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Colored Glass Rods

GLAShern offers excellent quality colored glass rods that are used in a wide variety of applications. As a custom-colored glass rod manufacturer, we commit to providing glass tubes with an array of exciting, unique colors perfect for your project applications.

Customized Boro Glass Rods

Custom Fabrication Services

We offer full customization of colored boro glass rods just for you! From dimensions to materials to unique color palettes for your desired colored glass rod, you can freely choose, and we can accurately produce it according to your specifications.

With GLAShern custom boro glass rods, we can produce over 100 compatible colors with our most client base favorite hues of opal and soda-lime palettes.

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Your Best Colored Glass Rods Manufacturer

Custom Surface Coatings and others

As a colored glass rod manufacturer, GLAShern offers bulk sales for our business-to-business transactions.

Our borosilicate glass tubing provides many features compatible with many commercial applications. This gives our distributors the courage to be a colored glass retailer.

Feel free to communicate with us and be able to transact and avail of our wholesale colored glass rods.

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For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Common Uses of Boro Glass Rods

Chemicals in Laboratories

Glass stirring bars are commonly used to manipulate chemicals in a laboratory setting. These versatile tools are used to mix or stir liquids. Glass starting bars are favored because of their ability to sterilize quickly, prevent contamination effectively, and withstand chemical attacks.

Glassworks and Artwork

In the arts and media, colored glass rods are also employed. Glass tubes are utilized as a medium of materials for glass artwork because of their adaptability.

Drink Stirrer

Colored glass rods of GLAShern is a reusable coffee and cocktail stirrers. Its customizable dimensions and length of 7 inches are ideal for bartending equipment.

Drink Decoration

Our colored glass rods and also used by the beverage industry as glass decorations because of the aesthetic vibes it gives due to their hue and color.

Ready To Start Your Next Colored Glass Rods ?

Discover the goodness of our colored glass rods from its wide variety of applications. Contact us and let’s discuss your specifications.

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