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Optical Glass Manufacturer

GLAShern manufactures optical glass with over years of experience and impressive optical engineering and customization expertise. We are one of the best options for producing cost-effective visual glass designs and solutions using our top-notch advanced equipment. We have made a breakthrough in this industry, and your expectations are guaranteed to be met.

GLAShern Optical Glass Types Offer

The Optical Glasses have well-polished planes and curve surfaces and can make a reflection on the light. Here at GLAShern, we offer different Optical Glass Types tailored to your application needs.

Optical Prism

Optical Prism

Optical Prisms have highly polished flat surfaces that can make light refraction, reflect light, and change the orientation of images. They are commonly used in industries and the production of refractometers and spectrographs.

Optical Filter

Optical Filter

Optical Filters are handy in scientific and engineering applications because they have excellent performance in allowing the passage of wavelengths of light freely. Also, optical filters have dense, hard coatings.

Optical Lens

Optical Lens

An optical Lens is a transparent component with a shape and design that allows the refraction and transmission of light to make an optical outcome with complete control.

Optical Windows

Optical Windows have transparent materials, flat plates, and other components that minimize light reflection and absorption; you can customize them depending on the mechanical properties you need.

Optical Mirror

Optical Mirror

Optical Mirrors are also called precision mirrors, and it has curved surfaces that go through a procedure of high polishing. Industries under metrology, solar engineering, and more see it as essential to their company.

Optical Glass Sheet

Optical Glass Sheet

Optical Glass Sheet is a versatile component made with durable and detailed materials. It is commonly used in optical applications like photographic lenses and other medical equipment and instruments.

Choosing the Proper Optical Glass Lens Manufacturer

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GLAShern will solve your problem in looking for a suitable Optical Glass Lens Manufacturer as we offer our best products and services. We are one of the best companies in custom optical manufacturing, and we can give an ace to the optics you need. Our team uses advanced metrology with a combination of hard work and excellent performance in engineering the optical components we offer. 

GLAShern also follows Quality Control & Management protocols and conducts timely inspections before, during, and after the production processes of our optical glass lens.

Optical glass processing
For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

Optical Properties of Glass

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Optical Glasses have chemical properties such as Zinc Oxide, Fluorite, Barium Oxide, and Lead. These properties make the optical glasses transmit light under specific wavelengths.

Optical Glasses have three main mechanical properties: Strain, Elastic, and Stress. They describe the directional elements of optical glasses and whether they will be deformed under stress.

Humidity and high temperatures can cause changes in the surface of the glass, but optical glasses have weather resistance, such as corrosion-proof. They can stand too much exposure to sunlight, rain, and ultraviolet rays.

Optical Glasses have transmittance and absorption properties when interacting with light. Aside from that, the refractive index and dispersion details also make optical glasses valued in various industries and companies.

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