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Top 10 Optical Lens Manufacturers in Australia of 2023

Top Aluminosilicate Glass Manufacturers

Do you want to know who the best and top 10 optical lens manufacturers in Australia are? Are you interested to find out who builds Australia’s optical lens market? If you answered yes to both questions, then you are in the right guide!

In this article, we’ll be discussing Australia’s weapons when it comes to optical lens manufacturing. Not only will we discuss who these top 10 suppliers are, but we will also give you a brief history of who they are, what they’ve done to be the best, and how they’re currently operating in the market!

Australian Optical Lens Market Overview

The Australian optical goods manufacturing market is growing at a steadied rate oof 1.7% compound annual growth rate or CAGR, closing out at $271.1 million this year. To be clear, this industry is not just limited to eyewear and wearables as it also includes cameras, projects, screens, laboratories, glasses, binoculars, and other optical applications.

In terms of employees, the Australian Optics market sits at about 3,182 businesses that currently employs 14,226 people, garnering a yearly or annual revenue of $3 billion (Australian).

Here are some of the most notable analyses about the Australian optical lens market:

  • Victoria and New South Wales are the main players in the Australian market, accounting for over 60% of the entire nation’s market.
  • Australia has higher-than-the-usual labor costs, causing defeat against foreign competition and foreign markets.

Products & Services Division

Different industries make up the entire optical lens industry. However, the breakdown is seen and divided by the following:

  • Binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, and components at 42.7%
  • Contact lenses, glasses, glass frames, and sunglasses at 36.0%
  • Cameras, video cameras, projectors, etc. < 30%
  • Appliances and ophthalmic instruments and machineries < 30%

Top 10 Optical Lens Manufacturers in Australia in 2023

Let’s now jump into the discussion of Australia’s top picks in optical lens manufacturing this 2023! This is for you not to come up with your own list as our list will be carefully and thoroughly studied and examined!

CR Surfacing Laboratories

CR Surfacing Laboratories

Ever since their inception and establishment in the optical lens industry, CR surfacing laboratories has been in the forefront of Australia’s optical lenses and eyewear manufacturing. It was ran as a small family business with one goal in mind – to be able to manufacture Australia’s best optical lenses.

Four decades later and CR surfacing laboratories overcame and resolved major manufacturing challenges, able to provide a wide library of optical lenses from single-vision lenses, occupational lenses, optical coatings, and many others more.

CR Surfacing Labs also led a post-pandemic program, helping and supporting optometry practices and raising awareness to the Australian community.

Shamir Australia

Shamir Australia

Established in 1972 with a focus on bifocal lenses, Shamir Optical Industry has evolved into a key player in the production of advanced single vision and progressive lenses. Shamir Australia has been ranked as one of the world’s best manufacturing companies, offering mass or wholesale progressive lenses across the globe.

Employed with a 2,500+ in an 18-manufacturing workforce worldwide, they’re truly one of the country’s best and most-sought-after. Standing as one of Australia’s top producers of high-performance lenses, Shamir Optical Australia is driven by a dynamic R&D Department dedicated to pioneering technologies.

Longman Optical

Longman Optical

Longman Optical is one of those optical lens manufacturing companies that have initially been a part of the University of Tasmania in the 1940s. They grew, developed, and improved, and started specializing in special assemblies and individual custom-made lenses.

Today, Longman Optical has been one of Australia’s top prototype builders that create whatever type of optical lenses you need, from regular and standard mirrors, optical coatings, lenses, prisms, assemblies, and many more!

Thanks to our team of highly-skilled experts and engineers, we’re able to produce a comprehensive library of optical products!

ACT Optical

ACT Optical

ACT Optical is one of Australia’s first-ever optical lens manufacturing companies that offer a scientific approach to supplication. Known for their full-stack capabilities of sourcing raw materials out, cutting, to the overall fabrication and polishing of the optical lens units you’re looking for.

They have an extremely talented pool of optical lens engineers and experts who all have the necessary experience and skillset to accommodate the needs and wants of their clientele. Whether you’re looking for optical lenses, contacts, sunglasses, or any other supplementary component, ACT Optical is just a message or a call away!

Australis Lenses

Australis Lenses

From the quality and engineering of your raw optical glasses to the accuracy, design, and precision of the lenses and how it flows to the frame, Australis lenses can be your best option and your go-to manufacturing company.

Their team is made up of some of Australia’s best and most experienced optical lens experts, from visual solutions to lens architecture and engineering. Australis lenses offer active design systems that suit everyone’s lifestyles.



Founded in 1988, Bonastar stands as a proudly Australian-owned and operated enterprise that is committed to delivering optical excellence at competitive prices. Bonastar has charted a trajectory of consistent growth in the Australian eyewear and optical manufacturing sector. The company’s core mission revolves around providing enhanced value to independent optometrists and optical retailers.

Embracing the digital era, they ventured into online platforms in 2006, ensuring heightened efficiency, convenience, reliability, and cost savings for our clientele.

As of today, 700+ optical retailers depend on Bonastar’s products to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Art Optical

Art Optical

Established in 1931 by Charles J. Anastor, Art Optical emerged as a pioneer in ophthalmic lens manufacturing. In a transformative move in 1958, the company shifted its focus to the production of rigid contact lenses, a specialization it has steadfastly maintained since.

Nestled in its current location, Art Optical has witnessed strategic expansions, adapting to evolving technologies and ensuring scalable growth. Today, the company’s sprawling lab, manufacturing facility, and plants span over 36,000 square feet, employing a dedicated team of almost 60 individuals.

Over six decades since the inception of their first contact lens, Art Optical’s mission remains unhinged. Work with Art Optical and get not just durable and long-lasting optics products, but the ones you can count on and rely on, too.

OSA Lenses

OSA Lenses

The Official Supply of Australia (OSA) is one of Australia’s most-trusted optical lens manufacturing companies. Servicing the entire New South Wales and the entirety of Australia, you can directly bank and count on OSA to bring you the lenses you never thought you’ll be able to find.

Bannering a 30-year experience in the optometry industry, they’ve memorized everything from the materials, effects, and directives to the user experience and overall comfortability of the user. OSA brings a handful of portfolio, techniques, and strategies to get you the optical lenses that you need and you are looking for.



With a workforce of over 250 dedicated, experienced, and seasoned experts, ZEISS Australasia embarked on its direct operations through the planting of roots in Sydney, back in 1961.

The ZEISS family expanded its footprint across the globe through the inauguration of the first office in New Zealand more then 3 decades ago. Armed with a reliable set of experiences, ZEISS AU is proud to have been part of the family, catering to the needs of consumers and businesses alike.

ZEISS AU is your best friend if you ever need help and assistance in the manufacturing or production of anything in the optics industry, whether it’s for eyewear and eyecare, photography, ophthalmology, microscopy, and even aerospace and military applications.

Lastek Photonics Technology Solutions

Lastek Photonics

Established in 1988, The Lastek Group of Companies operates from a meticulously restored, expansive facility situated in the former University of Adelaide’s Commerce and Research Precinct at Thebarton, Adelaide, South Australia.

Well-equipped with workshops and laboratories, they became and served as hubs for design, development, system integration, and custom manufacturing projects.

As the foremost distributor in the vicinities of Australia and New Zealand for state-of-the-art laser and photonics organizations worldwide, Lastek’s list of Principals give us an idea of the comprehensiveness if their business details in action.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Optical Lens in Australia

Australia’s not the typical kind to offer anything about lenses, but they’ve been one of the countries offering a sufficient supply and flow of various glass products. Besides knowing and identifying the best Australian optical lens suppliers, understanding what to look for in optical lenses is also key in getting the best optical lenses for your application:

Purpose-Specific Optics

The first consideration in choosing your optics would be to identify the specific type or category. Tailor your decision based on your intentions of usage. Identify if you’re going to use it for eyeglasses, camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, or medical equipment.

NOTE: Different optical applications demand specific features for optimal performance and reliability.

Raw Optical Material

The next consideration would be the material. Remember, the category of soda-lime glass products isn’t the single type of material you can use for optics. You can also opt for borosilicate glass, quartz glass, sapphire glass, or any other raw glass material of your choosing.

Besides glass, you can also choose and decide on specialized plastics, coated glass materials, and others that are befitting to what you’re planning to do.

Brand or Manufacturer

The root of your success or failure will actually be from the brand or the manufacturer of your choice. There are oceans of manufacturers for optical lenses, most of which are similar to the type of supplier we imagine, but how do you decide on which the best one is?

You’ll find tons of characteristics and factors contributing to the signs of whether optical lens suppliers and manufacturers are worth partnering with or not, the best ones that can help you would include:

  • Their experience
  • If they are handling the specific niche or industry your projects are in
  • Lead time and time to market
  • If they’re using the same caliber and level of machines and equipment you do
  • Quality assurance and assessments

NOTE: These is not everything there is, of course. There are other considerations to take note of and other things to factor in, what we’re saying is that these are just the most common things thought about when deciding to go with a manufacturer or supplier.

Add-Ons and Features

Most, if not all optical lens suppliers offer freebies, features, and add-ons when you order. These might seem unimportant at first, but it’s actually one of the deciding factors people don’t realize yet until they remember and see it.

Try asking your manufacturer if they offer add-ons or not. 9 times out of 10, manufacturers and suppliers would have something to offer. You can either accept or reject is, depending on your application and business industry.

For instance, if an optical lens manufacturing company offers a free microfiber cloth for each pair, that sounds awesome, right? It saves you time, money, and effort in choosing what to put and to what not put or offer your constituents.

Costing or Pricing

Let’s be real here–cost is among the most crucial and most important factors in choosing a wholesale supplier. The price will most usually dictate the volume of your project. The higher the price, the better and higher the quality would be, but the less volume – and vice versa.

Try looking for optical lenses that are within your budget’s reach and that would not be burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t worry, just because the products aren’t premium-priced, doesn’t mean that you’re already getting low quality items.

TIP: Some Chinese optical lens suppliers even offer better and higher-standard optical lenses for less! And did you know that there are western or American companies that get their supplies from Chinese manufacturers, too?

Customer Service

We never want to put this last, but the customer service of an optical lens manufacturing company is also a critical factor in choosing a supplier for your business. The support you’re looking for will be crucial, especially if you are going to inquire or ask about detailed information on:

  • Your orders or the products you plan on purchasing
  • The process or methodologies they have and perform as a company
  • The coverage of the support they give

Always reiterate the need and requirement for an excellent-quality customer experience or customer service department, because that’s what will separate you from the standard, regular, and menial companies out there from those that top and skyrocket the glass market.

GLASHern as Your Optical Lens Supplier

Entering the market with over a decade of experience, we here at GLASHern are more than welcoming and capable of producing the best and highest quality of optical lenses for your projects. Our optical lenses go from the simplest cylindrical-shaped lenses to a more complex prism.

If there’s one thing we can say about the quality of our work, it is that we are continuously committed and dedicated to manufacturing everything with accuracy and sheer precision. You’ll never find a problem when you choose us as your optical lens manufacturer as we will get you everything you need.


The Australian market is filled with a lot of options with optical lens manufacturing. Whether you need lenses for spectacles, optical lenses for cameras, lenses for medical and pharmaceutical devices, we got it all for you!

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