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Custom Gorilla Glass

GLASHern is your one-stop solution for custom cut Gorilla glass, whatever application or business industry you need them for. We offer varying thickness ranges for it, starting from 0.4 mm to 2 mm in different forms and sizes. GLASHern has a maximum size for custom Gorilla Glass of up to 550 x 430 mm with a minimum 3 mm diameter size to tailor them to your needs.


Gorilla Glass Cut to Size as Your Needs


Custom cut gorilla glass

Custom Cut Gorilla Glass

We can produce and manufacture custom Gorilla Glass by customizing the cut, shape, or form that you want your materials to be in. GLASHern has heavily invested on high-caliber, advanced equipment and machines to meet–even exceed your expectations and needs

Tempered Gorilla Glass

For a much more reinforced, stronger, and longer-lasting glass unit, we’re able to provide tempered Gorilla Glass for you. You can find many applications for tempered, custom-cut Gorilla Glass from traditional glass panes, dividers, windows, shower doors, enclosures, and even components in gadgets and technology, too..

Curved gorilla glass

Curved Gorilla Glass

Last but most definitely not least would be our curved Gorilla Glass products. More and more technologies and companies are trying to adapt to the curved era, and so, the legacy of our curved custom Gorilla Glass products are born. Our clientele mainly uses it for commercial and industrial applications, but they can also be used for residential and domestic applications, too. Our team here at GLASHern are considered as one of the best and leading custom Gorilla Glass manufacturers in Asia.

Gorilla glass touch screen

Gorilla Glass Touch Screen

Our Research & Development (R&D) team was able to come up with concepts and innovations that go beyond traditional glass usage. You can get custom Gorilla Glass touchscreens for us, whether it’s for a smartphone, tablet, kiosk, computers, laptops, TVs, wearables, or any other form of touch-interactive devices.

3D gorilla glass

3D Gorilla Glass

GLASHern is also adept in the manufacturing or production of 3D Gorilla Glass that vary in business industry. Most 3D gorilla glasses use for electronic devices, wearable devices and phone cover for extra protection.

Smart watch gorilla glass

Gorilla Glass Watch

In the recent years, our R&D team was able to commission the production of custom smartwatch Gorilla Glass for different brands and manufacturers. We produce thousands of custom Gorilla Glass smartwatch units every month, helping fellow businessowners get high-quality glass surfaces for their devices.

Your Professional Gorilla Glass Manufacturer


Choosing GLASHern as your custom Gorilla Glass manufacturer will give you the one-of-a-kind quality in OEM Gorilla Glass that you are looking for.

We make use of advanced technology for the fabrication of your custom Gorilla Glass, helping you achieve the best state of Gorilla Glass you can possibly get.

You can also count on us if you need special glass treatments such as anti-glare (AG), anti-reflective (AR), acid-etching, color-printing, adhesive bonding and even anti-fingerprint (AF) applications to them, too.

Our Gorilla Glass Fabrication Services

Custom cut gorilla glass from material selecting to completed gorilla glass products to meet your needs.

We here at GLASHern have been specializing in the fabrication of custom Gorilla Glass units to our clientele. Our team has been labeled and voted to be one of China’s best custom Gorilla Glass manufacturing company not just in the country, but in the entire region.

Silk screen printing machine in printing factory

Custom Cut Gorilla Glass One-stop Solution

Our fabrication technique for Gorilla Glass involves accurate and precise measurements of raw glass products, components, and even temperature when it comes to the cutting, shaping, forming, and then cleaning. We can meet all your needs for custom gorilla glass projects.

Cutting Gorilla Glass According to Your Design

Custom Gorilla Glass Fabrication Services

We here at GLASHern have been specializing in the fabrication of custom Gorilla Glass units to our clientele. Our team has been labeled and voted to be one of China’s best custom Gorilla Glass manufacturing companies not just in the country, but in the entire region.

We can make any custom gorilla glass as per your design drawing or sample, any glass shape, color printing, holes drilling is available.

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Our Custom Gorilla Glass Application


Wearable Device

Gorilla Glass, the ideal choice for wearable electronic devices screen. Unmatched durability for cutting-edge performance in sleek, wearable devices.

Outdoor Security Camera

Custom gorilla glass for camera screen protector, durable and anti-scratch glass to protect your electronic devices. 

Touch Scereen

Widely used as a cover glass for touch screens and displays on mobile devices and tablets. It features high strength, scratch resistance, and high transparency, effectively protecting screens from scratches or cracks.

Ready To Start Your Next Gorilla Glass Project ?

If you’re looking an expert gorilla glass supplier, GLAShern is a good option. We can provide any bespoke gorilla  glass for your projects.

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