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Top 5 Float Glass Manufacturers in Malaysia of 2023

Custom cut float glass

Are you in search of the top 5 float glass manufacturers in Malaysia? Do you look forward to learning what they are for information you can use for yourself? Look no further, because we’ll be discussing just that! By the end of this article, you will be in the know of the best Malaysian float glass suppliers!

As always, before we jump to that, let us first briefly discuss the previous, current, and future projection of the float glass market in the country of Malaysia.

Float Glass Market in Malaysia Overview

In the simplest and shortest way possible, Malaysia’s float glass market is versatile. They are known to have been primarily importing from China, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. On the other hand, the top destinations of Malaysia’s float glass exports are to:

  • China
  • South Korea
  • Philippines
  • Peru
  • India

All of these 2021 exports amount to $455 million, putting Malaysia on the spot to be the 4th best and largest float glass manufacturing country globally.

Being an Asian country, it’s no surprise that Malaysia really is topping the charts off. But, what’s there in the future for Malaysia? Do they have other projects and industries in place to carry their flag across the globe?

For now, let us go through some of the country’s top companies when it comes to float glass!

Top 5 Float Glass Manufacturers in Malaysia

In this list, we will be enumerating the best and most sought-after float glass suppliers situated in the country of Malaysia. Check them out because one of them could be the one you’re looking for!

Keng Ying Glass

Keng ying glass

As per the company, they are considered in Malaysia as one of the best and premier glass manufacturing companies for float glass, tempered glass, and other specialized glass units. Part of their industry arsenal includes mirrored glass and tempered glass, making them an excellent option to go for in float glass.

Keng Ying Glass is one of the few glass manufacturing companies in Malaysia that utilizes state-of-the-art technology and high-tech gadgets to pursue the glass processing methodologies. They didn’t show any signs of slowing down or stopping since 1937, and today, they’re recognized as a premier and superior glass manufacturer globally.

Whether you need float glass for medical and pharmaceutical applications, electronics and lighting, and even biomedical and biochemical, Keng Ying Glass is the perfect company for you!

Crystal Safety Glass

Crystal safety glass

Crystal Safety Glass, or more commonly referred to as CSG, is one of Malaysia’s top prides in manufacturing high-quality products. Garnering experience from international clientele and global works, CSG strives to remain at the top of the industry’s ladder through continuous progression of innovation and production of high-quality products.

Equipped with engineers and experts who are experts in their own fields, they’re able to commit and comply to international standards in the field of glass manufacturing, such as ISO 9001, CE, and SGS certifications.

With a vision to be Malaysia’s go-to company for glass manufacturing, Crystal Safety Glass is definitely doing what they can to help out clients and businesses grow and scale through the product lines they’re offering.

Chiefway Smart Glass

Chiefway smart glass

Talking about portfolio and achievements, Chiefway Smart Glass will be at the top of any list. The company is rich with experiences and projects that span the length of traditional glass. Since their focus is in smart glass units, you can just imagine the amount of work they put up and provide their customers.

Their product lines are from the traditional float glass, S-windows, to S-films, smart glass, and many more! In terms of engineering and acoustics, Chiefway Smart Glass is the chief and the best in the country. Offering a heap of products and services no other manufacturer is able to, they capitalize on their technology advantage and their ability to migrate services from one field to another.

Chiefway Smart Glass is crisp, experienced, and is reliable in all ways possible.

OHARA Optical Sdn Bhd

OHARA optical glass

Founded in 1991, OHARA Optical is one of the most popular and most-sought-after glass manufacturing companies in the country. Its history stretches out longer than 1991, and is actually considered by many as part of the foundations of glass manufacturing and production in Malaysia.

They’re known for a wide array of products, from projectors, cameras, microscopes, telescopes, and other gadgets and technology! Besides these, OHARA Optical Sdn Bhd is also an efficient company that handles automotive, aerospace, defense, and military applications, too!

Surely, you’ll be able to find peace in whichever product line you want and need or you can think of. OHARA Optical Sdn Bhd is and will always be ready to help and provide assistance to you if you need! s

IBX Hardware Sdn, Bhd

IBX hardware sdn glass

Founded in 2003, IBX Hardware is one of the manufacturers you wouldn’t really guess is a glass manufacturer until you see their product line and long history. From their founding, they’ve been a solid aluminum and glass manufacturing company, until they went another route and offered construction items and accessories.

IBX Hardware Sdn, Bhd is one of Malaysia’s top manufacturers of raw float glass units, as well as specialized or pre-made ones. They have a large product line, a reliable team of support, and an excessively experienced engineers and experts.

Even though they have an inch in the construction world, the company still specializes in aluminum and glass manufacturing. So, if you ever need a hand and an expertise in glass production, IBX Hardware Sdn, Bhd is the perfect manufacturing company for you.

And there you have it! Malaysia’s finest float glass manufacturing companies. You can take your pick, but do beware of how lucrative the prices can get if you choose to go with any of these five. They wouldn’t be heralded as the best in the country if their products are up to no good, right?

So, other than identifying these top-tier float glass suppliers, it’s also essential to understand some tips and strategies in making sure you work with the right manufacturer.

Tips to Choose the Best Float Glass Manufacturer

Getting to work with the best float glass manufacturer is like being provided the best solution you can. As simple as it sounds, it is actually a critical decision that can either make or break your business. Whether you’re in an industry where float glass is not a major component, or if you only use it for supplementary assistance, the right float glass manufacturer makes the difference.

We’ll be imparting a few of the best and most important tips in choosing the best float glass manufacturer for your application.

Tip #1: Mind the Products They’re Offering

One of the most common misconceptions with these kinds of manufacturers is that the more they offer, the better and more experienced they are. While it is partly true, some suppliers make their product lines small because they focus on a particular prototype and improve it with the hopes of their innovation busting out through the roof of technology.

So, check their products out and see how well they deliver them. Are they fond of customization? Can they specify that a particular product they made is for a company?

NOTE: It’s not always the more, the better!

Tip #2: Get Samples From Them

Quality is everything, especially when it comes to float glass. And in case you’re not sure how you can assess the work quality of a manufacturer, asking for a sample is the closest and the best path to take.

Most, if not all float glass manufacturers offer free lookups and samples of their product as their way of securing deals. What you want to do is to ask for a few samples of the product you’re eyeing on. Then, do thorough inspection of the product:

  • Do the glass inspection during normal daylight
  • Check if the seeds are enclosed
  • Ensure that the surface of the float glass is smooth
  • Check blobs and hairlines
  • Assess if it’s straight and leveled

Tip #3: Can They Do Custom Orders?

Customizability is arguably one of the strongest and most influential factors that make businesses decide whether they’ll go for a manufacturer or not, especially when it comes to float glass. Think about it, would you be comfortable working with a manufacturer that’s only producing or manufacturing generic products?

In the glass industry–or whatever industry, in that matter–the skill of being able to customize is not just style, but also strength. They’re more likely to be chosen as a partner because they’re flexible and skillful in making the products that the clients want and are looking for.

Tip #4: How is Their Overall Reliability?

Reliability is one of the few-most crucial things to look for in a business. Whichever industry or whatever type of business is involved, reliability is important. Even if they’re not as good as you want them to be, so long as they are reliable and are communicative, it will work and turn out fine.

Look for a company that strongly makes reliability and communication a big deal.

NOTE: Reliability isn’t just the act of responding to an inquiry, it is being present with whatever deal or business you’re dealing with.

Tip #5: Test Their Customer Service

Probably another critical step in partnering with a supplier would be their customer service. The last thing you want is to be left alone in the dark, not knowing what to do, where to go, and how to handle certain stuff.

This is where excellent customer service of a manufacturer comes in handy. Good manufacturers leave it out to the higher executives to chat with customers, but better and greater manufacturers have dedicated teams doing it.

One thing you can do is to test their customer support platform by asking questions. Most suppliers offer a free estimate, and once past that, try asking questions to test how great their service really is.

Tip #6: Look For Certifications

Last but most definitely not least would be to check for standard certifications. These certifications, in case you weren’t aware, are not really required. Neither do they show superiority nor does it show weakness, however, it’s a good way to measure how a company or a manufacturer handles their day-to-day processes.

There are a lot of certifications from regular quality assurance to factory or workspace setups. What you want to see with the manufacturers you’ll wok with must be aligned or related to the glass industry.

These are among the top and most crucial tips we can give you. It’s important to understand that although these seem heavy, they’re not that strict.

Why You Should GO For GLASHern For Your Float Glass

GLASHern is one of China’s leading float glass manufacturing companies, and has been for 14+ years already. We’ve handled multiple cases, problems, and have produced hundreds to thousands of glass units for different businesses and industries.

We’re more than happy to help you with all the float glass manufacturing requirements and needs you require! From our float glass, we’re knowledgeable and aware of how it can be developed and improved over time.

Our business and methodologies wouldn’t be admired by many, as well as be looked at as superior if we didn’t do good, right? For all your float glass needs and if you want to work with the roots in China, going with us will be the best and cleanest option for you.


There are many different float glass manufacturers out in the world, and most of them are in Asia. Here in China, GLASHern has been the nation’s answer when it comes to float glass manufacturing. We’ve been in the business for more than a decade, and we haven’t shown any signs of stopping.

If you’re eager to find a float glass manufacturer that you can fully trust, we got you covered!

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