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Glass Surface Treatment Service

Our Glass Surface Treatment services enhance the performance and durability of glass by improving its adhesion, scratch resistance, and anti-reflective properties.

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We Meet Your Glass Surface Needs


GLAShern offers over a decade of glass surface treatment experience, focused on OEM service at a low price. Because of the flexibility and diversity of our glass products, we can guarantee that you will be able to utilize them in a variety of applications.

Any Type of Glass Material

Solution for Glass Surface Treatment

Custom Surface Coatings and others

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating decreases reflecting light, allowing more light to travel through the glasses' lenses rather than bounce off them. This implies that your lenses will have minimal to no reflections on the front or rear surfaces.

Anti-glare Etching

Anti-glare Etching service reduces eye strain and improves visibility without sacrificing the clarity and resolution of the underlying display. It can be applied to different glass types and sizes and tailored to meet specific requirements.

Optical Coating

Optical coatings are the primary means of engineering the characteristics of functional optical surfaces for a wide range of applications. Optical coatings have an essential role in cars and architecture.

UV-Blocking Coating

UV protection is a coating applied to the lenses of sunglasses or eyeglasses to filter or block harmful UltraViolet Radiation released by the sun from coming into contact with your eyes and skin.

Glass Metal Plating

Our metal electroplating service for glass products offers a high-quality finish with a range of metal coatings, including nickel, chrome, gold, and more, improve the corrosion resistance and durability of glass products

Oleophobic Coating

Oleophobic coatings on glass create a surface that resists oils and fingerprints, repelling dirt, dust, and other particles for an easy-to-clean and long-lasting surface.

Glass Color Plating

Our glass color electroplating service offers a variety of color options including gold, blue, purple, and more. Whether you need a small batch or large production run, we can handle your glass color electroplating needs with ease.

ITO Coating

Highly transparent, conductive, and durable, allowing for excellent performance and longevity in your products. With our advanced coating technology and expertise, we can customize ITO coatings to meet your specific requirements for thickness, sheet resistance, and transparency.

Heat-resistant Coating

We offer heat-resistant coatings that can withstand high temperatures and protect glass surfaces from thermal shock and other heat-related damage.

We also provide you with other coating options, such as Scratch-resistant coating, self-cleaning hydrophobic coating, and anti-condensation coating, etc. Based on your requirements, we will employ a specific coating type for your glass

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