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9 Top Eyeglass Lenses Manufacturers of 2023

Eyeglass Lenses Manufacturers

We selected the Top 9 Eyeglass Lenses Manufacturers from the wide range of online options because they excel in producing eyewear and providing services. This article will give you a foundational understanding of eyeglass lenses and guidelines for selecting the best supplier.

Market Overview

The market for prescription lenses was valued at USD 45.3 billion in 2021; from 2022 to 2030, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3%. There are more and more occurrences of vision impairment caused by refractive error. Most of these events initially go undetected and contribute to the rise in the prevalence of uncorrected refractive errors (URE).

Leading Eyeglass Lenses Suppliers List:

1. Essilor Health

Essilor Health Eyeglass Lens

As an open network organization, Essilor is one of the largest eyeglass lens manufacturers that provides access to a worldwide platform of premium vision care goods, enduring brands that customers adore, and cutting-edge digital services and solutions to our industry stakeholders in over 150 countries. Essilor creates and alters a variety of corrective lenses to satisfy client needs. It offers treatments for many visual conditions, including presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. VARILUX, Myopilux, and Eyezen are the most prominent ophthalmic lens products.

Essilor Official Website:


HOYA Eyeglass Lens

The HOYA Corporation is a commercial conglomerate that owns and manages companies in many industries, including life sciences, IT, and others. The business sells healthcare and medical items such IOLs, contact lenses, and eyeglass lenses under its life care section. Additionally, it produces medical endoscopes. The company offers HOYA MultiView, Pleno (Toric), HOYA Hard/EX, HOYA Airy One Month contact lenses, and Eyeglass Lenses in the category of ophthalmic lenses.

HOYA Corporation Official Website:



With Kodak lenses, you might get the richest, most vibrant colors possible. A spacious, close zone for natural eye movement, a clear distant zone, and a smooth transitional zone are all features of the premium upgraded progressive lens Kodak Precise. Kodak Precise Lenses provide clear vision at all distances. These were produced by applying advanced new mathematics and a process dubbed “Vision First Design.” KODAK single-vision and bifocal lenses have a minimum bulge and are flatter, which provides good peripheral vision. Since they are up to 30% lighter and thinner than standard lenses, these glasses offer a clean and comfortable field of vision.

KODAK Official Website:

4. Drivewear

Drivewear Eyeglass Lens

You can see the road more clearly using DRIVEWEAR Transitions Lenses, which incorporate polarization into their lenses to enhance driving vision. One of the biggest problems for drivers wearing eyeglasses is frequent glare from the road and the car hood, which is eliminated by the NuPolar® polarization. Transitions® photochromic technology adjusts the color and tint of the lenses as the light environment changes to deliver the best color and clarity for driving. Drivewear lenses can detect and react to various light conditions both outside and inside the windscreen of the car, from glaring brightness and extreme brightness to dreary, cloudy weather.

Drivewear Transitions Official Website:

5. Transitions

Transitions Eyeglass Lens

A producer of eyeglasses named TRANSITIONS specializes in transition technology that may be used indoors and outdoors. Transitions lenses automatically darken on the outside and turn clear inside in response to changing lighting conditions. Transitions lenses filter at least 26% of blue-violet light indoors and 86% outdoors while blocking 100% UV rays. Tests were carried out using superior anti-reflective coating on grey lenses. The wavelength of blue-violet light is 400–455 nm.

Transitions Official Website:

6. Shanghai Optics

Shanghai Optics Eyeglass Lens

An unrivaled bespoke system solution supplier, Shanghai Optics provides advanced precision custom optical design, engineering, prototyping, and production services. They’re one of North America’s leading custom lens manufacturers, with over 20 years of expertise. They specialize in lens assembly and provide the most affordable custom optical solutions for the biomedical, medical device and instrument, life science, and photonics industries. Shanghai Optics collaborates with its customers to create innovative bespoke visual design solutions and technical consulting for the most challenging applications by fusing top-notch custom engineering with the most cutting-edge, advanced metrology.

Shanghai Optics Official Website:

7. Rochester Optical

Rochester Optical Eyeglass Lens

In Rochester, New York, Rochester Optical was founded in 1932 as a reseller of prescription eyeglasses. They have a 70-year history of providing the eye care sector with prescription eyeglasses created in Rochester and serving retail customers. Rochester Optical is pleased to have served their country for decades by providing the military with specialized tactical eyewear and their years of commitment to eye care professionals nationwide.

Rochester Optical Official Website:

8. Luzerne Optical

Luzerne Optical  Eyeglass Lens

The largest privately held, single-location wholesale optical laboratory in the United States is Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd. Manufacturer and retailer of eyewear and related accessories is Luzerne Optical. They sell sunglasses, shooting glasses, eyeglasses, glass coatings, contact and optical lenses, and eyewear. Binoculars, telescopes, and rifle scopes are additional optical goods. We provide both finished stock glasses and bare frames. Furthermore offers optical instruments, lens cleaners, and cases for glasses.

Luzerne Optical Official Website:

9. Hi-Tech

Hi-Tech Eyeglass Lens

Since 1938, Hi-Tech Optical has focused on providing complete, turnkey safety eyewear systems. Hi-Tech, the biggest Safety Optical Laboratory in the Midwest, serves the employees, retirees, ophthalmologists, and optometrists of the nation’s leading industrial plants. Cost-containment, verified eligibility, diverse location, and Freedom of Choice doctor participation plans are some offered programs. Products made by this company are optical, including goggles, sunglasses, and safety glasses with various prescriptions. Products include eyeglasses, frames, side shields, and safety lenses.

Hi-Tech Optical Inc. Official Website:

Understanding Eyeglass Lenses

By reorienting light rays to strike your retina in the proper location and give you a clear idea, contact and eyeglass lenses work to correct your vision. They alter the course of light differently for nearsighted and farsighted people.

Nearsightedness causes your eyes to overfocus, which stops light rays from focusing directly on the retina and instead forces them to focus before they do. Eyes are less focused on it because eyeglass lenses divert light beams so that the retina, where it belongs, receives them.

Types of Materials used for Eyeglass Lens

The many materials lens makers employ to create eyeglass lenses are described below.

Plastic Lenses

Standard plastic is a heavy substance formed by impact- and shatter-resistant plastic polymer CR-39. Standard plastic is an outdated technology and typically the least expensive lens material. CR-39 plastic is still one of the most often used materials for eyeglass lenses due to its good optical properties and affordable price. Other 1.56 index lenses typically offer less clarity.

Polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are lighter and more durable than plastic ones. They were first created for helmet visors for the Air Force, “bulletproof glass” for banks, and other safety uses. If you play sports, have kids who are hard on their glasses, or have an active job where your spectacles could easily get destroyed, these impact-resistant lenses are an excellent option.

Trivex Lenses

Trivex, a lightweight lens material with some polycarbonate characteristics, was created for eyeglasses in 2001. It is thinner, lighter, and far more impact-resistant than polycarbonate. Some folks also offer more excellent vision correction.

High-index plastic lenses

High-index plastic lenses were introduced in response to consumer demand for lighter, smaller eyeglasses. Because they have a greater index of refraction and are thinner for the same power as CR-39 plastic lenses, they are better suited for higher powers.


In light of this, choosing the best eyeglass lens maker is essential because some eyewear lens manufacturers are responsible for the future of your sight. The brands listed above will undoubtedly provide you with the advantage of a reputable manufacturer.

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