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Top 5 Float Glass Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia of 2023

Float glass cut to size

You’re not wrong to be looking for the best and top float glass manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Even though they’re most-known for their tourism and jewelry hub, those are not their only strengths. In fact, they’re also known for their ability to produce top-quality float glass, too!

So, in this guide, we’ll be talking about the country’s best and top 5 float glass manufacturers! Stay tuned, too, because we’ll give a guide out on how you can choose the best float glass supplier that you might not have thought of!

Before jumping into that cauldron, though, let us first unravel a few of the best and most wanted data about Saudi Arabia’s float glass market!

Float Glass Market in Saudi Arabia Overview

Saudi Arabia’s float glass market is not as big as others, but it’s an extremely lucrative business industry, too. In fact, in 2021 the total value of Saudi Arabia’s float glass export reached $111 million–they’re the 111th best and largest global float glass exporter against a $54.1 million imports.

The following countries are what comprises their $111 million float glass market:

  • Ecuador at $8.54 million
  • Jordan at $17.8 million
  • Kuwait at $8.8 million
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) at $13.7 million
  • United States (U.S.) at $7.59 million

Saudi Arabia Float Glass Market Trends and Attributes

Here’s a quick table of the history, demand, and the projections of Saudi Arabia’s float glass market.

Attribute or Coverage

Details or Data

Base Market Year


Study Period

2023 to 2030

Currency In Place

American Dollar (USD — $)

Glass Market

  • Type (Product)
  • Function
  • Thickness
  • Application

Glass Market Projection

$2,243.28 million by 2030

Based on several studies, the drivers of this projection include the construction or infrastructure development, urbanization, and the rapid growth of the automotive and the aerospace and defense sectors.

Top 5 Float Glass Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia

That’s the overview of Saudi Arabia’s market of float glass. So, without further ado, here are the 5-best float glass suppliers and manufacturers in Saudi Arabia!

Obeikan Glass

Obeikan glass

If there’s a big player in Saudi Arabia when it comes to float glass, that’s Obeikan glass. For years, Obeikan glass has been in the market of producing, manufacturing, and innovating float glass for different product types.

They’re known as the biggest and best glass manufacturing company in the entire region for their specialized glass products, which, of course, all came from flat or float glass. With an eye for art and determination for high-quality units, Obeikan glass is definitely capable of providing one-of-a-kind float glass units, specifically for what you need!

So, don’t hesitate to give Obeikan glass a call or shoot them a message if you need any of their Nova Lam laminated glass or their Nova Float glass products!


NFGB glass

The NFGB, short for the National Factory For Glass Bottles, is one of Saudia Arabia’s best bets when it comes to glass units. Although their production has mainly been focused on glass containers and bottles, they’re also skilled in the production of flat sheet glass or float glass, in that regard.

Their float glass units run through Guardian, which, is considered a partner company of the NFGB. Through them, you don’t only get high-caliber products in tremendously short timeframes, but excellent and superior quality of customer service, support, and assistance, too!

The Zoujaj or the NFGB is a surefire hit if you’re in the business that requires glass products or units, as they have been heavily involved in the production of float glass for years.

Saudi Arabian Glass Company (SAGCO)

Saudi arabian glass Company

The Saudia Arabian Glass Company (SAGCO) is just part of the few-most popular glass manufacturing companies in the Middle East. They’ve been famous for many things, but one of the best factors has been their global reach and their versatility in the market.

They’ve initially been hailed as one of the best glass bottle manufacturers, but their expertise doesn’t stop there. SAGCO is a multi-class production company that is equipped with tons of production lines, capable of producing or manufacturing 1,000 metric tons of glass units per day.

Armed with an army of scientists, experts, engineers, and dedicated workers, you can never go wrong in choosing them as your float glass manufacturer!


Al-Manna glass

For a more classic and a simpler approach in float glass manufacturing, Al-Manna is one of the best in terms of catering businesses in the Middle East and South Africa (MEA). They are famous in the market for producing at least three types of strengthened or laminated units, Al-Manna is housed by experts, highly-seasoned, and highly-experienced individuals.

Whether you’re in dire need of accessories, clear glass, mirrors, tempered glasses, even double-glasses, wired glass, and other types of glass processing methodologies or units, Al-Manna can be the manufacturer you’ve always wanted to work with.

They have a cart in their website, which you can take advantage of to get a place of reservation for your orders!

Al Andus Glass

Al andus glass

Al Andus Glass is one of the few-best companies in Saudi Arabia known for their comprehensive glass handling. Founded in 1997, Al Andus Glass has been on the verge of the country’s float glass market from the likes of manufacturing insulated glass products, laminated glass, tempered glass, and many more!

They’re also known for their ability to produce a vast library of glass products, such as digitally-printed glass, Georgian bars, frameless glass, and other forms of decorative glass. Among their many projects and achievements include buildings, shopping centers, parking areas, hotels, hospitals, offices, and even residential establishments across the country.

So, here’s Saudi Arabia’s top and most-trusted float glass manufacturers! Knowing this is crucial information because it will give you a better path in choosing the best for whatever you need for your business.

How Do I Choose the Right Float Glass Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one of the few-least-favorite and visited countries, especially when it comes to float glass. The entirety of the Saudi Arabia, previously, utilizes oil as their main resource. Today, their tourism is off the charts!

Nevertheless, it’s still an important element to ensure that you’ll be able to land an excellent glass manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, right?

So, besides the top 5, we’ll help you gain a better understanding of what you need to look for, consider, and expect when shopping around different float glass manufacturing companies.

Customer Service

The first and probably the thing that would make or break your business’s reputation is customer service. Since you’re dealing with large volumes of numbers, the last thing you want is to be drowned in those numbers without support.

Many manufacturers don’t put much attention to their service, but it can actually be the maker of gains and the promoter of good work.

When looking for a manufacturer, assess their customer service levels and expertise. Look for one that is reliable, accountable, and one that can respond to whatever your messages or inquiries are!

Customization and Innovation

There are many manufacturers that have actually been stuck with what they’re doing for years – if not, decades now. That’s the reason why Corning, AGC, Saint-Gobain, and other worldly-famous brands are able to overcome the curse of longevity.

Besides the companies named, there are other float glass manufacturers that have been investing heavily on their ability to customize and innovate.

Check for signs of innovation by the most recent projects and products they’ve made. Most often, you’ll find them on their products list or the projects they have accomplished. Check and see how well their products have made.

Product Range and Quality

It’s monumentally important to consider the product quality and range when choosing a float glass provider. Look for a provider who has a wide range of glass types available besides float glass, like tempered glass, sapphire glass, laminated glass, quartz glass, or any other specialty glass you can think of.

In addition to that, you also have to make sure that the manufacturer’s goods not only satisfy your likes and needs, but also industry standards. Check the quality and the overall wow factor, since this adds to the project’s value and performance.

Feedback and Testimonials

The next thing you want to look at would be the feedback and testimonials. Now, a lot of people are actually doubtful of this because of fake testimonials and feedback, but, that’s not actually what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about real, authentic testimonials from real clients whom they’ve worked with recently. As businesses online, it’s essential to have this type of social proof as it helps strengthen and justify their claims of who they say they are.

NOTE: If they don’t have the testimonials on their page, ask it directly from them. The best manufacturers aren’t the ones with negative reviews, but those who are not afraid of it.

Experience and Expertise

The manufacturing process of float glass is not an easy task. In fact, out of all the manufacturing processes, the method of producing or manufacturing glass, whatever kind, is among the most challenging and most difficult to create.

Experience and expertise are two of the things that divide the lane for float glass manufacturers. In shorter and simpler terms, a reliable provider should be well-versed in glass materials, production processes, and installation methods.

Therefore, you should look for one that already has an established track record, real testimonials, and case studies demonstrating their expertise in managing projects. In this case, the entire project, the best and most experienced suppliers should be able to give useful insights, technical assistance, and direction.

Lead Time and Delivery

We can’t forget the fact that in this industry, speed is the name of the game. The faster your manufacturer can provide you with the products you need, the better it is. You have to make sure that your manufacturer has not accounts of lateness and tardiness–that can kill your business.

We know how difficult it is to check, but you can do so by asking for a sample. If they’re able to provide a sample fast and urgently, you’re on the right path. Many manufacturers lack urgency, and if you find one who fills that void, stick with them!

Saudi Arabia is home to a lot of tourism and luxury opportunities. And although they’re alone in this, you can take advantage of what they have to offer. If you can’t find the float glass supplier in Saudi Arabia, we here at GLASHern can catch up on you!


We may not be in Saudi Arabia, but we’re more than willing to help and provide the assistance and quality of float glass you need and you’re looking for. GLASHern has been on the run for being one of the best not just in China, but in the whole world, and quite frankly, we’ve been doing a pretty good job.

Our expertise widens out through time, expanding whatever innovation we can think of. From producing solely simple and generic float glass to the strengthening and reinforcement of these glasses to become Gorilla Glass, you can bank and count on us!

GLASHern is always here to help you with what you need! Reach out to us today and we will send a free estimate of what you need over!

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