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Top 9 Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturers of 2023

Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturer

Want to level up your phone with the most durable protective tempered glass? Check out these top mobile tempered glass manufacturers across the globe!

They provide a wide selection of tempered glasses most suitable for your mobile phone. Not just this, but most of these manufacturers offer wholesaling and retailing for their quality products.

Mobile Tempered Glass Market Overview

There is a large total market value when it comes to mobile tempered glass worldwide, hitting forty-nine billion dollars in the year 2023. By 2024, this size grew to more than fifty-two billion dollars in the world market. In an approximate time range from the present year to 2030, this will likely reach over eighty-four billion dollars. Since mobile phones are the most essential technological devices, the demand for more advanced devices is one of the factors fueling this expanding market.

Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturers List:

Here are the top mobile tempered glass manufacturers across the globe, with their premium-grade production and supply of tempered glass products:


Coresix Mobile Tempered Glass

Coresix Precision Glass is a mobile tempered glass manufacturer. This company has been in the industry since 2002 and has been providing a wide range of glass products which includes tempered glasses for various applications. With their professionally skilled staff and technology, they ensure they provide glass products with the highest quality possible and serve all clients, customers, and business partners with utmost dedication. They strive to create a safe space for the market, giving cost-effective products to each and every customer.

Coresix Official Website:

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GLAShern Mobile Tempered Glass

GLAShern is known for producing quality mobile tempered glass. This custom glass manufacturer can expertly craft and imaginatively design custom-tempered glasses to fit any mobile device. They can provide high-quality solutions for mobile devices and even for large-scale projects. For both large-scale projects and mobile devices, they offer top-notch solutions. As a glass expert manufacturer, GLAShern excels at creating precise custom glass products that adhere to your specifications and needs. Since 2009, they have operated in the glass sector with a staff of qualified experts, cutting-edge technology, and creative methods.

GLAShern Official Website:

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Pegasus Mobile Tempered Glass

This mobile tempered glass manufacturer is situated in Canada. As they established a production facility in Cambridge, they are able to cater to large numbers of customers, both wholesale and retail. With Pegasus’ skilled production team, cutting-edge machinery, and systems, they can give upgraded glass products on the market. Since the modern era, they have kept up with advanced technology and upgraded their system and production facility equipment.

Pegasus Official Website:

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4.Howard Glass

Howard Glass Mobile Tempered Glass

Howard Glass was established in 1912a and has been serving customers and clients across the globe with its wide range of glass products, including tempered glass in the present. In 1912, they started with window glasses, glazing, installations, and military tools. In the present day, their products are widely used in electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical sectors. With their professionally made team, production system, and equipment, they can give fast delivery and crystal-clear transaction. They are also certified by ISO and ITAR for proper systems and production facilities.

Howard Glass Official Website:

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5.Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies Mobile Tempered Glass

Abrisa, as a glass manufacturer and producer, provides a wide range of glass products on the market. With more than eighty years of combined expertise, they assure the delivery of the most secure products to each customer’s doorstep through dependable packing material for tempered glasses. Mobile tempered glass is one of their lined-up and needed products on the market. With this, they offer cost-effective but quality standard products designed and produced with precision and specification. Through the help of their dedicated workers, production team, and advanced machines, they are able to cater to customers who need large-scale orders.

Abrisa Technologies Official Website:

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SGP Mobile Tempered Glass

SGP, or Special Glass Products, is one of the glass manufacturers that offer various glass products, including mobile cardinal tempered glass. This company has been in the glass industry for almost 60 years. They can meet the specifications and large-scale demands of the market through their skilled personnel and production system. SGP applies all the expertise they gained and honed through years of experience. They aim to create and supply quality products suitable to every customer’s specifications all across the globe. With advanced technology, producing a quality product with detail and precision is secured.

Special Glass Products Official Website:

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7.Swift Glass

Swift Glass Mobile Tempered Glass

Swift Glass is a manufacturing company that produces premium quality glass which can be applied in different industries. They produce mobile tempered glass, optical glass, and other products used in aerospace and military. This company has already been in the production industry for about 100 years, and with this experience, they can guarantee their clients that their products will be in their hands without any damage. With this, Swift Glass continuously provides quality yet cost-effective products and their mobile tempered glass price, optical glass price, and all the other products that they have will remain affordable.

Swift Glass Official Website:

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TGP Mobile Tempered Glass

This manufacturing company produces quartz glassware as well as mobile tempered glass. It was established in the year 1990 and is focused on satisfying its customer’s demand by producing quality glass and giving them commendable service. Technical Glass Products were also used in industries like laboratories, the education sector, semiconductor solutions, Ultra-Violet solutions, and others. With this company, customers can rest assured that their products will be shipped and delivered on time and they will receive their orders accordingly.

Technical Glass Product Official Website:

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9.Ditto Sales

Ditto Sales Mobile Tempered Glass

This is one of the mobile tempered glass manufacturers on the market, producing a wide selection of glass products. It was established in 1939 and since then, its quality products have been used in various industries such as electronics, medical, education, architectural, and automotive segments. With their production team and upgraded equipment, they can supply bulk orders and demands from their valued customers and business partners. Aside from variations of glass products, they also offer glides, abrasive pins, lighting, wood machines, home decor, types of furniture, and metal compartment products.

Ditto Sales Product Official Website:

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What is Tempered Glass for Mobile?

Tempered Glasses are protective glasses typically applied on mobile screens. This kind of protection is crucial for devices with screens like smartphones to avoid scratches and abrasion on the surface. Not just does it serve as a guard on the screen, but it also helps for the best usage of your screen with the ability to glide your fingers smoother and hassle-free. They also serve as protection against oils, grease, or liquid substances that can damage or harm the screen or mobile system. Most tempered glasses are made of durable and flexible kinds of glasses, cut and customized in the shape of different phone brands.


Large-scale orders for protective mobile tempered glass products can be availed in many production facilities and manufacturers, but always remember that the best product also comes from the best producers. This list of Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturers will surely give you pure satisfaction with their quality products. Consider this list, and you don’t have to worry anymore.

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