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Glass Drilling Service

We have cutting-edge glass drilling technology. Our glass drilling service offers the highest quality drilling services with clean and diverse glass surfaces. If you need more information on glass drilling, please get in touch with us now!

Glass with many holes

We Meet Your Glass Drilling Needs


GLAShern uses cutting-edge glass drilling machinery to drill precise holes in glass. Our CNC drilling capabilities apply to all our goods, including ordinary float glass, gorilla glass, tempered glass, frosted glass, stepped glass, 3D glass, ultra-thin glass, and virtually every other glass product you can think of! Our drilling machinery can achieve a minimum hole diameter of 0.003mm and a maximum diameter of 1mm. With our years of experience, we can supply you with all glass manufacturing forms to meet your exact specifications.

We Offer the Type of Glass-drilling Hole

Custom glass with holes drilling

Blind Holes

When the material thickness of the workpiece is particularly tremendous or drilling through is not required, blind holes are employed.

Stepped Holes

A stepped hole has two (or more) diameters that run across the depth of the hole, creating the impression of a step when the diameter changes.

Through Holes

Through holes is a method of mounting components on a PCB in which the component's pins are soldered into holes in the panel.


Countersinking is a technique used to guarantee that flat-head screws or fasteners are flush with the workpiece.


A slotting and grooving cutter features a flat bottom cutting surface that removes material in a straight line, producing a precise and uniform cut.

Shaped Holes

To create holes with various shapes on the surface of the glass during drilling.

Solution For Glass Drilling

Glass CNC Drilling

Uses computer numerical control technology to drill holes in glass with high precision and efficiency. The computer-controlled machine guides a rotating drill bit to cut various shapes and sizes of holes in the glass surface.

Glass Water Jet Drilling

Our Glass Water Jet Drilling is a non-contact drilling method that uses high-pressure water jets mixed with abrasive particles to cut through the glass surface. The computer-controlled machine guides the water jet to cut holes of varying shapes and sizes with precision and accuracy.

Glass Laser Drilling

Our Glass Laser Drilling is a precise and efficient drilling method that uses a high-powered laser beam to vaporize the glass and create a hole. This process can produce holes with exact dimensions and shapes, making it ideal for creating small holes or complex conditions in the glass.

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