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Top 10 Laminated Glass Suppliers UK of 2023

Custom cut laminated glass

In this article, we will find out who the top 10 laminated glass suppliers in the UK are this 2023! The criteria for it varies, but we will go into detail of each laminated glass manufacturer so you know what we’re dealing with.

Jumping into this, it’s imperative that we learn about the market situation of laminated glass in the UK in conjunction to its importance in the global market. So, let’s take a look at some of the most important data about the UK’s laminated glass market!

Laminated Glass Market Overview

In identifying and knowing the UK’s standpoint when it comes to the laminated glass market, knowing who leads what in global ladder is imperative to further be aware of who is leading the market in terms of specific types of glass.

Back in 2021, the laminated glass market, on a global scale had a $20.8 billion valuation, which is projected to reach a staggering $34.4 billion value by 2031 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1%.

Here are some of the highlights of the laminated glass global market.

NOTE: This overview was from Allied Market Research, one of the world’s leading research groups that cover the industrial sector. As per them, this report was from over 5,000 annual reports, literatures, and similar materials.

  • The number one driving force of the increase in laminated glass demand is the building and construction sector.
  • Among the most common application drivers for laminated glass include residential and commercial buildings, automobile windshields, jewelry shops, bank kiosks and ATM booths, solar panels, and many more.
  • Asia-Pacific, Europe, LAMEA, and North America are the strongest and most influential regions that produce laminated glass. note

Top 10 Laminated Glass Suppliers in the UK This 2023

Here we list down UK’s best of the best when it comes to laminated glass manufacturing – the top 10 laminated glass suppliers in the UK!

Express Toughening

Express Toughening

Express Toughening is one of the UK’s best and most trusted laminated glass suppliers. Besides laminated glass supplication, the company is also adept and skilled in the process of processing, toughening, painting, and decorating laminated glass for the specific purpose of their clientele.

Their fast and express service, bespoke custom laminated glass guarantee, and their unbeatable customer review and testimonial library is more than enough to give them your complete trust with laminated glass units.

Express Toughening’s rich experience and ever-progressing skillset in laminated glass is everything you need to get things going!

Kite Glass

Kite Glass

If you’re looking for a deep glass manufacturer that’s capable of producing bespoke laminated glass and customizations, Kite Glass can be the perfect partner for you. Their team has experience dealing with various industries, particularly in the infrastructure, commercial, residential, transport, marine, and even the global glass marketing industry.

Kite Glass is the custom laminated glass supplier you can trust as they’re often involved with some of the UK’s top projects when it comes to laminated glass and other types and kinds of specialized glass units.

TuffX Glass

TuffX Glass

Boasting a remarkable 25-year experience in the specialized toughened and laminated glass industry, Tuffx Glass, or also known by its formal name Tuffx Processed Glass Ltd., can be your main partner in the production and manufacturing of bespoke and custom laminated glass.

Thanks to their wise investment in high-tech and advanced machines and technologies, they’re able to produce some of the most intricate, most detailed, and best laminated glass units that can go as thick as 19mm.

Operating in a vast and spacious manufacturing plant, you can never go wrong in choosing TuffX Glass as your premium laminated glass supplier for whatever project you may need them for.

Diomet Fabrications

Diomet Fabrications

DioMet Fabrications is one of UK’s best and top family-owned architectural metal and glasswork manufacturing company. They started operations within the family and started to go out and expand to hundreds of employees.

As per the company, they’re mainly focused in the production of commercial projects, involving the design, manufacturing, and installation of the products they manufacture. With fast and professional services, high-caliber product lines, competitive rates and prices, and a flood of positive feedback from previous clients, you can entrust to them the reliability of your projects that require laminated glass!

You can lean on DioMet Fabrications for your custom laminated glass products without ever worrying about burning a hole in your pocket!

Osborn Glass

Osborn Glass

South London Osborn Glass is one of the few manufacturing companies here that have been the result of a buyout back in the 60s. Their glass business was a hit, allowing their names to climb atop the industry’s ladder and providing the needed assistance, quality, and excellence their clients need.

Being experts in glass, Osborn Glass had been trusted by a heap of clients in various niches and industries, particularly in the commercial, residential, and industrial niches. From the allure of their beveled glass to the style and elegance of their painted glass and balustrades, you can trust them with your projects.

Osborn Glass is also a great company if you’re looking or services such as patterned glass, sneeze screens, partitions, UV bonding, and many more!

Firman Glass

Firman Glass

The amount of applications and knowledge Firman Glass has when it comes to laminated units is remarkable. Established in 1975 with one clear goal in mind, Firman Glass can take your business to new heights!

They’re one of the UK’s most trusted glass manufacturing companies, specializing in a vast array of glass products from toughened glass, laminated glass, fire-resistant glass, insulated glass, and many more! Armed with an army of glassmaking experts and engineers with decades of experience, the company claims that they guarantee that you wouldn’t have problems with your orders working with them.

Firman Glass leaves us with a statement that they’re capable of manufacturing all glass types you need to the highest of standards it can reach.

Diamond Security Glass UK

Diamond Security Glass

Since their inception, Diamond Security Glass UK has been focused on one thing alone – to provide the best and highest quality of glass units to their clients. They follow strict rules in producing and manufacturing glass units, making them one of the most reliable and trustworthy laminated glass suppliers in the state.

They’re an authorized Pilkington reseller, they have partners within and outside the UK, and they’ve proven their overall stand in the market through the referrals of clients and partners. Diamond Security Glass UK’s market capability encompasses the traditional supplier as you can trust them with security glass, toughened laminated glass, bespoke architectural glass, fire-resistant glass, and many more.

Clayton Glass

Clayton Glass

Clayton Glass is one of UK’s finest when it comes to glass manufacturing. Their website displays the total number of staff members they have, their years in business, their deliveries per year, as well as the amount of glass they manufacture and process. You’ll see that they’re one of the oldest and most-sought-after laminated glass suppliers in the world, thanks to the amount of effort they put.

From sheer innovation, delivery of products, to customer service and overall product quality, Clayton Glass will never fail you. Clayton Glass operates within the country in multiple sites and are always on the move to provide newer, more innovative, and higher-quality products to their people.

Morley Glass

Morley Glass

Morley Glass has been one of the few-most trusted and banked on laminated glass manufacturers in the UK. Specializing in thermal control glazing and high-caliber glass replacement, they moved their business and unraveled their world-class-quality bespoke laminated glass capability and skill to their clients.

They are experts and adept with whatever glass type you give them, from float glass, textured glass, switchable glass, solar-control glass, or whatever raw glass material you need.

Morley Glass has proven its work and worth in the industry through the seamless combination of traditional glass manufacturing to the more advanced and high-tech industrial and technological age we live in today.

Olympic Glass

Olympic Glass

Last but most definitely not least in our list is Olympic Glass. The company is transparent with the work they do as they take pride in their reputation as one of UK’s best and most experienced laminated glass supplier. Operating in their 92,000-square-feet facility, their team is always equipped with the best and most advanced technology and the unrelenting support they need for their day-to-day responsibilities.

From what they’re called alone, Olympic Glass is truly world-class. From the typical acoustic glass, solar-control glass, self-cleaning glass to commercial glass in all forms, shapes, and sizes, insulated glass units, specialized bespoke laminated glass, they got just what you need!

Those are UK’s top 10 laminated glass manufacturers. Now that you know who they are, you can gauge who you’re going to be working with!

How to Choose Your Laminated Glass Manufacturer

Unlike regular glass, laminated glass is made with accuracy, precision, and strategy. Accuracy in the temperature needed in order to bind the glass layers together; precision in terms of the positioning and measurements of the components, and strategy on how you’ll successfully be able to bind and fuse them without them falling apart.

It’s great to know the top laminated glass manufacturers in the UK, but it’s also essential to learn and figure out the best factors in choosing the laminated glass supplier you’ll work with.

Stability and Experience

A good manufacturer would often have experience and would most likely be stable in terms of growth and scalability. Their experience would often be supplemented by the stability they have in the market. These two things are what you should always try to look for in a manufacturer. You can focus on quality, but a stable and experienced supplier would often carry quality on its back.


When deciding on a company, a crucial factor is to check for certifications, approvals, and licenses. This signifies that every component has undergone initial and prior testing and assessments, checking if they meet industry standards for quality.

Don’t think about certifications as the only thing you should be worried of, though, because it’s not. Checking certificates solely for products is not enough, but it helps out a lot. Your laminated glass manufacturer should guarantee the provision of a certified installer specifically assigned to handle installations, repairs, and consultations for various projects and industries.

Skill and Expertise

We can all agree that skill, expertise, and overall experience are among the top things you would love to have if you’re partnering with a company. It doesn’t make any sense to work with a new company if you’re looking to up your ante in your offers and your products.

So, try looking for the biggest and best signs on what makes a laminated glass manufacturer standout from its competitors. One tip we can leave you with would be to ask for samples. Usually, you can tell the quality of work from the samples they will give you.

Customer Service

As a client, the last thing you want is to be handled by a company or a manufacturer that puts less effort in making sure their clients are treated correctly. Most manufacturers, from the time they set their businesses up to the time they close sales, they’ll have measly representatives of customer service people and reps.

Excellent customer service is rare, nowadays, and that’s actually worth what to look for in finding laminated glass suppliers.

Customization Options

Last but most definitely not least would be to make sure that the supplier or manufacturer you’re going to be working with offers customization options. Customization is merely the ability of a laminated glass supplier to tailor the specific design, structure, and form to how they want them to be exactly.

Most, but not all laminated glass suppliers are able to do this as this requires skill and experience, so, you want to work with a company that can offer just that.


You don’t always have to work with the best of the best. Moreover, working with the best does not necessarily mean that you will get high-quality products. But, if you decide to work with us here at GLASHern, we’ll not only guarantee high-quality laminated glass, we can also promise to take care of you from pre-sale services up to after-sales services, and more!

If you want to up the ante on your laminated glass, you won’t regret choosing us, our team here at GLASHern as your laminated glass manufacturing company.

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