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Top 5 Soda-Lime Glass Manufacturers in the World

Soda-lime glass products have various applications

Have you been wondering about who the top 5 soda-lime glass manufacturers in the world are? Do you want to get this type of information for you to be able to decide on who you can trust, rely on, and work with for your future projects?

In this article, we will be providing information about who we think the best and top 5 soda-lime manufacturers are in the industry. We won’t just be talking about the best in a country or a continent, but the whole world.

Sit back, relax, and get the best and most value of what you are about to learn here!

Soda-Lime Glass Market Overview

Before we get into the top 5, let us first try to check on the current market of soda-lime glass in the world, how it’s performing, and how we can expect it to be in the future.

This report will cover the data on what the current market drivers are of soda-lime glass in the world. Part of this would be current and emerging trends, growth opportunities, challenges, and the positions of where soda-lime glass would be in the future.

NOTE: The regions it will cover include APAC, MEA, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

The current global state of the soda-lime glass market is seen as a competitive, robust, and wide, taking from the major players in the industry. For us to gain a better understanding of this data, let us go ahead and discuss the key attributes of how all of these came to be.

Key Attributes And Insights Of The Aluminosilicate Glass Market This 2023:


Key Insights

Market Size This 2022-2023 (Glassware/Soda-Lime Glass)

In 2022, the market size reached 16.02 billion

Forecasted Market Value In 2033 (Glassware/Soda-Lime Glass)

In 2032, projected or forecasted value is at 28.55 billion

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

Growing CAGR is 6% from the forecasted period

Largest Market

Asia-Pacific Region

Base Year


The market for soda-lime glassware and similar products is seen at a continuous growth. It is expected to continue to grow, due to the advancements and product choices of manufacturers and suppliers in different business sectors and industries.

Key Takeaways of Soda-Lime Glass Research This 2023

Some of the key takeaways of this research included:

  • A 34% share is the total recorded revenue in the year 2022.
  • There was a 39% medium segment accounted for in the year 2022.
  • The covered regions include Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America

Now that we know the data of soda-lime list in terms of their market overview, let us now go through the world’s best and top soda-lime list suppliers and manufacturers!

Top 5 Soda-Lime Glass Manufacturers in the World This 2023


AGC is one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers that has been at the forefront of the industry since the time they entered the market. Asahi Glass Co., has been established from 1907, and is still operational today with many new and different innovations coming as a product of their development and overall evolution.

When it comes to soda-lime glass and other glass types, for that matter, Asahi Glass Co., will always be ready to provide assistance to businesses and people that need them. From providing automotive glass and windows to residential and commercial products, you can trust and bank on AGC’s expertise and experience with it!

Soda Lime Glass AU

Australia’s top and best soda-lime glass manufacturer, Soda Lime Glass AU is nothing short of a truthful, reliable, and incredibly fast-growing in the glassmaking industry. Armed by decades of experience across different timelines of glass, Soda Lime Glass AU sits at the façade of the country’s soda-lime manufacturing industry.

Taking pride in the wide library of products and service they offer from typical soda-lime glass, mirrors, switch glass to hardware, splashbacks, and many more, Soda Lime Glass AU can help and provide whatever type of glass you need for your home or your business!


GLASHern is one of China’s best and top glass fabrication and innovative expert when it comes to float glass and soda-lime glass. The company is equipped with unrelenting experience in the field, including full customization of whatever glass product you want.

From the usual glass cutting, drilling, etching to color printing, coating, polishing and grinding, or whatever specification you want or need with your soda-lime glass, GLASHern has got you covered. 60+ years of combined experience and being more than a decade exposed in the industry will never put you in a bad position especially when it comes to your projects or your business itself.

Specialty Glass Products

Specialty Glass Products, or more commonly referred to as SGP Inc., is one of America’s top and most trusted companies, especially when it comes to various glass types–soda-lime glass, in particular. Their website is not as advanced and modern as the other manufacturers in this list, but they boast the pristine quality of their work through the feedback and testimonials people have for them.

You can find almost all glass products and specialties in their arsenal, from regular soda-lime glass, chemically-coated glass, quartz glass, even tubing and substrates, too! Specialty Glass Products has been trusted by thousands of businesses since 1961, and they continue to provide exceptional-quality work for their clients!

Elan Tachnology

You probably haven’t heard of them yet, but to tell you, they’re part of the brands that build up today’s glasses worldwide. Elan Technology is all about precision, accuracy, dependability, and overall reliability. Known as leaders in the technical glass industries for 70+ years, you can rely on them to get you whatever type of soda-lime glass you’re looking for.

They’re equipped with glassmaking experts and innovators in their Research & Development (R&D) team to help them provide extensive innovation and research to provide for their clients and customers better. They’ve handled a large base of industries from automotive and aerospace, lighting, military and medical, industrial, and even communication and resource exploration, too.

How to Choose a Soda-Lime Glass Manufacturing Company

Knowing and identifying the world’s best and most-sought-after soda-lime glass manufacturers in the country is one thing, but deeply understanding what you should be looking for and which factors should be at the core of your considerations is another.

Experience and Expertise

Probably the most important thing you want to look for in a soda-lime glass manufacturer would be their expertise and experience. Who do you want to work with? A newcomer in the industry with a lot of potential, or a company that already has a proven track record of success with various companies?

It’s important to have ingenuity and modernness, but it is more valuable to work with a company that have made their clients successful through their work.

Key takeaways:

  • Look for a manufacturer with experience not just with soda-lime glass, but other glass types too
  • Check their portfolio or their collection oof produced work over the years
  • Ask about their experience, what challenges they faced and how they overcame those
  • Ask them about their professional approach on certain things

Industry Knowledge

Besides experience and expertise, industry knowledge can also make or break your business. Industry knowledge, in simpler terms, is the approach that businesses and companies do in certain situations. You want to make sure that the company you will work with is adept and is knowledgeable about the industry, not just the product.

Key takeaways:

  • Check the products that they’re able to produce and provide
  • See how flexible they are in terms of manufacturing and try to delve deep into that

Licenses and Certification

Another thing would be the licenses and certifications. Many companies don’t have certifications, which are important tools and ingredients in proving that they follow the global standard for their product. It’s essential for businesses to have it, and, if the manufacture you’re eyeing on doesn’t have one, you need to rethink your decision.

Certifications don’t necessarily have to be long. If they comply to the right set of standards in the glassmaking industry, that’s already enough.

Key takeaways:

  • Most companies would showcase their certifications on their websites
  • You can ask what certifications and standards they comply to and see if they have documents
  • Standard compliance doesn’t mean excellence, it just means they follow the global rule

Machines, Equipment, and Technology

Hardworking people overtaking the industry without the help or need of machines is a myth. In the glassmaking world, machines are everything. Not only do they help operators and laborers with their tasks, but it can also promote safety and security among the people and projects involved, too.

These machines don’t necessarily have to be AI or those futuristic robots. We’re talking about crucibles, furnaces, automatic machines, conveyor belts, etc. This is because without machines, it’s almost impossible to make glass–even a single piece of it.

Key takeaways:

  • Machines would usually be located at the backend of their manufacturing plant, you can ask them for it
  • A few equipment is fine, so long as they get the job done. It doesn’t necessarily have to be highly-advanced and technical
  • This is not a requirement, but can help in giving you answers about the lead time you can get

Industries and Sectors Handled

Most people don’t see the importance of checking the businesses and industries handled by a manufacturer, when, in actuality, it can help with the overall dependence of their products. A lot of businesses think that it’s fine to work with a manufacturer that has zero experience in the field, but it’s not.

Finding out the industries they handled is a big step, because that alone will dictate how successful they will be while working with you. Imagine working with a company that does not have experience with automotives, and then suddenly will work with you for windshields, car windows, and other parts of the engine – it can be a disaster.

Key takeaways:

  • Always make it to a point to check who they’ve worked and partnered with before
  • Make sure that you get a list of the industries they have experience in
  • Try to ask them specific-industry questions related to the business you’ll be going in with

Feedback and Testimonials

Last but most definitely not least would be what customers have to say about them. Experience is the best teacher, and in assessing a company or a manufacturer you will work with, finding out the feedback and testimonials or what other people had to say about them is essential.

Most businesses would display customer feedback on their website, regardless if it’s bad or good, to show that they have customers. Others won’t, because they think of it as some type of request from a future client. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best and most practical avenues to weigh the experience that the manufacturer gives.

Key takeaways:

  • You can privately contact previous customers and clients to see what they have to say about working with the manufacturer
  • There are a lot of opportunities for this, but the most important would be by communication
  • Some manufacturers provide access to previous clients, as part of their marketing efforts


For more than a decade, GLASHern has earned every right to be in the world’s best and most trusted manufacturers of soda-lime glass. Being experts in the industry for 8+ years straight, it’s impossible not to get noticed by companies and organizations who are at the forefront of the industrial sector, and GLASHern is all about that.

Whatever project you’ll need soda-lime glass for, GLASHern will be able to accommodate and provide the necessary products and units for it.

With GLASHern, everything is possible. You would never worry about timelines and lead time, because we have an entire team to help you with it!

Contact us today and get a free quote of whatever your orders are!

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