you’re looking for
  • The lead time and the schedules are set properly
  • The plan is laid out correctly

Ask Questions

Another thing you need to make sure of is that you ask many questions from the manufacturer. Be as annoying as you can, but it’s going to work to your advantage.

Ask them questions that would open up more things and opportunities for you, like how much production they can manage per day, how well they’re able to manage orders, how they communicate with their clients, and so on.

You want to squeeze out everything you can from them so you become comfortable with who you’ll be working with.

Look For Feedback

And last but most definitely not least is to ask previous clients about their experiences with the manufacturer. Most manufacturers, if not all, would publicly display the testimonials and feedback given by their previous clients.

Moreover, the contact information would be visible there, too. You can either rely on the feedback that the manufacturer displayed (which can be controlled), or you can contact and ask about them directly.

Personally, I find the feedback part the best and most rewarding of all, because you get firsthand experience from a business that they worked with. Although, this may be inaccurate because of how the capability of the manufacturer changes over time.

Why Choose GLASHern For Your Optical Glass?

GLASHern has been in the glassmaking industry for a little over 14 years now, which translates to our skillset and overall experience in the field. We’ve been trusted by hundreds of businesses and organizations all around the world, from different types and kinds of glass material.

Our product range goes from the traditional float glass and strengthened glass to tempered glass, acid-etched glass, different types of optical glass, and many more!


If you’re concerned about the wellness of your projects at all, or if you find that you want to save money and get high-quality optical glass units at the same time, never hesitate to give us a ring here at GLASHern.

We’re a phone call, an email, or a message bump away and we’ll shoot you over a free quotation of the optical glass that you need!

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