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Optical Windows Manufacturer

GLAShern has the expertise and skills to build optical windows on extensive substrates. We have been producing custom-made optical equipment for over a decade. You won’t have to worry about the end product’s quality when you work with us, since we make all filters, optical laser optics, windows, and other things to the highest standards.

GlaShern's Optical Windows

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Visible Windows

Windows that the naked eye can see are known as visible windows. Visible windows protect optical systems, other optical parts, imaging or display devices, and other uses.

uv Optical-Windows

UV Windows

Protect against fading and sun damage by blocking UV radiation. Prolonged sun exposure may harm furniture, artwork, carpeting, and even expensive window coverings to fade and degrade over time.

IR windows

IR Windows

IR Windows, also known as viewports or viewing panes, must fulfill the strength and environmental requirements of the equipment to which they are attached. In addition, the Windows must be compatible with the infrared technology being utilized

optical laser windows

Optical Laser Windows

Optical Windows are flat, optically transparent surfaces often built to enhance transmission while reducing reflection and absorption in a specific wavelength range.

Custom Optical Windows

Our custom optical windows are created from hundreds of optical glass materials to fulfill all UV-Visible and NIR wavelength needs. Optical windows are excellent for shielding sensitive equipment while allowing a high transmission level through the windows.

GLAShern is an excellent solution for basic optical windows, commercial optical windows, and precision optical windows.

Optical windows

Your Best Optical Windows Supplier

We provide comprehensive mechanical and optical design, production, assembly, and in-house testing services to ensure that all products are delivered successfully on time and without delays in the development process.

Working closely with optical designers, our experts use virtual simulation and tolerance analysis to analyze the trade-offs between cost, manufacturability, and efficiency, select appropriate materials and optimize designs for optimum performance and results.

For 14 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Glass Manufacturing Solution.

More than 95% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend GLAShern glass over time.

What is Optical Window?

An optical window is a transparent optical element that allows light in a specific wavelength range to pass through. They are manufactured from an explicit, optically flat material that allows light to enter the instrument’s interior.

The transparency of these windows extends from approximately 300 nanometers into the wavelength range visible to the human eye (about 400-700 nanometers). It can grow to a wavelength range of roughly 2 meters. They play a crucial role in introducing light in optical experiments.

Optical windows

Glass Optical Windows Applications

Because of its optical qualities, optical glass windows have been used in various applications. Here are some examples of frequent applications for optical glass windows.

Vacuum Windows

Laser Windows

Sensor/EO Windows

Debris Shields

Instrument Windows

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