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Custom AGC Glass

Custom cut AGC glass material according to your design. Any glass shape is available, color printing and surface treatment is available. 0.33 mm to 2 mm thickness for choosing. It can be used in a variety of products, such as mobile phone screens, wearable devices, electronic equipment, advertising machines, and more.


AGC Glass Cut to Size According to Your Design


AGC opticla glass

AGC Optical Glass

With our new and improved state-of-the-art facility and high-tech gadgets, we’re able to produce top-tier AGC optical glass you can use for any optics-related application. This is especially popular from smartphone distributors and manufacturing companies to globally-recognized optical glass manufacturers. The strength that our AGC optical glass offers is beyond what many companies expect as they encompass the traditional glass properties and attributes we’re looking for.

AGC Tempered Glass

Our team’s ability to produce a wide array of custom AGC glass has been regarded in the industry as highly reliable. We’ve manufactured many different types and kinds of AGC tempered glass for different business sectors, from smartphone tempered glass screens, touchscreen kiosks, wearable devices, even enclosures and residential parts, too. We can get you custom, cut-to-size AGC tempered glass with anti-scratch and anti-abrasive properties, specific to what you need.

AGC display glass

AGC Display Glass

As China’s leading custom AGC display glass supplier company, you can trust us with the display glass that you want and need. Having worked with multiple commercial and industrial manufacturers, we’ve sharpened and enriched our experience in AGC display glass fabrication for retail and display cases. We exceeded our client’s expectations by bringing them a piece of traditional and modern technology through our high-caliber custom AGC display glass!

AGC Flat Glass

We’ve mastered the art of producing and manufacturing AGC flat glass that you can customize and fabricate specifically to the application you need it for. Our custom AGC flat glass will befit the structure and system you need it for. Whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or even industrial fields, we’ll get you what you need!

Phone Screen Cover

AGC Glass can be used for screens of various smartphone brands. We can customize screens to meet the requirements of different models according to your specifications

Smart watch gorilla glass

Wearable Device Screen

AGC Glass can be used in various wearable electronic devices. We can customize glass in various shapes according to your requirements. This includes silk-screen printing in different colors and surface treatments, among other options

Your Reliable Custom AGC Glass Manufacturer


If you’re looking for a custom AGC glass manufacturer, you’re just in the right guide! GLASHern has been China’s leading custom AGC glass fabrication company, providing custom-made AGC glass and offering it to trading companies, distributors, and other businesses and organizations that need them for its application.

Our custom AGC glass fabrication involves high-quality technique to achieve accurate and precise measurements and dimensions. We’ve been committed to the fact that we are China’s best supplier of custom-made AGC glass, smoothening everything from the cutting, forming, shaping, down to the polishing of our glass units.

Our AGC Glass Fabrication Services

Our Glass size tolerance is up or down 0.05 mm, we can may any custom agc glass products to meet you need

As China’s best and most-trusted custom AGC glass manufacturer and fabricator, we can guarantee accurate and precise measurements tailored to your needs. Using advanced and cutting-edge technology, we’re able to produce and manufacture industry-specific and custom AGC glass units for our clients.

Silk screen printing machine in printing factory

AGC Glass Manufacturing One-stop Solution

From material selection to product processing, we can meet all your requirements. Just provide us with drawings or samples, and we can deliver the products you desire

Cutting AGC Glass as You Need

Custom  AGC Glass Material Processing Services

We can help you with many different glass solutions processes, such as hole drilling, cutting, glass strengthening, surface treatment, or any other manufacturing techniques and procedures.

Overall, our specializations with custom AGC glass supersedes traditional glass manufacturing methods, thanks to the advancement we have with technology

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Our Custom AGC Glass Application


Phone Cover Lens

AGC Glass is often used for various types of mobile phone screens due to its high transparency and cost-effectiveness

Digital Device Screen

AGC glass manufacturing products can be used for various types of electronic products, such as computers, wearable devices, etc., to protect the screens of the devices while also enabling touch control

Advertising Display Scereen

Asahi Glass products can be used in various types of advertising machine products, providing clear display effects for showcasing items. It can be cut into different sizes and shapes

Ready To Start Your Next Custom AGC Glass Project ?

If you’re looking an expert AGC  supplier, GLAShern is a good option. We can provide any custom AGC glass for your projects.

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