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Top 10 Optical Lens Manufacturers UK of 2023

Top Aluminosilicate Glass Manufacturers

This year’s optical lens manufacturing market has been a rollercoaster ride. And determining the best of the best involves a lot of critical factors. In this guide, we’ll go ahead and provide everything you need to know about UK’s best optical lens manufacturing companies.

Before we get into that, though, let’s get an overview of the market of optical lens manufacturing in the UK.

The UK’s Optical Lens Market 2023 Overview

One of Europe’s finest when it comes to optical lenses is hailed and carried by the United Kingdom. The country is always on the hunt to capture and get worldwide clients that need not only high-volume optical lenses, but high-quality, too.

The UK market is seeing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% in the 2023 to 2030 timeframe. It’s an excellent CAGR, considering the fact that they’re surrounded by a lot of countries that offer stupendous optical lenses, too.

By the end of 2022, the market was at an estimated £5 billion, which was a 20.4% increase from the previous years. In the coming years, it is foreseen and expected to reach millions of people more not only in the UK, but also in other parts of the globe as well.

Top 10 Optical Lens Manufacturers in the UK

You could have a lot of options, but it’s hard to miss the best suppliers in the market. So, without further ado, here are UK’s best and top optical lens manufacturing companies!

Kingsview Optical

Kingsview Optical

From conceptualization to design to the execution and polishing, Kingsview Optical is one of UK’s finest manufacturers when it comes to optical glass products. Since their inception, they’ve specialized in design and innovation, producing some of the world’s best and top optical lenses.

Kingsview Optical earned a reputation of being the country’s leading manufacturing company with a major advantage of offering a single selling point to clients – complete and comprehensive solutions.

If you’re in the market for some of UK’s best and most trusted optical lenses, Kingsview Optical is the key!

Knight Optical

Knight Optical

One of Knight Optical’s specializations include the production and manufacturing of superior-quality optical lenses for various purposes. Being in the industry for 30+ years, they’ve been progressively developing and improving not just their products, but their services and overall capabilities as well.

In case you’re worried about quality and standard compliance, Knight Optical wouldn’t disappoint you with that, too. From the excellent customer service and client experience they over, the 3000+ products that they have, as well as the prompt and timely delivery, you won’t have any problems dealing with them!

Knight Optical is what brings the traditional methods alive through the use of constant technology that update and improve all by themselves!

Dunelm Optical

Dunelm Optical

Dunelm Optical is one of the UK’s best and most trusted optical manufacturing companies, handling everything from the sourcing of the materials, design, processing, even post-processing and production, too.

Armed with an army of highly-skilled engineers, experts, and employees, Dunelm Optical boasts on their ability to provide nothing but the best and highest quality of optical glass units for our clients. Since their inception, they’ve been traced and considered one of the industry’s best, garnering a total of 4,000+ opticians and experts and delivering to more than 60 countries globally.

From their reach and trust they garnered alone, you can be sure to gain your complete trust in them!

UGQ Optics

UGQ Optics

With a legacy spanning over six decades, UQG Optics has cemented its standing as a major key player in the glass manufacturing industry. They’ve been renowned for a dedicated team committed to exceptional service and product excellence.

Equipped with a diverse array of state-of-the-art machinery for optical fabrication and glass machining, UGQ Optics never failed to cater and to attend to the varied needs of their clients, whether they just needed the smallest and easiest of prototypes and small quantities to large-volume, mass production.

Overall, their capabilities have been a testament to their commitment to providing not only a standard stock range but also the flexibility to meet unique custom and bespoke design requirements. At UQG Optics, the synthesis of tradition and innovation defines their thorough approach to delivering excellence in optical solutions.

Resolve Optics

Resolve Optics

Out of all the many manufacturers and suppliers in this list, Resolve Optics is one of the oldest and most traditional providers of optical lenses in the UK. They started out in the industry as a small, local-based OEM manufacturer that only caters to the needs of businesses and organizations within the vicinity, they grew and developed into a large-scale optical glass supplier focusing their efforts in the high-tech markets.

Resolve Optics saw a steady and continuous growth for their business, and continues to see a bright future ahead of them. You can entrust almost everything from them, like lens adapters, radiation lenses, optical modules, zoom lenses, and many more!

United Optical

United Optical

Established in 1999 through the combination of Castle Optical and City Optical, United Optical proudly stands as Northern Ireland’s premier and go-to option for optical lenses.

At the heart of their success is a commitment to continuity and progression. United Optical’s team boasts an impressive longevity and development in the system, with some members contributing decades to their journey in mastery.

The overall collective experience of their employees is a pure testament to the depth and specialization of knowledge and expertise embedded in their operations. United Optical is one of the country’s most trusted and most-sought-after optical lens manufacturing companies for years and counting!



One of UK’s best and most-sought-after optical lens suppliers is BBGR. While most optical lens manufacturers have varying specializations, BBGR stuck to their expertise in the visual and eyewear industry, offering never-before seen lenses, visual glass units, and other adjacent and similar products.

Being one of the biggest and most-trusted European manufacturing companies of optical lenses, BBGR UK will make sure that you get not only the best and right lenses, but the support, too.

British Optical Ltd.

British Optical

Looking at their website, you wouldn’t expect the company to have footprint in the optical lens industry, but they’re actually one of the oldest and most experienced. Abiding by international quality standards, you can trust British Optical Ltd. to get you the exact types of optical lenses you need.

With a team of experts and highly-skilled individuals, you can also bank and count on them to help you with processing, manufacturing, coating, and other glassmaking processes, too!

Caledonian Optical

Caledonian Optical

Equipped with state-of-the-art and cutting-edge ophthalmic technology, Caledonian Optical is one of UK’s pioneer optical lens manufacturers that has been in the industry for decades. Boasting their 40-year exposure in the market, Caledonian Optical’s high range of products prevailed and overtook other manufacturers and suppliers’ technology.

Caledonian Optical is employed with UK’s most trusted engineers, glassmaking experts, and experienced workers that can turn your plans and dreams into reality through advanced glazing solutions, anti-reflection coating, rimless glazing, freeform lenses, and many more!

Brimingham Optical

Brimingham Optical

Last but most definitely not least is Birmingham Optical. With 60+ years of experience in the industry, you can be sure of the products and services they offer. Pinpointed as one of he best in the eye and optical industry, they’re able to produce some of UK’s most-sought-after products and categories.

Everyone in the team including the operators and workers have combined experiences of 100+ years in the business, giving you the assurance and the guarantee that quality is there.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Optical Lenses

Choosing the best and the perfect optical lenses is not as easy as a-b-c’s, it’s more complicated than that. Whether you’re looking for support and assistance from optical lens manufacturers in the UK or anywhere else in the world, understanding what to look for is key to ensuring quality.

Manufacturer Experience and Expertise

The first thing you want to make sure of is the manufacturer or the company you are dealing with. It’s true that there are a lot of optical lens suppliers in the market, but only a few is able to provide world-class quality products and services.

There are a few ways for you to be able to check the experience and expertise of the manufacturer at hand, these include:

  • Checking the quality of their products through samples
  • Assessing the versatility and range of their product line
  • Carefully looking at the images on their website

Also make sure that you check for experience, and while it seems difficult to do, you can check and assess experience by asking them questions and situations they accomplished and overcame before with their previous clients and how they handled it.

Cost and Rates

Of course, you’re purchasing them in bulk, not in retail or single pieces. You want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Your purchases don’t have to be extremely cheap nor do they have to be filled with a lot of products, so long as it gives the value, you’ll be all good.

Shop around, don’t be afraid to ask different companies and to get quotations from manufacturers. In fact, you want to make sure that you get as much quotes and estimates as you can, so that you’re sure of the different options that are easily and readily available.

NOTE: Some manufacturers might have low prices for bulk but expensive on retail. Look for a supplier that gives you the lowest prices for bulk, especially if you’re going with wholesale selling.

Customer Experience

Customer service or customer experience is among the most critical things a manufacturer can have with their operations. Good customer service is gold nowadays, especially if they’re handling most of your questions, concerns, and inquiries before and after the sale.

Excellent customer service or customer experience is more than just being able to answer and respond to queries. It also involves correct treatment, the right information, and the speed of delivery.

Here at GLASHern, customer service is one of our biggest strengths. We have a dedicated team that is always ready to provide the answers and assistance you need and you’ve been looking for.

Lead Time

A lot of people have the misconception that lead time is delivery time, when, in reality, it’s the time between the initiated request to the product’s completion. Most manufacturers’ lead times run from 2 to 3 months maximum, still depending on the volume.

There are some, however, that only complete the time from request to completion and delivery in under 45 days, like us here at GLASHern. Of course, you have to make sure that you are still getting quality products even if it goes fast and urgently!

Remember, speed doesn’t always equal quality, and the best manufacturers aren’t always the fastest. Ensure that you’ll select the right suppliers for your projects!

Warranty and Return/Refund Policy

Lastly, you need to make sure of the return and exchanges, refund policy or warranty. It’s imperative for manufacturers to have stakes on claims like this just to be sure of what they’re offering. They might be a cause for concern for some, but it can be life-savers for many.

What you want to do is check the policy for returns and exchanges, warranty, and refunds. If they don’t have any of it, it’s worth creating something with them as some type of partnership or cooperation.

Oftentimes, warranties and refund/return policies differ from one manufacturer to another, but, they should make the clients and customers feel like they’re well-taken care of.


For years, GLASHern has been on the edge of the optical lens manufacturing market. Our expertise and experience have topped the industry’s ladders, providing optimum support and overall backup to our clientele.

We’ve always been regarded as one of China’s best picks when it comes to optical lenses. Whether you need convex lenses, concave lenses, or lenses used for medical and pharmaceutical applications, we got just what you need!

We’ll get back to you with a free estimate of the things you need! Contact us today!

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