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Optical Filter Manufacturer

Looking to run a light experiment? Or are you just fascinated by optical filters? We are a professional optical filter manufacturer providing high-quality optical filter solutions.

We Offer Different Types of Optical Filters


Optical Bandpass Filter

Optical Bandpass Filter

These are filters that allow a specific spectrum of light to transmit through them, while also blocking all unqualified frequencies. With techniques such as reflection and absorption, these filters transmit signals across a specific range of frequencies, from a narrow band to a wide range.

Optical Low Pass Filter

Optical Low Pass Filter

An optical low pass filter is primarily used to stop high-frequency image formation and reduce the effects of false colors that these frequency waves create.

Optical Notch Filter

Optical Notch Filter

Optical notch filters help to attenuate light within a specific wavelength range, while also transmitting most wavelengths with very little intensity loss.

Dichronic Filters

Dichronic Filters

Also known as dichronic mirrors, these optical filters separate light into different spectral components by reflecting specific wavelengths while transmitting the others.

Off Eye Optical Filter

Off Eye Optical Filter

Used primarily in shooting aide, these filters allow full-time use of the dominant eye, while also ensuring that you’re able to keep both eyes open. They’re designed to aid vision, honing the way your eyes can see a target.

UV Shortpass Filter

These are optical filters that transmit ultraviolet light below a specific wavelength while blocking longer ones. With their ability to block visible light and infrared radiation, they make it very easy for shorter UV wavelengths to pass through.

Long Pass Optical Filter

Long Pass Optical Filter

Also known as a long-pass filter or an LP filter, this is a color filter variant that allows longer wavelengths to pass through while blocking the shorter ones. These filters transmit light above a specific cutoff wavelength, while also attenuating light below the desired wavelength once and for all.

We Offer Custom Optical Filters Fabrication


Optical filters are especially popular for their flexibility. However, even with that, there are situations where you’d need filters that work for specific purposes.
If you need a bespoke or a custom set of filters, GLAShern can also help you out. We can provide filters in different sizes or materials, ensuring that you get the exact products that suit your specific use.

Precision Glass for the Optical Industry

Why Choose GLAShern Bandpass Filter Supplier

Custom Surface Coatings and others

At GLAShern, we’re specialists in providing the best in quality optical filters. Our filters are of the highest quality, and we provide them at very affordable prices.
You can also reach out to us for custom filters, all of which can serve different purposes.

Custom Optical Filter
For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

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Explore Bandpass filter Use


Color Correction

Optical filters can help to adjust the color balance and correct color shifts in fields such as photography, cinematography, and lighting design.

Spectral Analysis

These filters can also be used in spectroscopy and scientific research to isolate specific wavelengths or bands of light, thus helping scientists to better analyze the properties of specific materials.

Fluorescence Imaging

For fluorescence microscopy and imaging, optical filters help to selectively transmit the excitation light and emitted fluorescent light.

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