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Top 9 Tempered Glass Suppliers of 2023

Tempered Glass Suppliers

Enhance your applications with tempered glass from reputable sources. Tempered glass products are designed to endure high temperatures, impacts, and scratches, making them an excellent choice for various sectors. Suppliers supply durable, dependable tempered glass products that match your demands using innovative production techniques and robust quality control procedures. Choose and discover more about collaborating with reputable tempered glass suppliers.

Market Research

In 2023 the worldwide tempered glass market will be worth $51.3 billion. IMARC Group forecasts the need to reach $70.8 billion by 2028, with a 6% CAGR from 2023 to 2028. Tempered glass is another kind of safety glass that has been tempered to boost its tensile durability and toughness. Tempering, which uses heat or chemical treatments to compress the glass surface, reduces the likelihood of it breaking. In terms of heat resistance, design versatility, lightweight, scratch resistance, and tensile strength, tempered glass exceeds regular annealed glass. Because of these benefits, it has various applications in various sectors, including consumer electronics, vehicles, home furnishings, construction, etc.

Top 9 Tempered Glass Suppliers

Below is the list of the top 9 Tempered Glass Suppliers that everyone should know:

1.Ditto Sales

Ditto Sales Tempered Glass Supplier

Ditto Sales was established in 1939 as a furniture industry manufacturer’s agent, providing finishing materials, furniture hardware, and subsequently glass, ball-bearing drawer slides, woodworking gear, custom fabricated metal furniture components, wood dowel pins, hermes abrasives, and veneer. Ditto Sales was established in 1970, and by the 1980s, the company had been extensively engaged with chair, table, and restaurant furniture components. To improve reliability and shorten the delivery time for its own-made product goods, the company purchased a plating facility in adjacent Evansville, Indiana, in 1983. Today, Ditto Sales, Inc. owes its continued success to the manufacturing divisions and the businesses they represent with the desire for excellent service and quality products.

Ditto Sales Inc. Homepage:

About Ditto Sales Inc.:

Ditto Sales Tempered Glass Supplier:

Ditto Sales Inc. Other Products:


Hopkins Glass Tempered Glass Supplier

Hopkins Glass and Shower Door, LLC is a family-run residential glass and mirror company based in Hopkins, Minnesota. They provide heavy glass frameless and semi-frameless shower and tub enclosures and doors/panels, as well as frameless mirrors, mirrored walls, glass tops to protect your furniture, glass for cabinet door inserts, glass shelves, and a variety of other custom-built glass and mirror items. They regularly customize plate glass and mirror goods in our manufacturing area. This enables them to ship your personalized order within 1 to 3 business days of receiving your purchase. Items that require tempering have a longer lead time since they rely on local tempering facilities to fabricate tempered glass.

Hopkins Glass Homepage:

About Hopkins Glass:

Hopkins Glass Tempered Glass Supplier:

Hopkins Glass Other Services:


GlaShern Tempered Glass Supplier

GLAShern, as your trusted glass fabrication specialist, specializes in producing customized, high-precision custom glass products that meet your exact specifications. As the industry leader in tempered glass panel manufacturing, GLAShern has an extensive product output capability. Because of its unique qualities, GLAShern tempered glass is a significant protective barrier for electronics and furniture. It is hugely impact-resistant and aids in the protection of widgets, displays, and glass.

GlaShern Homepage:

About GlaShern:

GlaShern Tempered Glass Supplier:


Cardinal Tempered Glass Supplier

Cardinal Glass Industries is a company S-Corporation led by management in creating residential glass for windows and doors. There are approximately 10,000 employees in 49 sites around the United States. They begin with a significant investment in research and development. The three research and development labs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida are the foundation for innovative products in glazing fenestration. They transform new concepts into usable goods that ordinary homes can utilize. It offers a complete solution to window makers, beginning with insulating glass and progressing through coated, laminated, tempered, and standard float glass, all designed to give the most recent advances in applied glass technology.

Cardinal Glass Industries Homepage:

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Cardinal Tempered Glass Supplier:

Cardinal Glass Industries Other Products:


Clarity Tempered Glass Supplier

Clarity Glass Wholesalers strives to deliver products and services that will position them as beneficial partners with your clients. They are familiar with their day-to-day business problems. As a result, they shape the company’s procedures to give the value that clients anticipate so that they may service theirs without fear of frequent supply chain concerns.

Clarity Glass Wholesale Homepage:

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Clarity Glass Wholesale Tempered Glass Supplier:

Clarity Glass Wholesale Other Products:

6.Sinclair Glass

Sinclair Glass Tempered Glass Supplier

Sinclair Glass has been in the glass business for a long time. The tempered glass company in Northeast Indiana was formerly one of many glass companies in the area. While many businesses have vanished, Sinclair has been able to adapt and develop the company into a profitable operation. Gavin Mair, who had previously worked for the firm and remained CEO until 2018, bought Sinclair Glass in 1988. Andrew Mair, his son, now serves as President and executive coordinator of corporate operations. Since then, the business has acquired new equipment, greater efficiency, and expanded into new and current areas.

Sinclair Glass Homepage:

About Sinclair Glass:

Sinclair Glass Tempered Glass Supplier:

Sinclair Glass Other Capabilities:


Virginia Glass Mirror Tempered Glass Supplier

Virginia Mirror Company was formed in 1913 as a producer of mirrors for Virginia and North Carolina furniture makers. Virginia Glass Products Corporation is a reputable manufacturer of All Glass Entrance Doors, Architectural Tempered Glass, Frameless Shower Enclosures, and Laminated Glass for the commercial construction industry. In partnership with Virginia Mirror Company, Virginia Glass Products Corporation can supply ideal mirror and tempered glass products that embody the quality and service they have provided for over a century. They understand that not all glass items are created equal, whether mirrored, all glass entrances, unique tempered glass, frameless shower enclosures, or laminated glass.

Virginia Glass Mirror Homepage:

About Virginia Glass Mirror:

Virginia Glass Mirror Tempered Glass Supplier:

Virginia Glass Mirror Other Products:

8.Fast Replacement

Fast Replacement Glass Tempered Glass Supplier

Fast Replacement Glass is a family-owned fireplace and heating stove business. They would only have the remarkable clientele base that humans do now with the education and skills of the company’s founder, Chris. The devoted clients know they can come in with any inquiries or concerns. They will receive honest and relevant information in return from their educated workers. Chris grew up in Küsnacht, Switzerland, a charming village near the Swiss Alps beside Lake Zurich. Chris had learned to make mechanical components from scratch by the mid-1970s and, 11 years later, was well on his way to success!

Fast Replacement Glass Homepage:

About Fast Replacement Glass:

Fast Replacement Glass Tempered Glass Supplier:

Fast Replacement Glass Other Products:


ESG Tempered Glass Supplier

ESG Group Ltd is the top independent glass processor in the United Kingdom, offering outstanding quality, excellent service, and product innovation. Founded in 2003 and maintained by the original core team, they have cumulative expertise and over 100 years of manufacturing industry experience! They have worked together to establish ESG as the ‘go-to’ specialized glass supplier in the UK. To manage all areas of the business in-house at ESG, guaranteeing that all orders are handled properly at every level of the supply process. The staff has been taught to give excellent service in all divisions, including customer service, sales, CAD design, manufacturing, and transportation.

ESG Group Ltd Homepage:

About ESG Group Ltd:

ESG Tempered Glass Supplier:

ESG Group Ltd Other Products:

Benefits of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass provides extra protection for building occupants, mainly when shattered glass is a serious risk, such as an explosion, fire, hurricane, or tornado. Tempered glass is an excellent alternative if you require a product that can efficiently resist thermal stress and wind pressure because it is more vital than its rivals.

Benefits of Tempered Glass


Another reason tempered glass is so popular is for safety reasons. Tempered glass is intended to be safe. Suppose a large enough impact shatters it. Tempered glass breaks into little grains rather than sharp shards.


Glass under compression is approximately five times less brittle than glass under tension. Tempered glass is approximately four times tougher than annealed glass, sometimes known as “ordinary” glass. Tempered glass improves strength due to the thermal tempering procedure used in its manufacture. As a result, tempered glass can withstand direct hits, strong winds, and minor explosions.

Resistant to Heat

Toughened glass can withstand temperatures as high as 470°F. Tempered glass is appropriate for kitchen equipment and is widely used in situations that can come into contact with heat due to its heat resistance.


Tempered glass is scratch-resistant and transparent due to the rigorous heating process. This is why tempered glass is utilized in automotive windows, phone displays, and glass doors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tempered Glass Suppliers

There are lots of variables to consider when selecting tempered glass suppliers to guarantee that you receive excellent services and products. Here are some essential variables to consider:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tempered Glass Suppliers

Product Excellence

Ascertain that tempered glass manufacturers provide good-quality tempered glass that fulfills industry requirements and is long-lasting.

Product Offering

Choose a provider who provides a variety of tempered glass items to fit your demands and specifications.

Capacity for Production

Make certain that the supplier can satisfy your demand for tempered glass items.


Compare rates from several sources to guarantee a decent bargain without sacrificing quality.

After-sales Service and Warranty

Look for a provider who supplies tempered glass items with a guarantee and after-sales services such as repairs and replacements if necessary.


Ultimately, tempered glass suppliers are essential in offering reliable and long-lasting glass goods for various sectors, including construction, automotive, electronics, and others. Tempered glass is heat, impact, and scratch resistant and is manufactured using innovative methods and technology. When selecting a tempered glass provider, examining the supplier’s experience, reputation, quality control procedures, and price is critical. Working with a reputable tempered glass supplier may assist in assuring the safety and longevity of your glass applications.

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