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Top 9 Glass Mirror Manufacturers of 2023

Glass Mirror Manufacturers

It is critical to have a sturdy and long-lasting glass mirror for various applications. Glass mirrors not only fulfill their intended purpose but also add beauty to the arrangement of the space or building. If you are looking for top-notch durable glass mirror manufacturers, worry no more because these manufacturers provide a variety of glass mirrors that are resilient, excellent, and worthy of consideration. High-quality products and reasonable prices, particularly since some of the companies mentioned here are wholesale mirror suppliers.

A mirror is used widely to observe oneself, such as during personal grooming. We have different uses for mirrors– for self-checking, decorations in structures and space, and for security and safety purposes. Glass mirrors were invented and redesigned through time thanks to the radical change advancement of technology. Through these, we can observe objects even if we are not directly looking or if there is a hindrance in our vision due to different factors or barriers. Not only these, but glass mirrors also became part of designers’ choices when setting a place for their customers.

Market Overview

In 2023, because of the construction sector, glass mirrors became worth twenty-two trillion; by 2021, the market for glass mirrors was twenty-two billion dollars worldwide. During this forecasted period, it will grow up to eight percent. Due to demands for the use of mirrors in interior design and automobiles, more re-designed functional glass mirrors were expected to be entered the market. This only proves that houses, buildings, and various sizes of rooms need mirrors to be more adaptable to be utilized by designers and decorators, as well as architects who formulate building designs. These rising demands will propel the growth of revenue in the market.

Top 9 Glass Mirror Manufacturers

Based on their business standing and high-end quality products, the following are the top 9 glass mirror manufacturers:

1.Antique Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Antique Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Antique Mirror Company is a Bristol antique mirror glass manufacturer. They specialize in hand-silvering antique-effect mirrors. Joanna and her small team are passionate about creating exquisite mirrors using traditional techniques passed down through generations and perfected and tweaked over 35 years. Each mirror is made with genuine silver and hand distressed, resulting in a warmer, one-of-a-kind finish that distinguishes it from mass-produced alternatives on the market. Their hand-finished techniques ensure a unique and aesthetically pleasing patina that complements any interior design perfectly.

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2.GLAShern Glass Mirror Manufacturer

GLAShern Glass Mirror Manufacturer

GLAShern is a reputable custom mirror manufacturer. They create unique mirrors that perfectly reflect personality and taste using exquisite craftsmanship and creative design. They can provide high-quality solutions for home decoration, commercial properties, and custom projects. GLAShern excels as a dependable glass fabrication specialist in producing bespoke, high-precision custom glass products that meet your specific needs. Since 2009, they have been in the glass industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology, innovative techniques, and a team of skilled professionals.

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3.Avalon Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Avalon Glass Mirror Manufacturer

In 1995, Avalon Glass and Mirror began manufacturing mirrors. Any size business may fit in their seventy-five thousand square foot production plant, which also produces mirrors of the greatest quality. It changes with the industry and swiftly absorbs new technologies. Because of their seasoned team and usage of high-end equipment like German-made Klöpper equipment on their production line, Avalon has been a pioneer in innovation and quality for more than 60 years. Avalon provides products and services throughout the United States and the Hawaiian Islands for cabinet makers and producers, millwork firms, both commercial and residential.

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4.PFGMI Glass Mirror Manufacturer

PFGMI Glass Mirror Manufacturer

One of the top flat glass producers is Pioneer Float Glass Manufacturing Inc. In 2001, the 1958-founded Republic Glass Corporation changed its name to AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. (AGPH) and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese company Asahi Glass Company (AGC). In 2018, TQMP Glass Manufacturing Corp. bought all of the shares of AGPH, taking over as the industry leader for flat glass in the Philippines. Worldwide affiliates additionally offer Mirrors, Patterned Glass, Processed Glass (Flat Tempered, Curved Tempered, Laminated, Insulating Glass Units), Coated Glass (Reflective and Low E), and other goods.

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5.Niche Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Niche Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Niche Glass is a one-way glass manufacturer founded to provide homeowners with the best glass product. Standard glazing still needs to meet increased security, soundproofing, and privacy requirements. After researching customer needs, they developed glass options focusing on soundproofing windows, security glazing for patio doors, conservatories, and other vulnerable glazed areas, and one-way mirror glass for added privacy. Double glazing, triple glazing, replacement sealed units for failed or misted glass, glass splashbacks, integral blinds within double glazed units, stained glass encapsulation, and glass railings are also available from Niche Glass.

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6.SFMC Glass Mirror Manufacturer

SFMC Glass Mirror Manufacturer

San Francisco Mirror Corporation, a forerunner in the glass sector, was established in 1952 as a producer, importer, supplier, and processor of premium glass goods. Due to the years-long maintenance of highly sophisticated equipment, they create any type of glass with various patterns. Due to advanced technology, their production is done in an industrial environment with cutting-edge drilling and edging equipment, enabling the firm to provide high output levels. They constructed warehouses to hold supplies to satisfy the rising market demand as a provider of wall mirrors and associated glass products.

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7.Majestic Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Majestic Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Majestic Mirror & Frame is a significant mirror maker, distributor, and inventor for the hospitality design, multifamily, healthcare, and retail furniture industries. Alan Mandel, an industry visionary, founded the firm in 1994. Mr. Mandel has been in the industry for over 40 years and has vast experience in product development and sourcing. He has constantly enabled Majestic Mirror & Frame to supply excellent quality items at an affordable price. Majestic Mirror & Frame is continuously innovating and expanding its product options today.

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8.Meek Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Meek Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Meek Mirrors invented and patented the Theft Proof Snap Mirror Frame in 1961 to meet a demand in the construction industry. Meek Mirrors handmade mirrors have been put in over two million sites by over 6,000 dealers since then. They are frameless, infinity, wood-framed, and wall mirror suppliers worldwide. Manufacturing, sales, marketing, and administration are all based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and all of their goods are purchased from American firms and hand-welded, hand-polished, and hand-finished in Fort Smith. This veteran-owned business will meet all your requirements for handmade mirrors and stainless steel goods.

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9.Gamco Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Gamco Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Gamco, formerly known as General Accessory Manufacturing, remains to run out of its cutting-edge Durant, Oklahoma factory, and is focused on creating industrial stainless steel bathroom accessories. In addition, they continue to provide powder-coated finishes in a range of colors along with bespoke toilet goods created from materials like as solid brass and solid bronze. This glass company offers a wide variety of products, including glass mirrors, grab bars made of stainless steel, fold-up shower chairs, towel dispensers, waste bins, toilet paper holders, hand dryers, and soap dispensers.

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Mirrors made of glass can make a room appear more beautiful and welcoming. Therefore, choosing the best glass mirror manufacturer should always be based on your style and preferences. When selecting a glass mirror manufacturer, consider the product quality, reputation, customer service, certification, and price value. After all, you are the customer, and the products you want should meet the criteria for the glass mirror you want to purchase. Remember always to choose a high-quality product that is also inexpensive but worthwhile.

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