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What is AGC Glass?

AGC optical glass

If you’ve ever asked the question, what is AGC glass and you still haven’t found any peace to it, you’re in the right guide! Asking this before working with an AGC glass fabrication company or choosing AGC glass as your primary raw material can help you ensure you’re doing the right thing and that you’re getting the right material.

So, let’s figure out what AGC glass really is and discover the reality on whether it is a great option for you or your project.

What is AGC?

Figure 1: An image of the AGC glass product

Custom cut anti-reflective glass

AGC, short for Asahi Glass Company Inc., is a well-known and prominent glass manufacturer that is under the Asahi Group of companies. They’re most known for their extra-special Dragontrail glass, their pride, and the prime contender of the famous Gorilla Glass.

If you’re confused, AGC is the company, the brains of AGC glass and the manufacturer of Dragontrail glass, as well as other products under its belt.

AGC Glass Europe

AGC Glass Europe is Asahi Glass Company’s European strand, overtaking the international sector when it comes to manufacturing. Situated in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, AGC Glass Europe has over 15,000 employees who work under it.

Check this video out to see AGC Europe’s s oversized glass!

AGC Glass North America

Like AGC Glass Europe, AGC Glass North America is actually the North-American branch of AGC. They’re known as one of North America’s biggest, largest, and most progressive glass processing and glass manufacturing companies.

Both AGC Glass Europe and AGC Glass North America are skilled and capable of producing high-quality glass products, as well as offer extremely efficient glazing solutions, too.

AGC Group

AGC Group is the conglomerate that holds the global AGC Glass market. Known as a world-leading manufacturer of display glass, automotive glass, chemical glass, ceramics, as well as other types and categories of high-tech glass parts and components.

Like any other organization, AGC Group is a conglomerate or a group of companies that are all under the same umbrella of a corporation. So long as the business is under AGC, it will be part of AGC group.

AGC group is all about sustainability, here’s a video about AGC glass that are targeted for overall sustainability!

What Are AGC Glass Products?

Figure 2: AGC glass products focus on accuracy, precision, and overall showmanship

AGC glass products are products that have been manufactured and produced by Asahi Glass Co. They’re not just limited to Dragontrail glass, though, if that’s what you imagine it to be. AGC glass products can also be other glass types that are for different purposes, like borosilicate glass, for example.

The company put much emphasis on borosilicate glass with their time in the market. Their borosilicate glass products have been used for various applications, such as heating, lighting, safety and security, and even consumer electronics.

What is the History of the Asahi Glass Company (AGC) Inc.?

One might think that AGC Inc. or the Asahi Glass Company Inc. is a brand that just started its roots late, when, in reality, it’s actually a long-standing manufacturer.

Their story starts out in 1907 in Tokyo, when AGC was born. Then, it evolved into a global glass and chemical company. Initially focusing on glass production and manufacturing, AGC ventured out and expanded, including chemicals, electronics, and ceramics to their product-range.

Fast-forward to today, AGC remains a key player in innovative glass and technology solutions, contributing to various industries worldwide. One of their primary products? – Dragontrail glass.

Today, Dragontrail glass is used in a wide array of business sectors and industries, circumventing various applications from simple display glass, optical glass, as well as glass products for automotive and aerospace applications.

What is Asahi Glass AGC DT Star 2?

Figure 3: An image of the newest of AGC’s product lines

The AGC DT Star 2 is the company’s latest and newest protective glass this year. It’s the most advanced and the strongest, boasting its premium resistance against scratches, impact, and overall stubborn damages.

Because of this improvement, the Dragontrail Star 2 is a product used for devices such as Oppo Reno 9 series, OnePlus 11R, as well as the Google Pixel 3a series, and other devices.

NOTE: Older versions of Dragontrail glass units are used, too, so, it’s not just this year that it was used!

AGC Glass Catalogue

In case you’re interested to know more and better about the offers of AGC, they have a product catalogue that you can use as your guide in finding and determining the best AGC glass for your specific use or application.

Check AGC glass’s catalogue here and categorize them by their type, abbreviation, dimensions, lead time, minimum quantity, price, etc.

Applications of AGC Glass

Figure 4: AGC glass products have a lot of different applications

Don’t be confused when you read or hear AGC Glass, because these are glass products that AGC has manufactured. In OEM manufacturing terminology, AGC glass are alkali-aluminosilicate products that have been specialized to be able to withstand accidental drops, fallouts, and other types of stubborn damages.

Some of the most common uses and applications of AGC glass are:

  • Balustrade
  • Shopfronts
  • Facades & Curtain Walls
  • Partitions
  • Spandrels
  • Wall Cladding
  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Display Glass
  • Consumer Electronics Glass
  • And Many More

NOTE: AGC Glass is specifically engineered to be different and unique. The reason why it’s popular is because of its overall composition, as well as the processes that have been done to it.

What is AGC Glass?

AGC Glass, otherwise known as Dragontrail glass, is a type of alkali-aluminosilicate glass product that’s made for a wide variety of applications. Their impact in the market has been vast, considering all other competitors and technologies that are there.

Also referred to as Dragontrail glass, Asahi Glass is one-of-a-kind, offering nothing but excellent and high-quality glass products without being extremely costly and expensive.

NOTE: Do know, though, that AGC Glass encompasses all glass classifications, meaning, it doesn’t just refer to Dragontrail glass units alone; they can be other glass types that AGC specializes on.

Is Asahi Glass Good to Buy?

Yes, Asahi Glass is an excellent choice for many projects and applications. Besides the fact that Asahi is a well-known and prominent brand when it comes to manufacturing, they’ve also produced a wide array of glass products that are all high-quality and useful for whatever application it may serve.

Unlike standard float glass, Asahi glass is an impeccable option if you’re looking for strength, resilience. You can check out the different options you have in buying Asahi glass here!

How Strong is Asahi Glass?

Figure 5: Asahi Glass or AGC glass is strong and stress-resistant

Asahi Glass is strong, considering the fact that we’re talking about Dragontrail glass. According to experts, it is rated to be between 570 and 640 in the Vickers hardness scale, falling short of Gorilla Glass Victus 2’s 595 and 670 – pretty far off from each other, right?

As of the moment, AGC still hasn’t disclosed height ratings for drop and impact-resistance or most of their products. All we know is that Asahi Glass, like many of its counterparts, is resistant to these types of drops and impacts and that it is flexible and a lot more workable compared to its main competitor, the Gorilla Glass.

Is AGC Glass Dragontrail Glass?

To answer this question, yes and no – let me explain.

AGC glass is Dragontrail glass, simply because it is their flagship product. It is the product that rose them to popularity and atop the industry’s ladder. This is the reason why when the term “AGC glass” is said, some people automatically think that it’s Dragontrail glass.

However, no, because Dragontrail glass isn’t the only product AGC is offering. They also have other glass types, too that have varying applications, such as balustrades, glass curtains, windows, walls, display glass, and many more!

So, to say that AGC glass is Dragontrail glass is true at times, but to say that, that is always the case is false. Nevertheless, Dragontrail glass remains to be the heart of AGC glass.

Dragontrail Glass vs. Gorilla Glass

Comparing Dragontrail glass and Gorilla glass is often done by people who are trying to look for the perfect glass material for them. Whether they’re in the consumer electronics industry or any other sector, they would want to know and figure out which is better for them.

So, for you to be able to visualize it better, here’s a table that outlines the differences between Dragontrail glass and Gorilla glass.

Characteristic or Feature

Dragontrail Glass

Gorilla Glass

Manufacturer or Producer

Asahi Glass Company (AGC)

Corning Inc.

Chemical Composition

Alkali-aluminosilicate glass that has undergone chemical-strengthening process.

Alkali-aluminosilicate glass that has undergone the ion-exchange process

Durability and Longevity

High durability and long-lastingness.

Excellent durability levels and long-lastingness.

Flexibility and Versatility

More flexible than Gorilla glass. It’s perfect for curving, bending, or forming.

Strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity, but is less flexible than Dragontrail glass.

Usage or Utilization

Smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronic devices.

Smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronic devices.

Overall Strength

Good-quality scratch and impact resistance.

Exceptional scratch and impact resistance.

Impact Resistance

Drop and impact-resistant.

The best drop and impact-resistance.

Here’s a video from CNET demonstrating how strong Gorilla Glass is.

Where Can You Get High-Quality AGC Glass?

If you’re interested in purchasing or ordering high-quality AGC glass and you don’t know where to go, never hesitate to work with us here at GLASHern. Over a decade, we have manufactured and produced hundreds of glass products for our clients.

Our expertise isn’t just limited to the manufacturing of AGC glass, as we’re capable of producing, manufacturing, and glass processing, too. So other than AGC glass, we here at GLASHern are also experts when it comes to other products, too, such as anti-reflective glass, borosilicate glass, Gorilla Glass, and many more!


We here at GLASHern won’t only meet your expectations, we’ll exceed it! No matter how difficult and how complex your industry is, we’ll be here to help you out and get you the quality of glass you deserve! We might not be AGC glass, but we’re here to provide everything that you need!

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