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What is Dragontrail Glass?

Custom dragontrail glass

We know Gorilla Glass at the top of our head, but have you ever heard of and asked, “what is Dragontrail glass?” In this article, we’ll give a detailed guide and knowledge resource on what Dragontrail glass is, how they’re made, where they’re used, and every piece of information you need to know about them!

This is especially useful if you’re looking for an exceptional glass product that you can use for various applications and are not going to resort to Gorilla Glass.

What is Dragontrail Glass?

Figure 1: An image of a singular Dragontrail glass for a touchscreen home appliance

Dragontrail glass, in the best and easiest way possible, is Asahi Glass Co’s (AGC’s) alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass. In our time, it’s considered one of the most popular glass types used in gadgets and devices, like Gorilla Glass.

It’s engineered and made to be lightweight and resistant to scratches, impact, and premature damage. Like Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail glass is also made thin and has astounding properties and capabilities that regular or standard annealed glass isn’t capable of.

What is Dragontrail Glass Made Of?

Figure 2: Aluminum silicate powder, the building blocks of Dragontrail glass or any alkali-aluminosilicate glass

Originally, Dragontrail glass is manufactured by AGC. The company used alkali-aluminosilicate glass that has specifically been produced in specialized ways to achieve its property of being lightweight, thin, and virtually resistant to scratches, cracking, impact and impact.

Due to its natural chemical composition, Dragontrail glass is also known to withstand chemical changes and modifications, making it resistant to oxide and other chemically-altering phenomenon.

Is Dragontrail Glass as Good as Gorilla Glass?

Figure 3: A Dragontrail Glass that serves as an enclosure for a piece of machine

Now, the real question is – would AGC’s creation be able to go head-to-head with Corning’s Gorilla Glass? It’s hard to see, especially if you’re not naturally inclined with glass types and products, but, for experts, there is one that takes the throne.

According to notable sources, there are a few distinct differences between Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail glass, so, let’s discuss them independently.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is one, probably the most popular smartphone/device glass in the industry. Taking pride in its sheer strength, reliability, and resistance, it’s easily a fan-favorite.

Corning’s creation is one-of-a-kind, abusing the strength and versatility of aluminosilicate glass. In addition, out of these two, Gorilla Glass is also the one that’s constantly improved, developed, and fully innovated as it is already what’s considered the staple for mid-tier to top-of-the-line phones.

Some of its notable features and characteristics include:

  • Enhanced strength, thanks to the ion-exchange chemical-strengthening process
  • Excellent optical clarity for optimal performance
  • High-caliber scratch-resistance
  • Excellent-quality impact-resistance
  • Durable and long-lasting

Gorilla Glass underwent major developments through the years, with their first product being the standard Gorilla Glass. More than a decade after, the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 was born. This is the strongest and most reliable the manufacturer has ever been, and it’s able to withstand drops of up to two meters.

AGC Dragontrail Glass

AGC is a lightweight aluminosilicate glass product that’s also been engineered to be used in certain devices. It’s manufactured by the well-renowned Asahi Glass Co., where they plan to beat out the typical Gorilla Glass we all know.

Its difference with Gorilla Glass is the process – instead of the ion-exchange method, Dragontrail glass undergoes chemical float process, giving the product six to seven-times more strength than standard soda-lime annealed glass.

Some of the features that separate AGC Dragontrail glass from Gorilla Glass are:

  • Rounded edges for better drop-resistance against rounded corners
  • The bending is better and more effective
  • Excellent against compression stress

AGC’s Dragontrail glass has first been seen in the market in 2016 and has been labeled the Dragontrail Pro. The company then developed and evolved to be Dragontrail X, and then the Dragontrail Star 2.

While many experts believe the Gorilla Glass is better when it comes to overall protection and security, Dragontrail Glass is also safe from car key scratches, as well as sharp object-intended damage.

Gorilla Glass vs. Dragontrail Glass Comparison Table

It may be difficult to visualize, especially since both materials almost share the exact properties. So, to help you with it, we’ve prepared a table to get you familiar with both of them independently and by comparison:

Characteristic or Property

Gorilla Glass

Dragontrail Glass


Corning Incorporated

Asahi Glass Corporation (AGC)

Raw Glass Type

Alkali-aluminosilicate glass

Alkali-aluminosilicate glass

Manufacturing Process

Ion-exchange method, where bigger potassium ions replace smaller sodium ions.

Chemical float process, where the molten tin spreads out, forming surface-level glass.

Promoted Features

  • Excellent scratch-resistance and sharp-contact damage
  • Excellent retained strength
  • Hyper-improved drop performance
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Good scratch-resistance levels
  • Crack-resistance
  • Good-level impact-resistant


Perfect for any type of electronic display and touchscreen devices. Can also be used as optical components.

Smartphone, tablet, computer, or wearable screens.

Those are their primary differences. As you may have noticed, they share a lot of similarities. It’s just that, in terms of how they’re manufactured and the efforts and processes done to them to get to where they were, that’s where they became different.

NOTE: We’ll have a separate discussion on the applications of Dragontrail Glass later.

Is Sapphire Stronger Than Gorilla Glass?

Figure 4: An image of a circular/round sapphire glass product for a watch

When we look at the Mohs hardness scale, you’ll see that sapphire, out of all the glass products in whatever list, would have the highest, ranking at 9 in the Mohs hardness scale. This, in translation, means that sapphire is the hardest, not the strongest.

So, to say that Sapphire is the stronger product than Gorilla Glass is technically incorrect. What’s correct is the fact that sapphire is harder, but not necessarily stronger because a “strong” glass type encompasses hardness as it also involves resistance.

How Strong is Dragontrail Glass?

Determining the strength of Dragontrail glass is somewhat abstract, because there’s not a table or exact measurement for it. However, if there are a few factors that can allow us to identify the overall strength and resilience of Dragontrail glass, it is about six to seven times tougher, stronger, and more resistant than standard soda-lime glass.

It is also thinner, which means, it is not heavy and is easy to transport from one location to another. Dragontrail glass is a type of toughened glass that’s engineered to perform like how Gorilla Glass does. However, it’s not still as tough and strong as Gorilla Glass simply because of the processes they underwent.

Dragontrail Glass units undergo the chemical float process, while Gorilla Glass units are subjected to the ion-exchange process. It’s a process where flat glass sheets leverage the generated surface tension of liquefied glass, when floated on a hot pool of molten tin. This is what gives Dragontrail glass six times strength and resistance than regular, standard soda-lime float glass.

Gorilla Glass, on the other hand, undergoes the ion-exchange process. This process is more in-depth as glass sheets are subjected into a molten salt bath, allowing bigger potassium ions to replace the smaller sodium ions, leaving no area for cracks to take place.

Is Dragontrail Glass Scratchproof?

Figure 5: Dragontrail glass products in a single uniform size

Yes, Dragontrail glass is known and considered to be a scratchproof material. The chemical float process is what made it scratchproof and resistant to premature damages like cracks. It’s also not prone to stubborn damages like scratching of car keys, coins, house keys, and sharp cards and objects.

What Are the Applications of Dragontrail Glass?

Dragontrail glass are best known for their compatibility with technology. Originally, their purpose was to compete with Gorilla Glass in the smartphone sector. However, as time passed on, they’ve improved and developed, offering excellent-quality products that are compatible with other devices as well.

So, the applications of Dragontrail glass would often be for the following:

  • Smartphone screens
  • Tablet screens
  • Touchscreen devices
  • Computer screens and monitors
  • Other types of electronic devices

Over time, businesses and companies are shifting from their traditional glass article unit to Dragontrail glass because of its overall strength, resilience, and capacity.

What Coating Options Are There For Dragontrail Glass?

Because of their versatile nature, many manufacturers and businesses found Dragontrail glass to have a lot of available coating options. It can be anti-reflective (AR) coatings, ITO/MITO, mirror coatings, UV and NIR blocker, and many more!

For the coating options available, you’ll need to confirm and clarify that with the Dragontrail manufacturer and fabrication company you’ll be working with first.

Dragontrail Glass Phones

Figure 6: An image of a phone screen made from Dragontrail glass

Like the Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail Glass was able to garner a lot of manufacturing brands that would accept them. Here’s a list of the phone brands and manufacturers that use Dragontrail glass for their screens.

NOTE: This list is not updated, but has actually been sought-after and confirmed.

  • Samsung Galaxy (J3 2016)
  • Sony Xperia phones
  • Swipe Elite Note
  • XiaoMi M12, RedMi 1S and 2
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Aquaris Phones
  • XOLO phones
  • Intex Phones
  • Lenovo A700 and Lenovo K3 Note
  • Lava Pixel, Fuel, and Iris phones
  • Lyf phones
  • Panasonic Eluga phones
  • OnePlus phones

As you may have noticed, not a lot of phone brands and manufacturers use it for the reason that they’re already using Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Nevertheless, it’s cheaper and harder than Gorilla Glass, making it resist stubborn damage more.

How Much is Dragontrail Glass?

The price of Dragontrail glass depends on the type of unit you will get. In comparison to Gorilla Glass, it is much cheaper and more affordable regardless of the size and dimensions. If you check its price range in marketplaces like Made-In-China, you’ll notice that it will cost you an average of $2 up to $20 per piece.

This range will depend on the thickness, sizing and dimensions, as well as the finishing you requested on your orders.

Dragontrail Glass Properties

The properties of Dragontrail glass may differ with one company to another, but its overall functionality would typically the similar. Here’s a quick table that outlines the different properties of Dragontrail Glass:


Dragontrail Glass

Vickers Hardness (Before Chemical-Strengthening)


Vickers Hardness (After Chemical-Strengthening)


Thermal Expansion

98 °C

Annealing Point

606 °C

Strain Point

556 °C

Softening Point

821 °C

Young’s Modulus

74 GPa

Refractive Index

1.51 Nd

What Are the Advantages of Dragontrail Glass From Gorilla Glass?

With all honesty, Dragontrail glass falls short of the abilities that Gorilla Glass has. They offer the same results, but they differ a lot in terms of properties.

For one, the scratch-resistance of Gorilla Glass is pristine and high-level, whereas Dragontrail’s falls short of what a lot of manufacturers are looking for. They also fall short in terms of impact-resistance, since Dragontrail glass is harder on the Vickers scale.

What we can say Dragontrail Glass has advantage on would be the pricing and environmental-friendliness. The chemical float process is less intensive and is actually a lot eco-friendlier than Gorilla Glass’s ion-exchange procedure. In addition, Dragontrail Glass units are also often cheaper and more accessible.

Where Can You Buy Dragontrail Glass?

Dragontrail glass has originally been manufactured by AGC or the Asahi Glass Company. Its popularity grew and it became one of the best and most notable glass products in the glassmaking and glass fabrication industry because of its overall properties – and, of course, because it can go hand-in-hand with Gorilla Glass.

So, if you want to get your hands on Dragontrail glass without spending tens of thousands of dollars, try looking for an OEM Dragontrail glass fabrication and manufacturing company. Here in China, we at GLASHern have been smiled upon as the best and leading glass fabrication experts in whatever glass type you need.

We’ve been marinated in the industry for more than a decade, and we’re not showing any types and signs of slowing down. Our expertise aren’t just limited to these specialized types of glass products, because we can also produce anything from quartz glass, borosilicate glass, as well as other glass types like anti-reflective glass, to optical glass, and optical mirrors, too!

Why Trust GLASHern With Your Dragontrail Glass?

We’ve been trusted by world-renowned glass manufacturing companies as we’ve helped them with the glass units and products they need. Wherever you are in the world, we here at GLASHern are a call or a message away!

  • We produce high-quality OEM glass processing units and products
  • Our lead time and time to market is fast, we’re employed with the industry’s most-skilled workers and engineers
  • We have a Research & Development (R&D) team who are always ready to help you with the innovation you need and you’re looking for
  • We’ve invested on high-tech and advanced machines, equipment, and raw materials

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re after high-caliber Dragontrail glass products. GLASHern, being China’s leading OEM Dragontrail glass supplier, can manufacture your required units without burning a hole in your pocket.

Reach out to us and we’ll shoot a free estimate for you for whatever products you need!

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