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Top 10 Optical Lens Manufacturers in China of  2023

Top Aluminosilicate Glass Manufacturers

Learning about China’s top 10 optical lens manufacturers this 2023 can pave the road for a good 2024. Getting good and high-caliber optics and optical lenses is one thing, but working and making sure that you’re working with a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer is another.

So, in this article, we will cover who the entire nation of China trusts when it comes to their optical lenses, why they’re the best, and a few bits of their history and how they came to be!

Before we get to that, though, let us first dive headfirst into the overview of the Chinese optics and optical glass market.

2023 Optical Lens Chinese Market Overview

The Chinese market for optics goods and optical lenses has seen an interesting growth since the past decade. A forecasted period from 2023 to 2030 said that the projection is for the market to be at a slow and steady compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5%,

Several sources say that China still sits at the front seat of the growing and scaling rate, followed by other regions, including:

  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • North America
  • Rest of the World

Among the Chinese’s major players in the market include Coopervision Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Weicon Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Hydron Contact Lens Optics Co.

Top 10 Optical Lens Manufacturers in China This 2023

This list will cover fundamental information on the best Chinse optical lens suppliers this year. All of them offer custom-made optics and optical lenses to the best of their ability.

Shanghai Optics

Shanghai optics

From their name alone, Shanghai Optics is a company that roots from one of China’s best cities–Shanghai. Shanghai Optics has been one of China’s best and most monolithic custom-made optics supplier in the country.

Carrying their banner of being ISO-certified, Shanghai Optics is more than capable of providing and giving you the specific, accurate, precise, and exact optics goods and optical lenses that you need.

Their services range from the typical optical design and development, custom optical solutions to optical metrology, prototyping, and even medical designing. You can never go wrong in choosing Shanghai Optics for your optical lens needs!

JAB Optics

JAB optics

For more than a decade surfing the industry, JAB Optics has taken optical lens and optics goods manufacturing to a whole new level. Focused on innovation and development, the company produced and manufactured everything clients needed from regular optic lenses to custom-made optic goods.

Having a vast library of products, JAB Optics will take off the hassle in requiring you to locate some of the world’s best and top-tier optic lenses.

Taking pride in their team of glassmaking experts and manufacturers, JAB Optics will allow you to experience the optical lens market like you have never before.


GLASHern  glass lens

GLASHern’s mark in the industry encompasses all other manufacturers. From providing topnotch glassmaking services to the execution of perfect customer service, we got just what you need. Our team of engineers and experts have rich experiences in the industry, boasting combined years of 60+ years in glass innovating and producing.

Since then, GLASHern has been taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology, delivering excellent-quality production in less time and more minimal effort. We’ve bene in the business of creating and manufacturing glass products to impress our clients and the clients that come after them.

Youli Optical

Youli optical

For over two decades, Youli has stood tall as a prominent player in the optical lens manufacturing industry. The journey started back in 1987 and quite notably, a significant milestone was achieved. Fast-forward to more than 2 decades and Youli forged a formidable Joint Venture with industry stalwart Essilor.

Youli’s development is a testament to their commitment and their dedication to progress and innovation. Charting their course forward, they eagerly anticipate collaborative ventures that enhance the visual landscape.

Garnering more than 3,000 inquiries per day and producing thousands of optical lenses and optic goods in a 24-hour timeframe, Youli Optical can be your partner and your best friend.

Wanxin Optics

Wanxin optics

Founded in 1973, Wanxin Optics is easily one of China’s leading optical lens and glass suppliers in the 21st century. Taking pride in being one of the first and newest enterprises of glass manufacturing in the country, the company has sold products in 40+ major countries and was able to provide the necessary training for 3,000 employees.

With their mission to provide a complete full-range of vision for consumers and clients, they properly served the competitive market through the provision of full-range optical products, custom optical solutions, and excellent-quality customer service.

Besides optical glass, WX Optics’ expertise also reaches full-circle through the provision of cutting-edge optical lenses for scientific applications, too!

JS Optical

JS optical

In case you were wondering and finding one of the top optical lens companies and manufacturers that made up the country, JS Optical was one of those. Danyang Jinsheng Optical Co., Ltd. stands tall among China’s foremost optical lens manufacturers.

Since their market entrance back in 2010, the JS Optical thrived within the Situ Industrial Park in Danyang City in the Jiangsu Province. JS Optical currently operates at a 10,000-square meter facility that boasts a dedicated workforce of 350+ skilled glassmaking experts and engineers.

JS Optical’s industrial chain will never be short of what you’re expecting. So, if you’re looking for a reliable optics goods manufacturing company, try looking at JS Optical’s plethora of collections and optical lenses and prepare to be amazed!

Canton Optics

Canton optics

Since its establishment in 1997, Shanghai Canton Optics Equipment Co., Ltd. has solidified its position as a powerhouse in the realm of ophthalmic optics within China. The old institution that was once a small business has grown and developed into not only a major export business, but also a leading manufacturer, shaping the entirety of the industry’s landscape.

Over time, they were able to create lasting partnerships with 300+ businesses and organizations across 75 countries. Canton Optics’ mission is to be able to provide top-quality optics goods and optical lenses to different companies in various industries and sectors.

Photon Optical

Photon optical

If you’re in the market for an optical lens manufacturing company that makes use of safe materials, that has strict compliance against industry standards, and is able to produce a wide array of optics goods and items, Photon Optical is the perfect manufacturer for you.

Serving whatever industry they come across, Photon Optical has been the baseline of telecom, military, aerospace, scientific, and laser industries that utilize optical lenses. Boasting their ISO 9001:2015 certification, you can be assured that their processes will absolutely befit what you require.

Photon Optical’s highly-experienced team of engineers and glassmaking experts are always present to help and give you the assistance you’re looking for.

Sunday Optics

Sunday optics

Sunday Optics Co., Ltd. is one of the newer ventures that took off a decade ago. Breaching from the optical hub of Changchun city, their exposure to the optics goods and optical lens market has been remarkable.

The company specializes in a heap of optical lens products, such as prisms, laser lenses, optical designing and innovation, aspheric lenses, and even high-precision windows. Their diverse ability and skillset allowed them to climb atop the industry’s ladder and provide excellent-quality manufactures in the smallest and fastest times possible.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Sunday Optics is more than welcoming! Reach out to them and get the best and highest quality of optical lenses within reach!

YTOT Global

YTOT global

YTOT Global penetrated the industry through the constant and consistent release of patents and innovation. Claiming to have the best research & development (R&D) team and technology, YTOT Global’s footprint is globally recognized.

Boasting their full-blown high-quality aspheric lenses, flat image surfaces, confocal collections, and low-dispersion glass units, they’re able to get you the optics goods and lenses that you could only dream of. YTOT established lean production and excellent customer service and overall performance, guaranteeing exceptional-quality production and manufacturing.

Why Choose a Chinese Optics Lens Manufacturer?

The Chinese is known as the world’s hub for manufacturing. In fact, most of the things you see around you have probably been made in China – they were just tagged and assembled elsewhere.

A lot of people argue that going with a Chinese optics lens manufacturing company is just a waste of time. But did you know that many businesses and organizations all over the world rely on the labor, supplication, and finesse of Chinese manufacturers to fuel their business?

Among the hundreds of reasons why you should choose a Chinese manufacturer, the following are the best ones:

  • You’ll get unlimited access to the newest, latest, and most updated technological innovation
  • The market expansion opportunities is vast
  • Their entire workforce is skilled and controlled
  • Cost – it’s substantially more affordable and cheaper than doing it yourself
  • Chinese government regulations are lenient and easy

How Do I Chose an Optical Lens Manufacturer?

If you’re wondering and asking about the best ways of choosing an optics goods and optical lens manufacturing company, here are some of the things you would want to consider.

Check For Reputation

Investigate the manufacturer’s reputation in the optical lens industry. As we all know, great and reputable manufacturers won’t agree to have a dent in their stand and reputation. Try to look for reviews, testimonials, and their track record for delivering high-quality optical lenses.

NOTE: A reputable manufacturer would often signify overall reliability and consistent quality with their products and services.

Look For Expertise and Dedication

The next thing would be to assess the manufacturer’s expertise and commitment to optical technology. Try considering their overall experience in the field as well as the qualifications of their team members and overall dedication.

You want an optical lens manufacturer that has the habit of staying abreast of advancements in the field, ensuring a higher and more advanced level of skill and overall competency.

Customization and Product Range

It’s not just about the quality and the aesthetic appeal of the optical lenses, but also when it comes to the product range and their ability to customize.

You want to go with a manufacturer that can offer a vast and diverse product range and do customization options, too. By having this as your option, you’ll be able to get the flexibility to meet specific optical requirements for whatever business industry or sector, such as eyewear, cameras, microscopes, or other applications.

Advanced Tech

When you’re stuck between different manufacturer options, try prioritizing the manufacturer that uses and employs advanced technologies in lens production. State-of-the-art technology and high-tech machineries and equipment usually translate to precision, efficiency, and the incorporation of innovative features in optical products.

Who would want to work with a manufacturer that does all the manual dirty work?

Customer Service

A manufacturer’s commitment to customer service is the true definition of high-quality. Before you decide on your customer service, you’ll want to evaluate the manufacturer’s commitment to customer service.

A responsive and supportive customer department is crucial for addressing queries, providing technical assistance, and ensuring a positive overall experience.


One thing you’ll want to consider is the pricing or costing structure in relation to the quality they have. Although competitive pricing is crucial, it should also be aligned with the overall features and quality of the optical lenses you are going to purchase.

Striking a balance between affordability and value are among the two-most important things you want to think about and consider, not just how much the price of the orders is.

Lead Time

Lastly, the lead time. A manufacturer’s lead time is like the entryway to a successful time to market. The best and most reliable suppliers would give a clear and detailed timeline of the products’ time to the market.

They wouldn’t be vague and general in terms of the information on their lead time.


Trying your best to land the best optical lens supplier in China might not look like an easy task, but now that you understand what you have at hand, you’ll most definitely approach us here at GLASHern for it. Don’t waste time trying to check other optical lens suppliers, GLASHern is the key!

Reach out to our team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you! We’ll also shoot a free estimate over!

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