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Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturer

GLAShern delivers high-quality custom glass bottles and is globally competitive in manufacturing for cosmetics, food condiments, and liquors industries. We are a glass bottle manufacturer in China that helps companies import their products using our durable, top-notch, and professionally-made glass jars and bottles.

Customizable Glass Bottle Packaging


Glass Baby Bottles

Glass Baby Bottles

It has no harmful chemicals compared to baby bottles made with plastics. Keep your baby safe by switching to glass baby bottles; we have exquisite products to help you with that.

Glass Milk Bottles

Glass Milk Bottles

This milk bottle type can preserve the flavor much longer than other packaging. You can achieve a customized logo, color, and design for your baby’s next journey of having milk.

Glass Spray Bottles

Glass Spray Bottles

This is a better option if you love cleaning and spraying liquids around. It does not have any toxic chemicals that might be harmful to your kids or pets at home. You can count on these BPA and chemical-free containers.

Glass Juice Bottles

Glass Juice Bottles

You can now have reusable glass bottles for your juices with airtight lids to avoid getting spilled. Most companies in food condiments invest in glass bottles to ensure that their products' aroma and flavor are guaranteed to stay.

Wine Glass Bottle

Wine Bottle Glass

Wines are primarily packed in glass bottles as they can protect the quality and taste better than other packaging. It is essential to import wines since it adds aesthetics and another level of drinking experience to customers.

Glass Oil Bottles

Glass Oil Bottles

Oils can be destructive to bottles made with plastic, making glass bottles a perfect option for bottling them. This type of bottle is inert and durable enough to stand exposure to oils.

We Offer Custom Jar Fabrication


GLAShern has a line of a professional team that works on custom glass bottles in China and is efficient and effective in manufacturing glass bottles according to clients’ requests and preferences. We can provide a one-stop solution for your demand for glass bottles. You can have your products stand out by investing in our Round, Square, and Decorative Bottles.

We have a range of 50ML to 1500ML volume capacity and recognize the custom designs you prefer.

Our glass bottles can be made with different raw materials, such as Sodium Carbonate, Limestone, Feldspar, Dolomite, Silica Sand, Barium, Borax, and more. Every product you purchase from us is guaranteed to be of its highest quality, durability, and versatility.

glass bottle processing

Your Best Custom Glass Bottle Maker

Custom Surface Coatings and others

We highly recommend you collaborate with us since we have the advanced methods to meet your expectations in colors, designs, shapes, and other fabrications you need for your glass bottles.

Achieve a classic, minimalist, or luxurious appearance for your following products with us. Our team can get your customers’ attention through our most fabulous glass bottles.

Unique Bottle Designs
Free Glass Bottle Sample
Silk Screening Label
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For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Fulfill Your Glass Packaging Needs


Food and Beverage Packaging

Keeping the flavors and maintaining the excellent aroma of products in the Food and Beverages Industry requires good packaging, and glass packaging is the best option. Aside from being BPA-free, it is also guaranteed that glass-made packaging is not harmful compared to the chemicals from plastics that might affect foods and other beverages.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical products should be safe and secure in terms of packaging. Glass bottles are essential to these products as they are more durable and have high tolerance and resistance. Keeping the quality of the products in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries starts with choosing suitable glass packaging.

Ready To Start Your Next Translucent Glass Project ?

Choose GLAShern as your following glass bottle manufacturer and see how we can contribute to the improvements on your next glass projects. We suggest you check out the quality and best performances of our glass services and products.

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