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Optical Glass Dome

With a large field of vision between two surroundings, optical glass domes are spherical windows that serve as a protective barrier. They are frequently composed of two parallel surfaces. GlaShern optical domes come in a selection of substrates and can transmit visible, infrared, or ultraviolet light. Our open domes have diameters ranging from 5 mm to more than 200 mm, with particular optical glass sizes accessible upon request.

Types of Optical Glass Dome


Infrared Optical Domes 2

Infrared Optical Domes

Sapphire is extensively used in military infrared optical domes. It is also resistant to severe temperatures and emits 80% brightness between 2 and 5m wavelengths.

Zinc Selenide Domes

Zinc Selenide Domes

Zinc Selenide domes are softer than most frequently used IR substrates. They should not be utilized in demanding environments because of their extensive wavelength range of 3 m to 16 m. It has a high index of refraction as well. Still, with an AR coating, it has the potential to achieve good conductivity.

Germanium IR Domes

Germanium IR Domes

The transmission range of our Germanium IR domes is 2-14 m. They are long-lasting, and while not as hard as sapphire, we may give diamond AR coatings for maximum resilience to hostile situations.

Polycrystalline Zinc Sulfide Domes 2

Polycrystalline Zinc Sulfide Domes

These vacuum-pressed domes have a multispectral transmission of 70% between 3-5m and 8-12m. This hotpressed zinc has excellent thermal properties that can be enhanced with an AR/AR coating.

Why Choose our Optical Glass Dome

We specialize in making optical glass domes from client-given designs at GlaShern, and we have an ample supply of optical dome specifications. We also provide glass and quartz domes, depending on the temperature, strain, and scratch resistance necessary.

These goods will only be produced upon client request. GlaShern’s founders built their firm quickly and successfully by following the ideals of an inventive spirit, scientific mindset, teamwork, and honesty.

Why Choose Our Optical Glass Dome

Custom Optical Glass Dome

GlaShern can create custom optical domes to our customer’s exact requirements. Our high-quality domes provide outstanding transmission and durability, commonly required in underwater photography applications. We can make one-of-a-kind optical crowns to meet your precise requirements, whether minor or extensive or require custom coatings. Our cutting-edge metrology department examines all domes to ensure they meet your needs.
For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Application of Optical Glass Dome

Meteorological Monitoring

An instrument that collects sunlight is a total solar radiometer. Parallel architecture results in no light refraction and a comprehensive record of solar radiation data.


To cover sensors and cameras while allowing a good view of the surroundings, optical glass domes are utilized to construct airplanes and missiles.

Weather Monitoring

In weather monitoring equipment, optical glass domes shield sensors and instruments from the elements while allowing for precise observations.

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography optical glass reduces light distortion and refraction, resulting in brighter and sharper photos.

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GlaShern gives not just a product but also assurance and trust. We may share our technology and talents to improve our design. If you are seeking custom optical dome goods, please contact GlaShern
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