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Optical Glass Sheet

At GLASHern, we offer nearly 100 different types of glass panels, and we increase production and reduce costs by continuously introducing innovations and melting techniques. You can get raw glass, cut empty glass and pressed parts, finished components, and optical glass sheets, all available at GLASHern.

Popular Materials of Optical Glass Sheet

k9 glass


K9 glass is a premium borosilicate glass known for its excellent optical properties and reliability. It has excellent transparency and uniformity, making it ideal for manufacturing high-efficiency optical filters. K9 glass has extremely high transmittance in the visible spectrum, especially in the ultraviolet and infrared spectral regions.

corning glass

Corning Glass

A flame hydrolysis method creates the zero expansion material known as ULE® titania-silicate glass. The so-called "boules," which are big and unshaped glass blocks made of the amorphous ULE® raw glass from CORNING, enable the production of components with virtually any shape or dimension. A thin sheet of glass has a nearly negligible coefficient of thermal expansion at ambient temperature.

quartz glass


A particular technique called flame hydrolysis is employed to produce the high-purity quartz glass used in optics. This glass is made of amorphous silicon dioxide, which is almost free of impurities and exhibits a crystal-clear appearance, consisting solely of silicon and oxygen.

Custom Glass Sheet

optical glass brands

GLAShern’s optical glass sheet products are grouped according to their physical properties and applications. These include UV-transmitting i-Line glasses, HT and HTUltra glasses for optimized transmission, high uniformity glasses, low Tg glasses for precision molding, and radiation-resistant glasses.
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Properties of Optical Glass Sheets

optical glass examples

Even at 80% humidity and 50°C, our optical glass is highly resistant to tarnish. It also has excellent resistance to alkalis and environmental elements, including water. This is achieved by incorporating additives such as borates, zinc oxide, phosphorus pentoxide, fluorite, and barium oxide into the glass composition.
Our optical glasses have an average coefficient of thermal expansion of 7.00 to 9.00 x 10-6 /°C. It also exhibited a high level of uniformity with a value of 40 x 10-6.
mechanical properties custom glass sheet
Light travels through material faster if the material has a lower index of refraction than if it has a higher index of refraction. This is because a higher index of refraction causes light to bend more. For GLASHern optical glasses, the Abbe numbers range from 24 to 64.
optical properties custom glass sheet

Glass Optical Sheets Applications


The most typical material used in optical applications is GLASHern optical sheet glass. It can be used for many optical glass uses because of its characteristics and qualities, such as:

Accurate lenses

Pressure sensors

Windows for viewing

Window instruments

Laser technology

Beam displacement

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