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Top 7 Curved Glass Suppliers of 2023

Curved Glass Suppliers

Are you searching for your ideal curved glass supplier? We collected the seven best glass manufacturers globally to help you narrow down your long, prospected lists of companies. There are endless opportunities to use curved glass; having the best reliable partner in this project is the primary key to success in this field.

Market Overview

The market for curved glass was valued at US$ 687.9 million in 2019; by the end of 2026, it is anticipated to have grown to US$ 1055.7 million, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3%. Curved glass refers to the final result of bending flat, regular glass into a specified shape and then using that shape to create a specific arc. To manufacture standard bent glass, the glass is heated on a mold, bends due to gravity, and is then gradually chilled.

Top Curved Glass Suppliers List:

1. Bent Glass Design

Bent Glass Design

Bent Glass Design is the primary supplier of bespoke bent glass to the architectural and specialty industries. They are a one-stop store for bent, laminated, and insulated glasses. Thermal performance, acoustics, safety, and security specifications are all programmable for these products, producing bent glass. Two examples are turned insulated glass and bent laminated glass. Among the competencies are binding, designing, chemical strengthening, and edgework. They satisfied the requirements of ANSI and the CPSC while serving the architectural and specialized sectors.

Bent Glass Design Official Website:

2. Swift Glass

SG Curved Glass

Swift Glass Company Inc. is an industry leader in on-demand curved, non-tempered, scratch-resistant glass production. Float, gauge, patterned, optical display, sight glass, Pyrex®, Vycor®, and Borofloat® are a few examples of the different varieties. It is available in various bespoke profiles, including tubing, rod, sheets, cylinders, and filters. Prototyping, CNC machining, waterjet cutting, boring, drilling, slotting, pocketing, surface, grooving, and engraving are some choices. It is possible to fabricate parts that are up to 48 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 8 inches thick. They were employed in governmental, military, industrial, optical, lighting, maritime, automotive, and energy applications and were ITAR-certified.

Swift Glass Company Inc. Official Website:

3. Ditto

Ditto Curved Glass

Suppliers of both new and old machinery include Ditto Sales Inc. Profile shaping and sanding tools, panel laminators, double-end tenoners, roller presses, wood top rubbing tools, solid wood lipping edge banding tools, and dust collection devices are a few examples of equipment kinds. Producer of bent or twisted glass. Available in golden, transparent, and gray hues. Air circulators, vinyl strip door systems, enclosures, couplers, air nailers, stackers, street moving warehouse ladders, overarm routers, laminate slitters, feeders, tilters, and dumpers are a few of the extra goods available. Examples of serviced industries include furniture for offices and homes, kitchen cabinets, retail fixtures, appliances, toolboxes, and architecture.

Ditto Sales Inc. Official Website:

4. Coresix

Coresix Curved Glass

Coresix has concentrated on the unique skills of various people to realize its only objective of becoming the top manufacturer of precision glass components globally. They produce windows, wafers, and glass in regular and unique sizes. You can use a cover, a sheet, or a willow glass. Cutting, manufacturing, grinding, lapping, and polishing are a few of the capabilities. Services like screen printing and marking are also available. Work with corning, soda lime, eagle XG, boro-float, borosilicate, and aluminosilicate-made materials. Optics, sensors, scanners, CCD covers, dental mirrors, microdisplays, field equipment, and printing applications are all well-suited for this material.

Coresix Official Website:

5. American Precision

American Precision Curved Glass

Custom and precision glass bending production, including filter glass, are both offered by American Precision Glass Corp. The services provided include glass grinding, glass cutting, glass beveling & chamfering, glass drilling, customized fabrications, and custom laser marking & etching. Faceplates, prisms, filters, mirrors, lenses, circles, tubing, rods, micro sheets, conductive windows, molded blanks, sagging components, and custom glass products are a few examples of applications. They produce Numerous specialty glass products, including borosilicate, crown, soda lime, filters, quartz, fused silica, radiation shielding, X-ray, etc.

American Precision Official Website:

6. Flickinger

Flickinger Curved Glass

Curved glass is produced on demand by Flickinger Glassworks. Architectural, stained, window, room divider, beveled, shade, shelves, shelving, tubing, glassware, molded, and laminated glass are just a few of the numerous types of glass available. Glass fabrication, carving, printing, and etching are some of the skills. Additionally offered are glass cabinets, cylinders, lighting fixtures, domes, round & unusual-shaped pieces, and bents.

Flickinger Official Website:

7. Flabeg

Flabeg Curved Glass

Flabeg manufactures custom-made circular, curved, square, double-glazed, and untempered glass. Glass can be coated with anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-fog, beam-splitting, reflective, conductive, hydrophobic, and hydrophilic thin-film coatings. The capabilities include bending, drilling, milling, sandblasting, edge-grinding or seaming, coating, screen-printing, etching, laser treatment, and laminating. They were offered in a wide range of variants and radiuses. They were utilized for mirrors, displays, center consoles, touch-up screens, display covers, digital signage, art or architectural illumination, and hermetically sealed instrument applications in the automotive, aerospace, nautical, electronics, and medical fields.

Flabeg Official Website:

Learn More About Curved Glass

Using new construction or renovations that depart from the typical facades’ square edges and flat surfaces, architects can make a statement using bent glass works. Glass that has been reheated, bent, or curled to the required shape, usually over a metal mold, and allowed to cool in that position is known as curved or bent glass. Architectural projects like glass domes, handrails, revolving doors, exhibition cases, and interior car parts like windshields and some backlights all use glass with curved edges.

The solar control, thermal insulation, and acoustic properties of glass have all been enhanced thanks to high-performance coated glass. Still, until recently, preserving the coated glass’s aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency when bent was a problem. The construction of intricately curved facades is now possible because of recent developments in glass coating technology, which also increases a building’s energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Curved Glass Manufacturing Processes

Gravity Bending

After being heated to about 1100°F (600°C), a glass plate is placed over or inside a curved mold and gently lowered by gravity alone. This eliminates anisotropy and rolling wave distortion. Laminates can add safety features even if tempered or safety glass is not utilized. Coating heating takes longer, which still takes time.

Heat-Treated Bending

A glass plate is heated to about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit (600 degrees Celsius), placed over or inside a curved mold, and progressively lowered by gravity. By doing this, anisotropy and rolling wave distortion are both removed. Laminates can still contribute safety features even without tempered or safety glass. Coating heating still requires time but at a slower rate.

Cold Bending

Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) can be structurally attached to the outside face of the frame in close cooperation with a structural silicone sealant supplier, or a mechanically trapped, otherwise flat panel can be structurally attached to a bent structure to create cold bent IGUs. Regularly out-of-plane geometries, such as those with radii more significant than 120 inches (3 meters), are used in cold bending. The glass, sealant, and framework manufacturers should review and approve each application.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Curved Glass Supplier

Locating dependable and trustworthy material providers in any sector can be challenging. This is especially true for the glass sector, where it is getting harder and harder to locate a reliable supplier in the current market. It has become more challenging for customers to confirm the quality of the glass they’re buying online, whether they’re individuals or architectural firms, partly because of the growth of online glass sales and the entry of new players into the virtual glass supply field. To ensure that your chosen provider is a good fit for you, evaluating them against a set of requirements is crucial.


Many clients need help finding glass vendors who are reliable, trustworthy, and capable of providing high-quality glass for their projects. Verify that your potential supplier complies with all criteria; this is an excellent approach to ensure that your glass will work with the design of your project.


Your preferred glass supplier must be able to deliver on time and deliver your materials where you need them when you need them there. A dependable supplier should be aware that any delay in the glass supply can seriously harm the completion of a project.

Varied Glass

Additionally, confirming that the glass supplier you choose can provide you with various glass kinds is crucial. Select a provider who can meet your project’s glass demands with a broad selection of varieties.

Good Value

Your chosen glass provider must offer reasonable prices. Select a producer who can offer the highest value for their goods. Choose a supplier who can provide a quote in advance and outline your projects’ entire material budgeting process.


For curved glass to be successfully incorporated into architectural design, it must be a complicated material wholly understood. Before using curved glass in your architectural design, there are a few essential factors you should be aware of. And choosing your ideal partner for this endeavor is a crucial decision. Above are some of the leading glass manufacturer-suppliers that might help you.

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