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Optical Mirror Manufacturer

GlaShern manufactures optics mirrors that can be fabricated as flat, concave, or convex mirrors in a shape to meet your optical needs. We can manufacture any optical lens design to near-exact tolerances and can provide almost any reflective coating you need, whether front or rear surface, for laser optics or focal lenses, etc.

GlaShern's Optical Mirror

GlaShern offers an extensive selection of glass lenses made from the best materials available in the industry. We make buying glasses easy and reasonable. Glass lenses are available in single-vision, bifocal, and progressive no-line configurations, with or without a prescription. Browse our assortment of fashionable designs to go with your lenses.

Flat Mirror

Flat mirrors are formed of a single piece of glass with no curvature. This reduces the cost of production and installation while also providing reduced reflection and clarity.

Laser Mirror

Laser Mirrors create surfaces with tight surface characteristics, resulting in low dispersion for beam steering applications.

parabolic mirror

Parabolic Mirror

A parabolic mirror is a concave mirror properly designed to capture and focus energy on a specific location.

Reflector Mirror

Reflector Mirror

The reflector is an AirPlay-compatible wireless mirroring and streaming receiver. Mirror lets you remotely reflect your stuff.

spherical mirror

Spherical Mirror

A spherical mirror consists of a hollow glass sphere with a reflective surface. There are two main types of spherical mirrors: concave mirrors and convex mirrors.

Custom Optical Mirror

We customize optical lenses according to the parameters provided by our customers. We can produce prototypes, R&D batches, and production batches. Optical lenses consist of a polished base material and a thin film coating.GlaShern can provide lens coatings in various materials, including aluminum, silver, gold, and dielectric.
optical mirror

Your Best Optical Mirror Supplier

With our extensive experience in optical design and manufacturing, we offer complete solutions from prototype to production. We fully control the entire process, including design, manufacturing, coating, assembly, and testing, to achieve higher quality levels, lower prices, and shorter lead times.
For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

What is Optical Mirror?

Optical mirrors are employed in devices such as cameras and telescopes to reflect visible light. These mirrors are commonplace when an unlimited distance is required for a light beam; two mirrors parallel to one another may be set up so the light can bounce back and forth indefinitely. Do you want to know more about optical mirrors? We can help!

Glass Optical Mirror Applications

GlaShern’s expertise and experience enable us to collaborate with you from the initial design stage through manufacturing. Our products function well in the following applications:



X-Ray Mirrors

Military and Commercial Avionics

Security and Defense

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