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Custom Panda Glass

We have rich skill and experience in manufacturing custom Panda glass products to fit what you need. Our company is employed by a seasoned and experienced team of experts, all of whom have proven and tested results in fabricating high-quality custom Panda glass. We have glass processing techniques that go from hole drilling, custom sizing and cutting, and glass color-printing. You can order our custom Panda glass that have thicknesses ranging from 0.33mm to 2mm.

Custom Cut-to-Size Panda Glass Tailored to Your Needs

Our team has individual experiences of 14+ years of experience in all kinds of glass processing

Panda Glass Screen

Our team is experienced and skilled in manufacturing custom Panda glass screens that vary in thickness, perfect for smartphone devices, tablets, computer and monitor screens, TVs, and many more!

Panda Glass Mobile

We are also skilled in manufacturing and producing Panda glass mobile products, whether they’re used for screens, camera lenses, protectors, as well as other mobile components. All our products are measured accurately and precisely to fit your needs!

2.5D Panda King Glass

Having more than 14 years of experience, we can offer 2.5D Panda King glass that are used for electronic displays, particularly in consumer electronics and residential/commercial appliances.

China’s Leading Custom Panda Glass Manufacturer

Our focus is latched on providing excellent-quality cut-to-size Panda glass fabrication services

If you’re in the market for premium-quality Panda glass manufacturing services, GLASHern can be your go-to supplier. We’re known in the market to provide excellent custom Panda glass that you can customize from the size and dimensions, shape, thickness, and even some other physical attributes.

We’re skilled in the fabrication of custom Panda glass used by distributors, phone brands, appliances brands, and other companies that might need them. Offering them within a 0.33mm and a 2mm range of thickness, we’re sure that we’ll be able to accommodate all of your needs!

Custom cut Panda glass

Custom Panda Glass Fabrication Services

Suface coating & Color Printing

Thanks to our rich experience, we can specify the Panda glass that you need and fit it within the size tolerance we have, which is ±0.05mm. This will allow our clients to get cut-to-size and custom Panda glass products that are specific to the applications you need them for. Our team’s custom Panda glass production can definitely exceed your needs and wants.

Employed by an army of glass fabrication and glass processing experts, we’re sure that our custom Panda glass products and fabrication services will be at their finest. We use cutting-edge technology to manufacture the Panda glass that you need!

Silk screen printing machine in printing factory
Custom Panda Glass Manufacturing One-Stop Solution

Our business here at GLASHern is not just limited to manufacturing or distributing custom Panda glass. In fact, you can consider us as your go-to, one-stop solution if you want everything – from the sourcing, manufacturing, to the assembly are handled properly. You can place your complete trust in us from choosing the materials, manufacturing, processing, and putting them altogether.

For the quality and accuracy of the work, we would just need drafts, sketches, or mockups of whatever it is you need and we’ll make them a reality!

Custom Panda Glass Tailored For Your Needs

Custom Panda Glass Material Processing Services

From simple raw custom Panda glass manufacturing to full Panda glass fabrication, GLASHern is a call or am message away. We have a library of glass processing services, such as hole drilling, color-printing, glass cutting, grinding, polishing, edging, glass strengthening, and many more!

We have the skill and the needed arsenal to produce the perfect custom Panda glass for whatever application it will serve you.

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Our Panda Glass Application


Watches and Wearables

We employ excellent-quality custom Panda glass manufacturing and glass processing to produce components for specific wearables like watches, smartwatches, fitness trackers, fit bits, biosensors, and many more!

Phone and Mobile Screens

Our Panda glass units are also known to have excellent properties of thermal, temperature, drop, and stress resistance, perfect to add to the screens of mobile phones and tablets.

Consumer Electronic Devices

We’ve also produced high-caliber Panda glass fabricated and processed products for consumer electronic devices like microwave ovens, refrigerator tempered glass, cookware, and many more!

Ready To Start Your Next Custom Glass Manufacturer ?

GLASHern takes pride in the skill, experience, and knowledge we’ve gained over the years of glass manufacturing. Partnered with heavy investments on state-of-the-art technology, our custom Panda glass fabricated products are globally recognized and sought-after by brands from all over the world.

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