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Glass Fabrication Service

We provide glass fabrication services for glass cuttingdrillingpolishing, bending, edging, and hole punching. We employ cutting-edge technology and innovative equipment to ensure our customers receive the finest quality goods.

Glass Cutting
Closeup of a flame and melting glass piece

Glass Cuttings Service

Our glass fabrication services have significantly improved with the latest advancements in GLAShern and our cutting-edge laser machines and equipment.

We can now offer a wide range of glass cutting options, including Glass CNC Cutting, Glass Waterjet Cutting, and Glass Laser Cutting.

Our cutting technology allows us to cut various raw glass materials precisely and efficiently, such as float glass, silica glass, Gorilla glass, and more.

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Glass Drilling Service

GLAShern Offers high-quality and precise drilling for all types of glass, including rigid materials like Gorilla Glass and tempered glass.

We utilize advanced technology and machinery for CNC drilling, laser drilling, and water jet drilling to ensure accuracy and efficiency in our drilling process.

Glass Drill Hole Sizess We Support
Glass Drilling 
Glass plating machinery
Closeup of a flame and melting glass piece

Glass Surface Treatment Service

GLAShern Includes various coating options such as self-cleaning, oleophobic coatings, anti-reflective, UV-blocking, scratch-resistant, and surface metal plating.

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Glass Tempering Service

Customers can meet various glass manufacturing needs through our glass tempering services. We provide two glass processing methods, physical and chemical strengthening, suitable for different glass materials.

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Glass Tempering Service
Glass Sandblasting Service
Closeup of a flame and melting glass piece

Glass Sandblasting Service

Our Glass Sandblasting Service utilizes high-quality sandblasting equipment and materials to ensure minimal dust and noise during the processing while also ensuring the quality and safety of the glass.

Our sandblasting equipment uses efficient, low-noise, and low-dust discharge pneumatic sandblasting machines, and high-quality glass-specific abrasives such as silica sand and aluminum oxide, ensuring the quality and durability of the sandblasting effect.

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Other Fabrication Services

GLAShern provides other glass fabrication services, including adhesive sticking, bent processing, and creating glass components and assemblies through blowing, casting, extrusion, drawing, pressing, and heat shrinking. We guarantee we’ll deliver the exact and accurate glass products you need.

Glass Cutting

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