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Glass Grinding and Polishing

GLAShern is one of the industry’s leading glass grinding and polishing companies. Our latest technology provides the best fine-grinding glass with the most precise and smooth surfaces for all purposes.

glass Fabrication Service 
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We Meet Your Glass Grinding and Polishing Needs


You can rely on GLAShern for all your CNC grinding needs for glass fabrication and processed glass units. In addition to offering distinct smooth/polished edges and 2.5D edges, we can also provide non-standard edges such as 3D edges, stepped edges, curved edges, and more.

Moreover, our glass edgework is compliant with SAE/J673 standards. Using our glass grinding machine and wheel, we can economically grind the edges of glass while achieving tight tolerances of +/- 0.001 inches in length and width for any glass thickness.

Solution for Glass Grinding and Polishing Treatment

Circle Grinding

High-volume circle grinding is available in any size circle glass. An excellent flat ground is provided by circle grinding,to ensure that the round glass products we process have precise dimensions, regular shapes and smooth surfaces.

Flat Polished

Glass flat polish is a straight-edge treatment with clear lines, a smooth look, and a glossy finish.Improve the wear resistance and safety of glass edges, avoiding potential damage caused by burrs and burrs。

Stepped Edge

We provide stepped-edge polishing treatment for glass products, process multiple trapezoidal shapes with different heights.

Beveled Edge

Combines two pieces of glass at an angle or apply them to a slant or slope cut from glass,and GLAShern provide a variety of edge processing options .

3D Curved Edge

We can provide any 3D curved edge for your business, whether you are utilizing curved-edge tempered glass for phones, displays, or device covers.

Flat Grinding

They are used to grind and smooth the surface of glass sheets, to achieve a certain degree of finish and precision, so that it meets the requirements of customers.

Internal Grinding

GLAShern can grind the hollow part inside the glass to achieve precise diameter, shape and finish requirements.

Curved Surface Grinding

GLAShern can grind various types and shapes of curved surfaces, such as spherical surfaces, aspheric surfaces, free-form surfaces, etc.

Glass Grinding and Polishing Applications and Industries

Construction Industry

Glass doors and windows, curtain walls, partitions, glass floors, etc. need to be ground and polished to make their surfaces smooth, transparent and beautiful.

Household Industry

Glass tabletops, mirrors, glass cabinet doors, painted glass, etc. need to be ground and polished to make the surface smooth, transparent and textured.

Electronics Industry

Mobile phone screens, tablet computer screens, TV screens, etc. need to be ground and polished to enhance their transparency and look and feel.

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