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Curved Glass Manufacturer

GLAShern manufactures bent glass works with the most advanced bending technology. Along with the in-house expert engineers and artisans, we deliver curved glass with superior optical quality and stringent dimensional tolerances.

Supply of GLAShern Bent Glass Design


Tempered Curved Glass

GLAShern tempered curved glass has a maximum bending angle of 90˚ and 360˚ for a full circle. It is backed with curved safety glass technology to curve our glass in one plane. We are giving our tempered curved glass 3mm to 25mm thickness and maximum size up to 2800 by 6400.

Double Curved Glass

We produced double-curved glass with two-time high performance and minimized deflections that are strong and high-load resistant. Due to its advanced double-curved glass technology, this glass is multi-functional and pushes the boundaries of glass architecture because of its versatility.

Laminated Curved Glass

Laminated Curved Glass

GLAShern laminated curved glass has an extra PVB layer, making the glass very shatterproof. It also has double glazing in that it uses two or more glass panes and offers less image distortion than other curved glass types.

3D curved glass watch

3D Curved Glass

Our 3D curved glass combines tempered and lamination technology with extra tensile and comprehensible stresses for additional strength and shock resistance. GLAShern 3D curved glass is the in-demand glass for architectural and structural applications.

Custom Curved Glass for Your Business

Custom Fabrication Services

Our curved glass has the characteristics of high transparency, high hardness, high compressive strength, and so on. It can perform precise cutting, edging, and drilling on the glass, The scratch and defect ratio is less than 1% to ensure the accuracy and quality of the curved glass. We can also design various curved shapes and sizes according to your requirements to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose GLAShern Curved Glass Supplier

Custom Surface Coatings and others

GLAShern, a curved glass manufacturer, adheres to international standards such as CE, SGCC, CCC, and ISO. Giving customers a list of certifications and patents that all glass manufacturing companies should have.

GLAShern curved glass manufacturing provides CNC cutting and edgework, CNC bending and toughening, digital ceramic printing, and multi-panel laminating.

Our bent glass can withstand temperatures up to 600°C. Additionally, GLAShern curved glass can easily handle 10,000 psi (per square pound) surface compression and 9,700 psi edge compression.

For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Explore Our Curved Glass Application


Curved Glass for Residential

Curved glass produced by GLAShern is often used for residential purposes like windows, glass staircase railings, bathrooms, and greenhouses. With infused GLAShern technology, we provide the safest curved glasses for your home.

Curved Marine Glass

Our bonded and curved glass has prime advantages in marine applications. It gives zero maintenance and direct glazed glass for boat windows that withstand rough waters and harsh weather. It is built-to-class, durable, reek, and functional glasses that resist moisture and water vapors and produce optical quality.

Curved Glass for Commercial

Our curved glass pushed the limits for non-standard shapes and obstructed curves. This makes our precision bent glass stand out for commercial architectural buildings, giving all modern glass applications openness, lighting, and luxury.

Ready To Start Your Next Curved Glasst ?

When designing space or having a glass project needing intricate glass curving application, message us and converse about your ideal curved glass project.

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