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Cover Glass

A cover slip, a cover glass, is a thin sheet of borosilicate glass used to cover specimens observed on a microscope slide. The thickness of the coverslip is crucial for high-magnification photomicrography utilizing “dry” objectives (no immersion oil). Where more excellent UV (ultraviolet) transparency is required, coverslips are also constructed of quartz.

Custom Cover Glass


GlaShern cover glass is made of ultra-thin cerium-doped glass, which protects solar cells against UV, electron, and proton irradiation.

We provide a comprehensive range of thicknesses and geometries in glass types that offer low solar absorption, high emissivity, and thermal expansion factors that match solar cells.

We can provide cover glass units that maintain tolerance levels within approximately ± 0.05 mm.

cover glass

Why Choose Our Cover Glass

We are a worldwide glass firm that provides clients with innovations that improve people’s lives.

Our modern technology is a hidden component of today’s world. We develop one-of-a-kind technologies and solutions that tackle real-world challenges.

We have invested decades in developing cutting-edge cover glass technologies that assist our clients in bringing incredible ideas to reality.

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Application of Cover Glass


Microscope Slide

A microscope slide is a long, thin sheet of glass on which specimens are examined under a microscope. Because many samples are delicate and minuscule, it is simpler to adjust the slide rather than the models into the ideal position for viewing.

Cell culture

It minimizes contamination and evaporation by covering and sealing the petri dish or culture vessel.


Cover glasses are used in histology to protect and preserve tissue sections on microscope slides before staining and analyzing them.

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